Honeygain [What is it and how does it work] Does it pay? Opinions 2023

I've been wanting to talk about Honeygain for a long time, a company that pays users to share the excess or unused internet connection. It seems incredible, but the reality is that after trying it and studying it, I have been able to see first-hand how it works and the results, let me tell you, are encouraging.


Honeygain has been on the market since 2018 and since then it has not stopped paying its users. In addition, anyone can register regardless of the country they are from and immediately start earning money, either from a PC or from a mobile, and the best, without doing anything!

If you want to start with a completely free $5 bonus, read on for more information. A couple of minutes will be enough to understand how it works and take advantage of it. Come on!

Download Honeygain Apk, Windows, Mac, for iphone and Linux

First of all, if you still do not have an account, the first thing you will have to do is create one. Claim the $5 bonus from this link and then click on “Claim”.

Then enter your email, a password of at least 8 characters and click on the Sign Up button, as you can see in the following image.

Once inside your account you must download Honeygain. It currently has a version for Android (Apk) Android, desktop version for Windows and desktop version for Mac. (They say there is a version for Linux, which I don't know about and the iPhone version simply doesn't exist).

That being said, in the upper strip of your account you will see the available download options.

Simply click on the option that interests you the most, download the file and finish the installation process. Finally, enter your access data and that's it. You already have your account ready to start earning money, it's that easy.

What is Honeygain?

As defined, Honeygain is an open call networking company that enables other companies to conduct intelligence, marketing and business research studies.

This application or software facilitates Internet traffic sharing between Honeygain users and customers (data scientists, Fortune 500 and other trusted companies).

How Honeygain works

How Honeygain works is simple. For your part, as long as you have the software installed, or in your case the App for Android, you will not have to do anything, just make sure that the application is green or on. To verify this point, in the desktop version on both Windows and Mac you must hover over the bee icon, and in the Android app you will see the bee icon in the notification bar.

Then, without realizing it, you will be adding credits that you will be able to see on your dashboard of your HoneyGain account.

As you can see, my total balance is 5,368 credits counting the bonus of 5,000 credits ($5) that I got when I registered.

Regarding the indicators, "gathered today" means today's earnings and the payment progress bar means what remains to reach the minimum payment, which in this case, as you can see, is $20 or 20,000 credits.

1 credit is equivalent to 10 Mb (megabytes) of shared traffic, and 10 credits are equivalent to $0.01, therefore, for every 10 Gigs, $1 is earned.


Continuing on the dashboard, under the balance you will see the connected devices. Honeygain allows you to connect up to 3 devices at the same time. If you connect more than 3 devices with the same ip you will see a message notifying an error. In any case, you can connect more than 3 devices but with different IP connections.

And ending with the main board, on the right side you will see, on the one hand, the earnings history of the last 30 days and below the invited friends.

What does HoneyGain do and what else do I need to know?

There are several aspects that you should know regarding the operation and use of Honeygain.

– Works anywhere in the world. There is no restriction in that sense.

– You must be of legal age to use the Honeygain service, or otherwise have permission from parents or guardians.

– Works with both mobile data and Wi-Fi networks. In the App version you can configure the use of mobile data. I recommend using it only with Wi-Fi.

– In normal use Honeygain can receive around 2 Gigs, although depending on the speed of the network it can reach up to 15 Gigs consumed.

– Honeygain is configured so that at most it consumes 10% of the available network bandwidth. This means that by having it in the background you will not notice anything, neither slowness on the PC nor on your internet connection.

– To earn credits it is not necessary to have the application open. Having it in the background is enough.

– The use of VPN is not allowed.

– Earn 10% of what your friends generate through the referral system.

honeygain pays

Honeygain pays from 20,000 credits or what is the same, $20. Payments are only available through the PayPal payment processor, although from what I have read they plan to implement new payment methods. As soon as you reach the threshold of $20 you can request the withdrawal to your PayPal. According to the terms of use they take between 2 and 4 days to process them.

After these 2 years I have seen Honeygain payment vouchers on the net, as far as this is concerned there is no doubt that it complies.

How much do you earn on HoneyGain?

Well, you earn very little, everything must be said, so do not expect too much. The only option you have to earn something more decent would be taking advantage of their referral system. They don't pay out much, but at least you'll be able to top off your dismal winnings. Help never hurts!

As for cashing out, once you reach 20,000 Credits, equivalent to $20, you will see a button that you must press.

And then request to be paid.

This is not ending here. Within a few days you will receive an email for you to register on the Tipalti portal and request your prize.

As soon as you register and fill in a few details you will reach the last step and you will not have to do anything else. In a few days you will receive your payment in your PayPal account. 

Months later I received my second payment, and I didn't have to do anything. Here I realized that they automatically send the payment to your PayPal once you reach 20,000 credits, so it couldn't be better.

And this is all about the payments on HoneyGain.


HoneyGain is still paying out in 2022 and the good thing about it is that you can now withdraw via Bitcoin too. 

It is seen that they continue to work and add new functions. 

One less problem for all those who could not collect on HoneyGain through PayPal.


In 2023 it continues to pay without problems. They have also added the JumpTask option for withdrawal.

Is HoneyGain real and reliable or is it Dangerous?

HoneyGain is real without a doubt. It offers a product and a remuneration in exchange, something that is completely legitimate, but... Is it safe and reliable?

Well let's see, in theory you share your connection but the reality is that we don't know exactly what they do with that traffic that we provide.

Personally I would not put my hand in the fire, you never know what can happen, therefore, there is a certain danger when using HoneyGain services, things as they are.

Normally nothing happens, as in my case. In this sense I can speak from my experience using different versions of HoneyGain (APK version for Android and for MAC) for several months, in fact I still use both versions eventually. 

In all this time I can affirm that I have not had any problem with my connection or devices used. In fact, I have never noticed slowness in my connection, nor have I seen my devices slow down.

I have passed the application through several antivirus and it seems that it is safe and does not contain any virus.

Honeygain opinions and reviews 2023

As you have seen, Honeygain allows you to monetize your internet connection like never before. It is an atypical way of earning money without doing practically anything, which should be taken advantage of by anyone who wants to earn something in passive mode.

My experience so far is satisfactory. By spending so many hours working on the computer it allows me to keep it running quietly, and without realizing it I earn some money.

HoneyGain is an application for all kinds of people, even if they don't use a PC. The App for Android devices works perfectly, and even if it is not in the Play Store, you should not worry, the HoneyGain apk version is also a virus-free and safe application.

My Review of HoneyGain

In all this time I would criticize two aspects; For one thing, the app pays too little. It is true that nothing is done, but in the end you end up providing your connection. Internet is dangerous and there are more scams than truths. Starting from there, it is to think if it is worth it or not... 

And on the other hand, continuing with the referred topic. I have seen that people recommend this business without even explaining what it consists of, they just tell you to put some ads and blah blah, and the worst part is not that they don't explain how it works, but in the end they do everything for the mere sake of fact of getting referrals at all costs, so do not believe anything about ads and pantomime, the truth about Honeygain is exposed in detail in this article, there is no more! 

And what did you think of Honeygain? I would like to know your opinion about this site, criticism (if you have one), how long have you been registered, how many payments have you received, how much do you earn per day on average, etc, etc. You can share what you want, any doubt or concern using the comment box that you will find at the end of the post. And if you're still wondering whether to enter or not, go ahead, with my invitation you'll start with $5 free.


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