Remotasks – Earn Up To $100 Doing Mini Jobs

Earn money with Remotasks by doing mini-jobs from home, pay by PayPal, take advantage of your free time now that you're at home so that you can take advantage of this page by generating some income.

Remotasks Features

  • Rating: Good
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Minimum payment: $0.50 Dollar
  • Referral System: Yes
  • English language
  • Accepted countries: All

What is Remotasks and how does it work?

Remotasks is a micro jobs and online tasks company, this website is very popular especially in Venezuela, since there are thousands of users who have found a simple and accessible way to earn money from home without having to invest money.

In order to work on this website, you must be over 18 years of age, and you must have a PayPal account and the free time necessary to generate good income.

How to make money with Remotasks?

Remotasks gives us the opportunity to perform different types of tasks that are divided into various categories, each category is locked and is unlocked by passing the corresponding exam.

The exams do not last long, well that will depend on your agility and skill in terms of the knowledge you have about the subject, for that reason I recommend that you take the necessary time to do it, since you will only have three chances to pass the exam .

You have the option to carry out all the tasks or only choose the ones you like the most, there are two different categories of tasks and they are the following:

Classic Tasks: These involve text, image or video.
Lidar tasks: They are carried out in 3D spaces by means of Lidar sensors.

Classic Tasks

In this session we will look at the following categories:

Data collection: This involves conducting internet searches and gathering information on a wide variety of topics.

Image Transcription: It is the process of transcribing content that is of great importance from a provided image.

Categorization: You must identify keywords and phrases to be able to describe an image or a website, these tasks are super easy to perform and are recommended to begin to become familiar with the platform.

Audio Transcription: The process of converting voice recordings into a written document.

LiDar Tasks

These are advanced tasks and at the same time the best paid, here we are going to draw boxes and label objects such as bus stops, pedestrians, among others, on 3D maps.

These are not as easy as the previous ones, because you need to learn to look at a three-dimensional image represented by points in space, to be able to identify objects based on those points, and then draw polygons around them.

How much can you earn on Remotasks?

According to the words said by the same company, earnings can reach up to $200 dollars a week, well, of course that will depend on the time invested and the agility you have, of course if you speak English well you will have no problem getting close to that figure.

As indicated on the platform itself, earnings can reach up to $200 per week, although I suppose that this is a completely indicative figure.

Remotasks Referral System

Remotasks has a referral system in which the person who registers with your link and in the first 14 days manages to generate $10 dollars, both will earn a bonus of $5 dollars each. An important fact is that the referral system is not available for all countries.

Remotasks Pay

Currently the Remotasks company pays without problems, the minimum payment is very low so you can check for yourself in a short time that the platform is active with payments, and you can upload your own proof of payment since the minimum is barely $0.5 dollar.

If you want to start now, sign up for Remotasks now 

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