What is Plus500 and how does it work? plus500 minimum deposit and Withdrawal

Plus500 how does it work? When starting in the world of trading, many doubts can arise regarding which broker to choose to take the first step. In this regard, Plus500 should be a pretty strong option to consider for such a purpose. Users around the world highlight it as a leading platform in Europe, whose branches also generate an excellent image where they operate.

Plus500 How Does It Work? How does Plus500 perform in the world of trading?

To be sure, it fulfills the known functions of a typical broker, that is, it acts as an intermediary to make movements and investments within a certain market.

Thanks to it, you can have access to contracts for difference, shares in Spanish or American companies, crypto assets, raw materials and others. And, as if that were not enough, each of these sections is accompanied by a large number of underlying financial products encompassed together.

In fact, there is evidence that Plus500 manages among its options no more and no less than 2,000 financial assets . Each one is available to the trader, who, according to his experience, can pay a corresponding investment through the trading desk of this broker.

Plus500 How to open an account?

  1. Account opening request
  2. Account mode selection
  3. Email address and password
  4. Access to the trading platform
  5. Indicate name and date of birth
  6. indicate country
  7. indicate address
  8. Indicate identity document
  9. Acceptance of the terms and conditions
  10. Suitability Assessment
  11. Risk Statement
  12. Submit documents for account verification
  13. Verification confirmation and account opening

What is the plus500 minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit in Plus500 will be €100. The only exception will be money deposits made through bank transfer. In this case the minimum will be €500 euros.

How is the deposit of funds made in Plus500?

  1. Select the corresponding menu of the trading platform.
  2. Funds Management screen
  3. Selection of payment method
  4. Debit/Credit Card
  5. 4.1. PayPal
  6. 4.2. Bank transfer
  7. 4.3. Online bank transfer
  8. 4.4. Trustly
  9. Enter the details to deposit funds
  10. Credit card verification
  11. And send.

How to withdraw money from Plus500?

To make a withdrawal at Plus500, you must follow these instructions:

Click «Fund Management» → « Withdrawal » → Choose your preferred withdrawal method → ​​fill in the fields and click the « Send » button (on mobile devices, you can access the «Fund Management» screen from the menu button).

Now, discover everything you need to register on the platform!

If what you read has convinced you, you can start your registration. You can access the official website or download the corresponding application for Android or IOS operating system . Regardless of the alternative you choose, you must select the option to create a new account. In this case, a form will appear to fill out, with the email being the most essential data to enter.

However, you can skip this process if you decide to complete the registration through Google or Facebook, since it will be done automatically.

Within this scenario, the initial investment for Plus500 is only 100 euros . Once the registration is completed and the necessary amount of money is paid, you will be able to enjoy the services of the platform.

But, if you really want to familiarize yourself with the theme of the page, they have an option for it, the famous demo account. For a limited time, creating a free account within the platform will allow you to practice and learn more about the processes within it to avoid inconveniences.

Just as it has benefits, so do its cons.

All the opinions of users related to Plus500 demarcate the same conclusion. It is a perfect tool for beginners or novices looking to enter this world given its simplicity.

In addition to this, its processes are manageable and the large number of financial products on offer make this platform an unbeatable attraction. In the same way, it is regulated and certified by different organizations (CySEC, FCA and ASIC), so the money invested is safe.

Even so, not everything is rosy, since its simplicity is precisely the main disadvantage from another point of view. Because? It is not optimized for more complex transactions and for veteran users, it is not an ideal choice.

It still needs to improve in several key aspects to be taken into account as a higher level platform by the older community.

Does Plus500 charge any trading commission?

Plus500 is mainly rewarded for its services through the “market spread”. For example, when trading EUR/USD, if the buy rate is 1.3128 then the sell rate will be 1.3126 respectively (meaning a 2 pip market spread, in this example). Unlike other service providers who also charge a fee for each trade, Plus500 does not charge transaction fees.

Is Plus500 Reliable?

How trustworthy is Plus500, the trading platform has a good reputation so far, regarding security, we have seen that Plus500 is properly registered and regulated by the financial authorities, clients' money is kept in separate accounts and therefore Therefore, it gives us the security of not being a scam unlike other new platforms that do not have this.

If you are new and are interested in starting in this whole world of trading, we recommend that before starting you get very good advice, research and have full knowledge of the platform with which you want to start. Visit the official page of Plus500 and register.

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