How to make money from YouTube?

How to make money from YouTube? If you are looking for how to make money from YouTube, this is your place!

Every time we watch videos on YouTube and are exposed to the number of views, we wonder to ourselves: "Probably if they can, so can we!"

If you have a real talent and you know how to produce quality videos that produce added value for surfers, to upload videos, then surely you must be active in the social network based on YouTube videos.
YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms today, and quite a few business owners use it to market products or services visually to their audience.

YouTube allows talented creators and popular channel managers to earn money from home or anywhere else, from the content they created in a variety of ways.

In this article we will review five ways how to make money from YouTube: How do you make money from YouTube?

Way 1: Make money from YouTube advertising revenue

Do you like uploading videos?! People see your video? If you enjoy a lot of traffic from surfers who religiously watch your videos, you can generate revenue from ads that will be shown to surfers who consume the content on your YouTube channel.

To enjoy the option of uploading your video and publishing, you will need to be 18 years old or older, and also create content that complies with the guidelines for creating content that is friendly to advertisers.

If you choose to make money from YouTube using this option, you will be able to choose (depending on the options open to you) between 6 types of ads that will be shown to surfers when they are on your channel.

Some of these types of ads will only be viewable using a desktop computer, and some will be suitable for different types of devices:

  • An ad for a media network that appears to the right of the displayed video and above the list of suggested videos. This type of ad is suitable for a desktop computer and its size is 300x60.
  • Overlay ad - here, too, this is a type of ad suitable for desktop computers. An overlay ad is a semi-transparent ad that appears in the bottom 20% of the video. This ad type allows you to contain a text or image format with a size of 468X60 or 728X90.
  • Skippable video ads - the last thing you want to do with ads that you show to the target audience that comes to your channel is to annoy them and drive them away from the channel. This is why, in many cases, you will want to embed ads that can be skipped. These ads allow surfers in the first five seconds of the ad's projection to click on it. This type of ad is possible to embed on a desktop computer, mobile devices, television and game consoles.
  • Unskippable video ads - you can embed in your channel c video ads that users cannot skip. For the most part, these will be videos about fifteen to twenty seconds long, depending on what is accepted in the particular geographic area. These ads can appear before, during or after the video, and are suitable both for display on desktop computers and for display on mobile devices.
  • Bumper ads - these are short ad videos, about six seconds long - and which cannot be skipped. Choosing this option will result in a combination of skippable ads and amp ads. These ads are suitable for display on both desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Sponsored tickets - YouTube allows you to use sponsored tickets, a type of media that displays a kind of teaser that appears for a few seconds on the screen, and displays information about various products that you offer your viewers to purchase. Sponsored cards can be displayed on desktop computers and mobile devices.

How much do you earn from YouTube?

Way number 2: You can make money by starting a members club

How do you earn money from YouTube through a membership club? YouTube allows you to open a subscription club, and enable viewing of the channel's content for a fixed monthly fee.

To generate additional income from this mode of operation you will have to meet certain criteria, however meeting these criteria does not guarantee that you will be added to the service. YouTube is rolling out this service gradually, and at its discretion.

The criteria that make up the threshold requirements before launching a friends club are at least a thousand subscribers who have joined your YouTube channel, membership in the YouTube partner program, age 18 or older, the availability of this service in the country you are in, the channel you want to add to the service is not particularly suitable for children, and the fact that the channel does not have A large number of videos that violate Google's guidelines and in particular on issues related to copyright.

YouTube publishes policies and guidelines on the management of a members club, and details the cases in which such a members club will enter a state of suspension, and the accompanying consequences.

How do you make money from YouTube?

Way number 3: How do you make money from YouTube? Selling products

YouTube allows you to manage a unique product page, and present these branded products to viewers in different configurations. As part of managing the product page, YouTube allows you to determine the order of up to 12 products, and attach certain products to relevant videos.

YouTube specifies in its terms of use, that for a small part of the viewers, it reserves the right to arrange the product shelf in a random manner, and to understand from the behavior of the surfers on the channel what is relevant to their needs.

Also, if you meet the conditions, YouTube will allow you to attach one of your products to a live broadcast you are conducting.

One of the common methods of operation that YouTube channel managers use to promote different products on their product shelf on YouTube is to add links in video descriptions displayed below the video to those requested products.

Who said you can't upload videos and make money from it?!

Way number 4: Improving the visibility of paying surfers in the chat

One of the elements that helps YouTube to improve its level of interactivity with surfers is the possibility to manage a chat channel next to the video.

The chat channel allows viewers to express their opinion on the video live, present different positions, and ask questions. In particularly popular videos, these chat messages get high exposure.

This is the reason that YouTube allows you to benefit from the income of surfers who choose to pay for a set of colorful messages that appear prominently in the chat, and if the conditions allow it, also attached to the top of the chat.

Private companies and organizations that wish to integrate into the public discourse and include in it marketing messages or increase awareness of their brand, can use this channel to make their Internet presence stand out in particularly popular channels.

You, as the managers of the channel, will be able to earn part of the revenue received on the YouTube platform, for the purchases of the chat themes of viewers who have chosen this.

How much money do you make from YouTube?

Way number 5: How do you make money from YouTube? Receiving income from the YouTube Premium service

YouTube Premium is a service launched by Google in recent years and allows users of the service a collection of advanced functions that improve the viewing experience:
  • The absence of advertisements
  • Saving videos for offline viewing
  • Access to restricted content
  • Access to YouTube Music and YouTube Kids and more.
So how do you make money from YouTube Premium? You, as a channel owner, can earn money from a portion of YouTube's revenue for viewers who wish to pay to watch the content you have uploaded.

According to YouTube, at this time, new revenue from the subscription fee for YouTube Premium is distributed to the creators of the videos according to the number of subscribers who view their content.

YouTube also guarantees that, similar to the income received from advertising, in this case too, most of the royalties will go to the creators of the content.

To summarize the topic "How do you make money with YouTube?"

If you have an active and popular YouTube channel and you upload quality content to it that increases the engagement of surfers and creates real added value for them, we have good news for you: you can increase your monthly income using no less than five different channels.

Are you interested in how much money YouTube pays? Or how do you make money with YouTube? In order to make money from your content uploaded to YouTube, you can define six types of advertising that will be shown to viewers on your channel, establish a members club whose content will only be viewed for a fee, establish a product page and manage it in such a way that surfers exposed to your

content can also enjoy relevant branded products, allow surfers To improve their visibility in the chat that runs simultaneously with the screening of videos on the channel, as well as to receive royalties from the YouTube Premium service which provides quite a few benefits for the users of this channel. Successfully!

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