IPRoyal Pawns - Passive Way to Earn Money

Very good. I'm Isaac, it's a pleasure to see you here again.

This time it's time to talk about IPRoyal, the new site to earn money by sharing your internet just like you probably already do with HoneyGain. If you don't know HoneyGain, I invite you to read the review I made one day about this highly popular and popular app.
Important update : At the end of May 2021, the APK version for Android devices finally arrived, therefore it is available for Windows, MAC and Android.

Clarified this, now we go with what interests us. First of all I will briefly explain how to register and how to download the application for PC

Download IProyal Pawns App

This is the first of all. You must create an account, that is, register in the system to access your board and thus proceed with the download of the application.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

1- Click this link and wait for the Iproyal.com website to load

2- Click on the "Sign Up" box.

3- Click on "Registration" and fill out the registration form with your username, email and password. Do not forget to accept the terms of use, privacy policy and solve the captcha.

Finally, you must confirm the registration by clicking on the activation link that you have just received in your email inbox.

As soon as you log in you will see your control panel. To download the application simply click on the “Download” menu option and choose the correct download option.

Then install the file you just downloaded and log in to the app with your credentials.
As I said before, you can now download the application for Android and MAC devices.

How IProyal Pawns works

Once downloaded and running, you will not have to do anything else, Iproyal takes care of accumulating credits as you share your internet or data connection, although in this sense it is always advisable to share the Wi-Fi connection in order to avoid extra costs on the invoice, there the data.

IPRoyal is comfortable, you can open it and dedicate yourself to other things while you keep the application in the background and at the same time earn some extra money.

And regarding its operation, well, the truth is that as you have seen it does not have much of a mystery.

In your main panel or dashboard you will see at a quick glance 2 important parameters; the accumulated balance in dollars and the Gigs that you have shared.

Continuing with the main menu options, we have the "Download" section that I already mentioned above, and two sections with quite a few amounts, "Affiliatte" and "payout", which we will see later in more detail.

How much do you earn at IPROyal

I imagine little, as in all applications and pages to earn money . Keep in mind that they share part of the income they obtain with Internet users or providers, also called "pawns".

However, on the cover of the IPRoyal Pawns website they say the following about how much money you can earn with the application:

“Your earnings will depend on the amount of traffic (in GB) you share with the IPRoyal network. The more data you share, the more you earn! The amount you earn depends on the traffic sent to your devices.

These are the main factors that affect the flow of traffic, and consequently, your potential earnings:
  • Location: The location of your IP address is an essential factor that determines your earnings. This is because some places are more valued by our partners than others.
  • IP Addresses: Your earnings are primarily determined by the number of devices you have connected to different IP addresses. The general rule is that the more IP addresses you are connected to, the more you will earn.
  • Ping/Network Speed: Your network speed and ping also affect your earnings. You will get the best performance on networks with speeds of 50 Mbps and above and a ping of less than 50 ms.

IPRoyal referral system

With this system you can earn extra by inviting your friends to download the application. Invite without limit and earn 10% of all data shared by your referrals.

From the Affiliate section you will find your referral link and you will be able to consult the statistics in detail.

And this is all about referrals. Without a doubt, an excellent option to increase performance and income generated in a completely passive way.

Is IPRoyal safe, reliable and payable or is it a Scam?

In principle it is not a scam, in fact it seems that you are paying without any problem through PayPal and Payoneer

Currently, at the time of writing the article, they are paying $0.20 for each Giga shared, twice as much as on HoneyGain. The good thing about it is that you can request your payment from $1, a super affordable amount for anyone who regularly uses the application.

Before requesting a withdrawal you must go through the settings and configure the payment method you prefer. In this step you must choose PayPal or Payoneer, enter the email associated with the payment processor, indicate dollar or euro and finish by clicking on "Save" or save.

Regarding the proof of payment, on this occasion I have not had the opportunity to verify this point due to the issue of the application that I mentioned at the beginning. When the App or MAC version is ready, I will see how the withdrawal goes and I will update this section with the news and new pertinent information.

On the other hand, the reliability of the site remains to be said since it is still too early to give a firm verdict, at least on my part, much less without having tried the application, but even so, the site looks very good, that's why You have to give him a vote of confidence from now on, don't you think?

Proof of payment

Well, the truth is that it seems that he is paying. It took a couple of days to send the payment to my PayPal account. Iproyal payment receipt attached.

IProyal opinions and comments

At first it seems that IPRoyal fulfills what it offers and promises, you share the Internet and earn some money for it, it's that simple and effective.

The service offered by IPRoyal is completely legitimate and viable, and according to what they say on their website, it seems that it is also safe.

“Only our trusted partners use your Internet traffic. The app itself does not have access to your device's storage. With IPRoyal, you can earn without having to worry."

Help other internet users like yourself as well as reputable companies. Its shared traffic allows essential online operations and the transmission of geo-blocked content to be possible.

However, let's see, as much as they say there is always a certain risk when your data is provided, it is something that you should know from now on. In fact, in the terms and conditions of service they make this matter very clear. Do not be fooled!

And well, removing the issue of danger, for the rest there is nothing negative to object or point out. Now it only remains to wait for the release of the new versions. I hope they don't take too long. There are many people who are waiting, myself included.

And here is today's article. Finally, she left a good contribution for those who reached the end and want to continue earning money online. I hope it works for you!.

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