How to get money on internet?

Internet guru will always tell you buy my course and you will earn $100 a day, invest (buy) on this page and you will earn $20 a day, create videos on YouTube and you will earn this, buy cheap and sell high, 
trade etc., They will always try to sell you something easy in your eyes, sell you the idea that with something simple you will earn a lot of money in the short term for them to sell you something and remember that if something is free you are the product. Since they have not reached enough effort to 
make it profitable, their earnings with these methods are usually low or not enough to live on. By selling these courses they increase their earnings, but in reality what they sell you tends to be a scam or work for very few.

The truth is that every activity entails commitment and perseverance, without it you will never get anywhere, if you are one of those who always dedicates 2-3 days to an activity and the next day you get bored, lose that motivation, you will never get anywhere. Constantly changing your activity will not allow you to acquire that desired experience and perseverance to keep pace in business, whether online or anywhere else. The best thing you can do is first ask yourself what you like the most and it makes it 
easier for youThis way you will not have to deal with that laziness, lack of encouragement, boredom every day, a great example that you can do is, for example, video editing. Now ask yourself what do I want to do? Here is a list of activities you can do:
  • Learn programming;

Programming is one of the most demanded activities on the internet by large companies and independent people and the best thing is that your learning can be free and self-taught, since you will find video tutorials, documentation, forums where other users help each other, in them you can learn in various ways and help others.
  • make direct

Going live is not usually for everyone, but as long as you have that taste and motivation, you will achieve your goals. Twitch is currently the platform that holds the record with the most viewers simultaneously watching a broadcast, so the market to exploit is huge, large Streamers have revealed your earnings and are six digits 0.
  • Upload videos to YouNube, Facebook, tiktok

It is one of the activities most used by people who are dedicated to creating content, they exploit the most searched words for the creation of videos, making the search algorithms benefit them and have greater profits.
  • trading

This activity is one of the most complex and in which there are the greatest variations and risk of loss, since it is market speculation in which if you are not careful you can lose all your investment capital.
  • Play poker professionally

Poker was frowned upon until a few years ago due to gambling, but if you investigate the game more you will realize that poker is more of a mental sport than if you play with strategy and with a calm mind you can have great benefits in its different modalities.
  • Create web pages

You will think that creating web pages is something very complex, but if you start watching video tutorials on how to create websites with WordPress is one of the simplest things, of course you will have limitations since you cannot design everything 100% to your liking, but if you know exploit the tools you will have good results.
  • E-commerce

The purchase and sale of products online is at its peak, more and more people prefer to buy online than go to a physical store because of the efficiency and ease with which you can search for a product and find it likewise, parcels are getting faster and faster .
  • Buy and sell accounts

Buying and selling accounts is a market that very few venture into, since you can sell accounts of anything Facebook, Instagram, games, among other types of accounts, you just have to assign a value to the account, an example is selling accounts from Instagram with 10,000 followers, a game account that contains skins, weapons, special objects, it all depends on the type of account and the difficulty with which certain things can be obtained, it is the value at which you can sell it.

NFT Games

NFT games were at their best boom along with cryptocurrencies only a couple of months ago, but with the decline in cryptocurrencies, NFT games lost that popularity, among the most mentioned were Axie Infinity.

Creation of applications

This activity goes hand in hand with the creation of web pages, they have a high job offer and demand among users. The best thing is that you can create an application of what you like, if you manage to offer users what they are looking for, you will have a very popular application that will make you earn good money.

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