Additional income from home - how do you make money from home?

Warning if you are Bill Gates, the legendary former CEO of Microsoft, or Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon Worldwide, this post is not for you.
This post should serve those who are looking for ways to earn money from home and gather all the tips on how to generate additional income from home.

In this post we will review some of the options available to you to supplement income from home, and in some cases, even make working from home the main income and thus provide you with additional income.

How to generate additional income by working from home, here's a start: How to make money from home?

Looking for another job from home? Everything you need to know

How to make money from home? Web Development!

Building websites is completely a profession that can be defined as "working from home". In fact, by creating a small and pleasant quiet work environment, it can even be the recommended option and thus generate additional income from home.

You can work in this profession both as freelancers and as employees, and in any case you can do the work from home.

There is a large variety of content management platforms that can allow you to perform the job of building the site simply and easily. Over time, when you gain skill, you will be able to increase the rate of building the sites and make quite a bit of money from this work that undoubtedly allows you to work from home.

Website promotion - the way to generate income from home and acquire a profession

SEO is also an option that can be done without any problem.

Quite a few freelancers have entered the field in recent years, mainly because the infrastructure to carry out the promotion of websites exists endlessly on the Internet, and also because the demand for website promoters has increased following the transition of quite a few businesses to online activity, so this is an idea for additional income and the truth is quite good.

Website promotion is not a profession that requires you to leave the house. You can make most of the communications with the customers by phone or by e-mail, and most of the work on the site is done remotely, while connecting to the site's content management infrastructure.

Through website promotion you will help businesses increase their presence on the web, and enjoy customer traffic at a higher level of maturity, which will reach their website.

Additional work from home in web design

Website design from home

If you have design talent and are able to produce quality work in the field of web design, you can certainly do it from home.

In order for a website to not only function well, but also look reliable, professional and provide a pleasant and good browsing experience for surfers, many clients request the help of professional web designers.

A good design causes more and more surfers to trust the person behind the website, and along the way improves the conversions of surfers on the website significantly.

Software testing

If you are looking for the answer to the question "how to make money from home", then the truth is that after very, very short experience and learning, you can serve as QA testers for various technological products, and assist in their development process, so that the customer receives quality products with the least possible amount of bugs.

Using remote connection infrastructures, you, as software testers, can connect to the central management system of the company you work for, extract from it the tasks you need to perform today, and simply go to work.

There are also quite a few freelancers who offer their services in this case to different companies, when these are interested in testing a new product or service they are launching.
Make money online from social media management

How to make money from home using social media management

Another profession in the field of digital marketing that comes under the heading of work from home, is the management of the social strategy of brands, a field where you can start working immediately as there is a constant demand for social workers.

To manage a Facebook or Instagram page of companies or businesses, write informative and marketing content, manage campaigns and measure performance - there is really no need to come to the office, everything is via the Internet!

If you were looking for how to make money, the social world is a great source where you can make extra income from home, with your personal cup of coffee, and your home coffee machine.

Writing columns - make money from home easily

Do you have an untapped writing talent? How about writing a column for a newspaper or magazine?

Many magazines are looking for columnists who can help them by condensing the contents of the brand, reviewing different products or services, writing about current issues or producing personal columns with a variety of opinions that can increase the involvement of the surfers.

If you chose to contract with such a magazine, usually, it will not have any need for you to do the writing work from the company's offices, in fact this type of work from home is very common.

Earn money online by completing surveys

Quite a few companies and organizations make use of online survey services, in order to thoroughly study public opinion before launching a product or service.

Although you will not be able to make a lot of money for yourself by answering questionnaires and surveys, on the other hand, it is not a particularly difficult job, which usually does not require special skills, and does not take much time, only a few hours a week.

And most importantly - it is completely a job that is done quietly, a perfect way for those who are looking for how to generate additional income.

Video editing - make money from 

homeExperienced video editors are absolutely in-demand professionals. Today there is no business that is not required to use videos. Whether it is videos for the various media networks (Facebook, YouTube ) and even for the business website.

If you have the necessary equipment at home, properly licensed software, and the necessary knowledge to operate them, editing short videos is an operation that you can do even in your pajamas, from home.

Lectures - make money from home from Zoom

Following the spread of the corona virus, this field of lectures and performances in front of an audience has undergone a real revolution. More and more lecturers, stand-up artists, storytellers, and more, have turned their face-to-face lectures into a completely different product - digital lectures in search of additional ways to generate additional income.

These digital lectures brought with them quite a few challenges for the lecturers, but also several advantages. In particular, they allowed people who could not take part in these lectures due to time constraints, finding an arrangement for children, transportation or parking problems, etc., to take part in participating in the lectures.

If you have something to say, and an audience that will be willing to listen to you, building a lecture and performing in front of an audience are actions that you can perform from home and no less important - make more money.

Building presentations - how to make money from a presentation made from home?

In many large organizations, the sales process to the customer includes delivering an impressive presentation, which will prove to the customer that he is about to contract with the most correct and professional company for him.

In order for things to work in the best way, it is not always possible to be satisfied with building a presentation using normal office means, so-called, with the employee who is not able to design even a rectangle in a reasonable way.

