What is Google AdSense? (Making Money with AdSense)

Earning income by opening your own website is one of the ways you can make money. If you have a website that many visitors visit, or if you are planning to open such a website, you can use the Google AdSense system to receive advertisements on your website and generate income. So “What is Google AdSense? and How to Use?”

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a Google application that allows you to earn money by advertising on your website. Thanks to this application, users allow advertising by Google to certain places on their websites. When visitors enter your website, they see the ads that Google has set for them in these areas. Advertisements are determined according to the interests of the visitors.

As the site owner, you get paid for the ads that users click on your website. In this way, you will earn income from the traffic coming to your website thanks to the advertisements .

How to Use Google AdSense?

Google AdSense allows you to actively use ad spaces on your website . The system works as follows:

  • Google AdSense account opens
  • Your website is matched with the account you opened.
  • The areas you want to advertise are selected
  • Google reviews your website
  • If approval is received as a result of the review, special ads will start to be shown to users in the areas you specify.
  • You get paid according to the performance of the ads posted on your website.

If you want to advertise on your website and start using Google AdSense , the first step is to create a Google AdSense account .

How to Open Google AdSense Account?

Creating your own Google AdSense account is easier than you think! If you have a website of your own and your website meets the conditions given below, you can go to Google AdSense Registration and start creating your own AdSense account immediately.

What are the Google AdSense Account Opening Terms?

There are some conditions that people who want to publish AdSense ads on the website and earn income from it must comply, these conditions are listed in the Google AdSense Policies . Policy headings are as follows:

  • Invalid clicks and impressions
  • Encourage clicks or views
  • Traffic sources
  • Advertising behavior
  • Ad placement
  • Site behavior
  • Technical conditions for web content display frameworks available in apps

How To Make Money With Google AdSense?

After you become a member of Google AdSense and make the necessary adjustments to add ads to your website, you will earn income based on the traffic to your site and the clicks on the ads . Here are some tips to help you earn more money from Google AdSense :

Increase Your Traffic

One of the biggest factors affecting your monetization from Google ads is the amount of traffic to your website. More people visiting your website means more people are likely to click on your ads. 

Since every person visiting your website is exposed to ads based on their own interests, regardless of the source, every person who visits your website will see ads that are likely to click.

In short, using marketing techniques that increase your visibility and traffic, such as SEO, will help you monetize Google AdSense .

Focus on Your Content

Blog posts , articles , videos , images , and anything else you post on your website is called your website content .

Visitors come to your website to experience this content. If they like your content, they will spend more time on your website and will come back to your website the next time they need content in a similar style.

For this reason, regardless of blog post, video or image, increasing the number and quality of the content you share on your website will result in more people spending time and thus increasing the chance of clicking on the ads .

Comply with Google AdSense Policies

The Google AdSense Policies , which we mentioned in the previous parts of our article , are the policies that you must strictly comply with in order to earn advertising revenue. If you do not comply with these policies, your website may be removed from the Google AdSense system. Therefore, you lose your chance to earn money from this system.

How Are Google AdSense Payments Made?

Advertisers bid on real-time auction prices for ads that customers will see on your website. The most suitable of these price offers is selected by the Google algorithm. If the user clicks on the ad, the money offered is paid to Google by the advertiser. Google gives some of this money to the site owner, namely you.

Depending on your location, you can receive payments from Google AdSense with the following methods :

  • EFT
  • SEPA
  • Bank transfer
  • Check
  • rapida
  • Western Union

What are the Advantages of Using Google AdSense?

There are many different benefits that can be given to you by using Google AdSense to monetize your website . “What is Google AdSense?” It is very important to learn these advantages in order to fully answer the question . We have summarized the prominent advantages as follows:

Easy to Use

Google Adsense is a program that is very easy to use. After you've done the setup process, you just choose the places where you want the ads to run, and you leave the rest completely in Google's hands. 

Google chooses the most suitable ads for your visitors, shows them and keeps performance analyzes without you having to do anything.

Totally Free

With Google AdSense , you do not have to pay any fees to add ads to your website. You join the Google ad network for free . When the ads are clicked on, Google only takes a commission from the price paid by the advertisers for the ads. So there is no charge out of your pocket.

Personalized Ads

Google AdSense displays tailored ads to every visitor to your website. Because these ads are relevant to people's interests, everyone actually sees the ads that have the most chance to click. 

Seeing advertisements selected according to their interests not only reduces the risk of visitors encountering advertisements that have nothing to do with them, but also increases your chances of clicking, that is, earning money.

Ads Selected According to Quality Standards

Ads selected by AdSense go through a control stage before they are published on websites . Ads that do not meet the required quality standards, contain false content, misleading or inappropriate content will be blocked without your taking any action. So you show your customers quality ads every time .

Pay by Performance

When you use Google AdSense to advertise on your website , you do not charge a net fee for the ads. The fee you charge depends entirely on the traffic you receive and the clicks on the ads. Therefore, as your website grows, the money you receive does not stay the same, it increases .

Frequently Asked Questions About Google AdSense

Is Google AdSense Free to Use?

No, creating a Google AdSense account is completely free . You can create your account and start advertising without paying any money.

How Much Does Google AdSense Pay for 1000 Impressions?

Google AdSense pays for each domain based on the highest bid. That's why there is no specific amount paid for 1000 impressions . The price you get for each click will change according to the interests of the visitors entering your website and the amount paid by the advertisers . However, with the RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impressions) calculation, you can learn about the average amount of money you can earn.

In How Many Days Will The Google AdSense Application Result Be Determined?

The approval time for your Google AdSense application may vary depending on the size and traffic of your website. In general, most websites get positive or negative results within two weeks . In special cases, this period may be increased to one month .

What is Google AdSense PIN?

AdSense PIN is a Personal Identification Number given to you by Google to verify your account and address . This PIN will be mailed to your physical address and you will need to enter your Google AdSense account when it arrives.

What is Google AdSense BAN?

Google AdSense may disable your account if you do not comply with AdSense policies. This is also called AdSense BAN .


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