How much does a streamer earn on Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is one of the many streaming platforms that have been created today, through which you can start creating and sharing your content with friends and the rest of the world , and it also allows you to get money.

If you are interested in sharing your content on this platform, in today's article we will show you how much a streamer earns on Facebook Gaming , and we will also explain in detail what are the different monetization options provided by this streaming website. Let's get started!

3 Ways to Earn Money on Facebook Gaming

This platform offers you different monetization options through which you can get money . If you want to know how to put them into practice. Keep reading!

1. Level Up Program for content creators

One of the many options that Facebook offers you is an affiliate program known as Level Up for streamers with greater professionalism and audience. In order to participate you will have to meet the following conditions:
  • Have a video game creator page or in any case transform a previous one.
  • Broadcast live for at least 2 days in the last 14 days.
  • Broadcast live for at least 4 hours in the last 14 days.
  • Have a minimum of 100 followers .
  • Broadcast in a country that is supported by the program.
  • Comply with monetization policies imposed on partners and community standards.
If you meet these requirements, you can join the program and start monetizing your content through its star system. This allows you to receive donations in the form of stars from your followers, which they can purchase through their credit card or PayPal.

It is important to mention that normally one star is equal to 0.01 dollar . In addition, these are purchased in a pack for a certain amount and their prices will be more expensive if they are obtained from a mobile device.

2. Advertising

Running ads during the broadcast is another way you can get money. However, you should know that advertising figures are variable and depend on various external factors .

Basically, they are based on two concepts, first, your income depends on the number of followers who see the ads you publish, that is, by the number of impressions. Secondly, factors such as the month of the year, type of game, audience, location of followers, demographics.

In the same way, you must be part of the Level Up program to start charging for ads, also, be a partner of Facebook Gaming. It is important to point out that they will not ask you for specific numbers of followers, but rather they will be in charge of analyzing your channel.

In summary, what you must comply with as a partner is the following:
  • Have a consistent performance with your followers and get received stars.
  • Make frequent transmissions.
  • Encourage positivity and have an inclusive community.
  • Broadcast from the country or region that is supported.
  • Comply with community standards.
  • Follow the monetization conditions and policies established for partners.
  • Be of legal age in the place where you reside.

3. Subscription Program

Facebook Gaming also offers a subscription program with which you can support your favorite streaming. However, this functionality is not available to any user of the Level Up program , since the platform becomes demanding and requires more requirements for you to enjoy the subscriptions, such as having 250 frequent viewers and more than 10,000 followers , in addition, of having to comply with these conditions within 60 days:
  • 180,000 viewing minutes
  • 50,000 interactions with your posts
It should be noted that on the Twitch platform the viewer is known as a subscriber, while on Facebook Gaming it is called a follower . On the other hand, there is currently only a single subscription option for $4.99 per month.

How much does Facebook Gaming pay to do direct?

To answer this question, it is important that you take into account that the amount that Facebook Gaming pays is not the highest, and it is not the most suitable if what you are interested in is obtaining a lot of money. Usually, a small streamer can earn about $150 in his first month , while an experienced streamer can earn between $2,500, $5,000 or more per month.

However, you should consider that this platform will have less competition than on Twitch and it will be easy for you to stand out. The best thing to do is that if you are a new streamer , get to know this platform a bit and start doing your broadcasts on both Facebook Gaming and Twitch so you know which is your best option. We hope our article answers your question and you start with your own channel on the platform!

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