This is where professional presentation builders come into the picture. If you have the required knowledge, quite a few companies will look for your services, which you can, of course, offer from home and the truth is, you can earn really well in this field.

At the end of the day, you may have to go to the client's office to deliver the presentation, but a large part of your work will, in fact, be done at home.

Want to make money from home? Secretarial services

Many businesses rely on remote secretarial services, which allow them to manage the office with the help of professionals who know the job.

If you have the knowledge to send emails, coordinate meetings, proofread documents, contact relevant parties, keep a diary and more - you can provide secretarial services remotely, and in fact do work from home no less good and efficient than if you work in an office.

Radio program broadcast

Do you have a radio voice? Do you know that today, in the Corona era, a large part of the commentators and even the broadcasters, work from home?! If you are able to host a radio show, work according to a pre-written brief, improvise when necessary (sometimes there are glitches) and you are up-to-date on politics and current events - you may have found another job that will allow you additional income.

Supervised by Zoom

In an era where some of the university exams are carried out remotely, using dedicated software, the profession of the proctors of these exams has also undergone changes, and today, it is also carried out remotely.

The new rules during a remote exam determine how the students can make use of the aids that are allowed to them and what exactly is the opposite: prohibited as part of the regular performance of the exam.

The task of the examiner in this case is to review all the students using the cameras, and make sure that they are acting in accordance with the rules.

Locating sources - a source of money on the Internet

Every student work should be supported by the list of sources on which it relied. However, while writing the work itself is a task that has interest and even satisfaction, the work of extracting the list of sources is considered a monotonous and boring job.

This is the reason why quite a few students turn to outsourced services for help, which can help them with this. This is also one of the jobs that can be done without any particular problem from home.

Capital Market Trading

If you have the necessary knowledge and financial tools to make informed decisions in the capital market and identify trends and events - you can generate profit from them through trading in the capital market, which includes buying and selling securities such as shares, bond options and more.

Trading in the capital market is a common and popular option (for those interested in the capital market) of working from home that will allow you to generate income from home.

Affiliate marketing - how to make money from home without leaving the couch?

If you have a website, a Facebook group, a mailing list or a WhatsApp group of those interested in a specific feminine field, you can enter into an affiliate marketing program , direct your target audience to purchase products or services from relevant suppliers in the field, and receive a commission for each purchase made through you.

Of course, you can also do this operation from home and on the way earn quite a bit of money...

Another thing that may interest you: how to get rich from the Internet?

Establishing digital assets - the way to make money online

Digital assets can allow you to generate additional income from home in several ways: improving the assets and selling them at a profit, renting digital assets, selling leads you will generate using these digital assets, affiliate marketing, remuneration for advertising, placing banners and ads and much more and yes, this is also work from home that does not require long trips!

Private lessons on Zoom

With the fear of renewed outbreaks of the corona virus, and the need to maintain social distance, the world of private lessons is also moving to Zoom.

Using the platform for conducting multi-participant video calls, you may be able to generate quite a bit of value by giving private lessons, all without leaving your home.


Another way to generate additional income is transcription. Humming is actually turning information in voice format into information in textual format is another way to make money from home. Transcription is a service that quite a few businesses use in order to prove claims in court, in order to record or preserve a certain memory, and in order to make the necessary information accessible to the hearing impaired.

With the necessary equipment, the transcription work can be done, even from home.

How many languages ​​do you speak at a native level? You may be able to use your skills to provide professional translation services of various documents and texts, right from the computer station at home.

Writing reviews - make money online

As part of the marketing strategy of many businesses, they use the services of writing reviews of their services on various platforms, in order to raise the public's awareness of the services of the business, and promote the business in the various arenas.

You can take advantage of this fact to provide review writing services for various website promoters or digital marketers and bring in additional income with the help of a simple, easy and even extremely enjoyable work from home.

Technical Support

If you are knowledgeable in the technological field and know how to handle all the malfunctions that grandparents encounter from time to time, you can undoubtedly serve as remote technical support for a number of organizations and companies.

Remote technical support requires not only appropriate technological knowledge, but also patience, access to other people and a desire to help. If you have all of these, you have found another way to increase household income, from home.

Software development - this can also be done from home

If you are a freelancer who provides development services to organizations, companies, small businesses or even private individuals, and you do not work in joint work teams, you will probably choose to work from home most of the time.


Do you provide consulting services in different fields? Many times, good business consulting can also be done remotely. If you use the right platforms, get all the information you need to carry out the consulting work, and are accessible to all the relevant people with whom you are supposed to communicate, saving on traffic jams, paying for parking, and additional time that will be added to your calendar each day, will prove to you that it is worth doing at least part of This activity is from home.

Managing a successful blog - the most common way to make money online

A successful blog that receives many visits from surfers in a certain niche, is absolutely something that can help you earn money and also work from home.

There are quite a few business models through which you can monetize the blog, such as covert or overt advertising, referring surfers, entering into an affiliate marketing program, receiving sponsorships from leading brands, and more.
Either way, you can do the day-to-day management of the blog from home, of course.

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