Earn Bitcoins: The Best websites to Earn for Free

How to get free cryptocurrencies

Earn Bitcoin . Find out which are the websites to earn free bitcoins , in addition to the apps for your smartphone (Android AND iPhone iOS), you just have to register and start earning.

Some time ago it was a little difficult to earn bitcoins online since only a few could do it from your home having a good computer to mine, today there are thousands of pay-win platforms in which anyone can participate.

List of websites to earn free bitcoins

First of all we are going to classify the websites to earn bitcoins according to their category or way to generate, since we can get bitcoins in many ways as we will present below.
  • Free bitcoins every hour
  • Free Bitcoins for watching videos and doing tasks
  • Free Bitcoins visiting websites
  • free bitcoins playing
  • Free Bitcoins with apps on Android and iPhone iOS
  • Recommendations to earn bitcoins
These are the categories that we can classify in which we can work to be able to earn bitcoins for free, we are going to start by talking about each of those websites or platforms.

Free bitcoins every hour

Freebitco.in. I personally use it and consider it one of the most profitable faucets out there right now, in fact it is also considered one of the best by many people.

You just have to register and solve the captcha, then you will randomly get a number establishing the amount you have won, it's that easy, and you can try again after an hour to win again. You also have the possibility to bet on a game. More information.

How to Earn Free Bitcoins for Watching Videos and Doing Tasks

Let's see how to earn bitcoins by watching videos, maybe you didn't think it was possible, well yes, here are the websites you must visit to start earning.

Bittubers . Perhaps one of the most important, it is a social network for content creators and streamers, and it was developed by BitTube . Here you have the facility to earn in multiple ways, with videos, posts, etc.

It has an extension for your browser and has a referral system, this is a website that was recently updated.

Bitcoinsfor.me. On this website you can earn bitcoins by watching videos and doing other additional tasks, it also has a referral system in which you can earn 20%, some tasks you can do every 24 hours.

adbtc.top . This is a web application that will allow us to earn free bitcoins by watching advertising. One of the positive points is that it is valid for everyone. Their minimum payment is 15,000 satoshis (0.00015000 BTC) and the payment is made within 24-48 hours.

Free Bitcoins visiting websites

A very good mechanic to earn bitcoins is to use the options to visit websites that some of the websites already mentioned give you, that way you can earn bitcoins by doing this type of task.

It works as follows: visit the website, wait a few seconds and that's it, on some websites you have to solve a captcha to confirm that you visited that website and that you are not a robot, you will find this option in many web applications.

free bitcoins playing

We are going to see how to earn bitcoins playing , what many of us like the most, playing, on these platforms we are going to have the joy of getting bitcoins practically having fun.

bitfun.co. On this platform you will be able to earn by playing video games on mobile devices, here you will find some famous games such as "Cut the Rope" that has been downloaded more than 120,000 million times, becoming one of the favorites as the game "Bad Land" cataloged as one of the best games by Apple .

You will also have the opportunity to win free satoshis , the best thing about this website is that you can earn by visiting websites, answering questions and downloading mobile apps.

chopcoin.io. If you are a fan of online games, you can earn bitcoins by playing Agar.io. one of the most addictive games ever created.

Cryptokitties.co. We are talking about a video game that was developed on the Ethereum blockchain which appeared in 2017, the objective of this game is to breed, buy and sell cybernetic pets.

The theme here is a bit different, since to be able to play you will need Ethereum, with this cryptocurrency you are going to buy your first pets to raise them and then sell them at a higher price.

Earn free Bitcoins with apps on Android and IPhone iOS

Earning bitcoins on our smartphone is now easier, since there are many applications that have been developed for both Android and IOS, in which you can not only play, but also buy and spend bitcoins, we are going to mention some of them.

The best apps to earn bitcoins with Android

If you are Android users you will have many alternatives to earn bitcoins from your mobile device, then I am going to leave you a list where you can find the best apps to earn bitcoins.

The best apps to earn bitcoins with iOS (iPhone, 8, 8s, X, XR and XS)

For iPhone users there are also apps where you can earn bitcoins, in this case we are going to mention the most outstanding ones so far.

Recommendations to earn bitcoins

We have mentioned many websites and ways to earn bitcoins for free and also by investing or buying bitcoins, remember that you will not be able to work all of them at the same time, so focus on the most relevant ones.

You can even make a list of the “websites to earn free bitcoins” that give you the best results and the ones that consume the least time in the day, that way you can focus better in terms of performance, productivity and earnings, so you will invest your money better. time

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