How to make money with Canva? Learn about canvas

For those who are wondering how to make money with canva , let me tell you that you have come to the right place, because of course I can give you a few ways to start making money with canva, but really the important point is that you can use the platform, since Yes, there are many ways to earn money with Canva easily, but the majority and the most profitable ask you to be able to use it.
So my first advice is that, learn to use canva the ways to make money with canva will expand to you and in a certain way the only limit will be the creativity you have to find those ways to make money with canva.

In this post I will not give you a complete tutorial on how to use the platform, since the truth is that I think the best method would be with videos and more visual forms, but I will tell you a little about the platform and of course I will give you the best ways that you can use to earn money with canva, if this interests you then go ahead and continue reading and start earning money with canva.

What is canva and how does it work?

Canva is a web design tool, with which we can create different creative works, its ease of use and its great material makes it much easier for us to create something of quality without the need for photoshop or other design platforms that are more complicated to use and understand.

In canva you can create professional quality images without having to have much idea about the field of design, since its section and tools are so easy to understand that the only thing you have to put is a little creativity and maybe a little bit of learning about the platform, that is, knowing all the tools it has so that you can make the design you have in mind a reality.

How to start using canva?

To start using canva, the first thing we must do is type in the Google search engine , which is what will take you directly to its official page, when we are already on its page, what you should do is click where it says to register.

As you can see, the process is very simple, when you click the register button, a small window will open where it will ask us if we want to register through Google or Facebook, these would be enough to finish the process quickly since Canva would take all the information you need our google or facebook account.

How to register in canva totally free?

In this case we will give you the third option, that is, the long way, which says "Continue with an email" when doing this, a space will be opened for us to type the email with which we wish to register, we do it and click on continue, When doing this, another window will open where we will be asked for our name and a password, we return to insert the data that it asks for and we click on continue.

The next step will be to verify our canva account by means of an email that the platform sends us, all we have to do is go to the inbox of the email with which we are registered, open the canva email and place the code that you sent us.

By doing this you will almost have your canva account officially created, you will only need to answer the question, why are you here? which really is just like routine and whatever you answer later you can use canva in all the ways you want.

sign up for canva

Is Canva pro worth it?

Very good, now we already have a canva account, but something that you have surely realized is that there are two types of versions on the canva platform, the first is normal canva, which is free, and the second is canva pro What is the paid version? Knowing this raises the question: Is Canva Pro worth it? which is what we will answer now.

To answer this question or for you to answer this question, what we will do is give you the main differences that each version has, and knowing this you decide if it is worth it or not.

Differences between canva and canva pro

  • Canva templates : The first difference we find between one version and another is the number of templates available, since if you have canva pro you can have 420,000 extra templates to the ones you already have in canva.
  • Access to exclusive material: By obtaining canva pro you will also unlock a lot of things in the library, to be more specific all the images, music and elements that say canva pro will be available to you.
  • You can upload your fonts to canva: With canva pro you will not only get more than 3,000 different fonts, but it will also open the option for you to add any font you prefer.
  • Change the size of your designs: What I mean by this is that if you work with canva pro it will not be necessary to make the same design in different dimensions, since canva pro offers you the opportunity to resize your design automatically.
The truth is that there are many more differences that I could mention, such as that you can remove the background from your images, choose the resolution when downloading, but I think that this would become very long and as I said, this will not be a complete tutorial, I am only telling you a few things in a superficial way so that you know the platform.

To find out if canva pro suits you or not, the best thing you can do is try it yourself during the 30 days that they offer you for free.

The best ways to make money with canva

After getting to know the platform a little better, and making it clear that in my opinion the first step to earn money with canva or rather to maximize your options to earn money with canva is to thoroughly learn all the tools that canva offers you, in this way This way you can create unique designs and be able to take full advantage of the platform both to earn money and to create the designs you want.

Let's start talking about how we make money with canva, what are the best ways and what it takes to do it.

Earn money with canva by selling your designs

Maybe this is the first way to make money with canva that you thought of, make thumbnails for youtube, logos for a small company, there are a lot of designs that you can make with canva, and then sell them and earn money.

Clearly, this is one of the methods that requires you to know how to use the canva platform, although I already told you that if you start playing around with a little creativity, you can create something, since canva is so easy to use that you will understand it very well. Quick.

But the truth is that the best thing is that you learn to use it, this will help you to have more professional jobs and new doors of creation will open for you when you know all its tricks, you can start selling your products or take inspiration on what to sell on fiverr or some other similar platform.

How to sell canva templates

Another of the most used ways to earn money with canva is to sell canva templates, in this option we will basically have to create our own template and sell them on some platform.

The best thing we can do in this way of earning money is to have canva pro, since it will make our work much easier, but it is not 100% mandatory, you can still continue selling canva templates with free canva. The only thing that changes is that with free canva you will have to follow more steps and do more things to make it work, I explain everything to you in the following link.

Create elements for canva

The next idea that we can use to make money with canva, is to upload elements to your platform, in this we will basically use some other design platform to create unique elements that we will later upload to canva, in this way we will be earning money every time someone canva user use our element.

It is an excellent way to start earning money passively with canva, since our element will continue within canva and we will be able to continue monetizing it without having to do anything else, you just have to register in canva as a collaborator, create your designs and upload them to a collection single canvas.

Types of items you can upload

  • Photos.
  • Videos.
  • Stickers.
  • Graphic elements.

Offers canva tutorials

As I said, one of the most important things to get the most out of canva, whether it is to earn money or simply to create your personal projects, is to know how to use it and learn about all its tools, which is why one of the ways you can use to earn income Extra with Canva is offering tutorials. If you have already learned about Canva and you feel capable of teaching others about it, you can offer this service and earn money.

Sell ​​t-shirts with the help of canva

Canva is a platform that allows you to design many things, so at the beginning I told you that if you know how to use it, you can find many more ways to earn money with canva, and one of them is to create designs, be it t-shirts, rates, or some other another product that you think sells, all you have to do is create a t-shirt design and then just print it and sell it on different platforms.

There is a platform that does the entire shipping and creation process in exchange for a commission from the sale, where all you need is to create an attractive design, upload it to the platform and start earning money selling your products, for this you can use canva, create your designs and then upload them to other platforms so that they can be sold and you can get totally free income with your designs, not to mention that you will have t-shirts and articles created entirely by you.

Where to sell my products without spending on creation

  • Sell ​​your free designs on Redbubble
  • Teespring you can sell your designs without investing a penny

Earn money creating shorts on canva

Take advantage of all the traffic that youtube shorts are bringing today to make money with canva, this is clearly not a direct way to earn money with canva, but it will be an important tool for everything to work, the idea is to create short shorts on canva and combine them with an affiliate program that suits the short we created.

I already have a specific post talking about this way to earn money with canva so if you are interested just click on the link below and you will find everything you need to know to start earning money with this strategy.

canva affiliate system

Finally, there is the canva affiliate system where, as happens in other platforms, we will be earning money by inviting people to the platform, although the payment is only valid if the person buys canava pro, that is, it will not be enough to register.

According to the canva platform, you earn up to $36 dollars for each canva pro subscription that you manage to sell, for this of course you must register as an affiliate in canva and promote its premium version with your referral link.

Advantages and disadvantages of canvas

  • You have many ways to earn money with canva
  • It's easy to use
  • You can create various types of designs.
  • It is not necessary to pay to use it
  • You need canva pro to access everything
  • The support team takes time to answer

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