100 of the best Metaverse tokens 2023: types of Metaverse tokens for dollar wealth

Metaverse tokens allow developers to create anything they want in virtual reality for user interaction.

After big hype and announcements from tech giants, the popularity of the Metaverse as a concept has grown significantly in 2023. For example, Facebook changed its name to Meta to focus on developing its Metaverse. This was one of the important events that started many discussions in the world about the future of Metaverse. At the same time, many other big tech companies like Microsoft, Epic Games and Nvidia are joining the Metaverse group with innovative investments. As the popularity of the Metaverse continues to rise, attention to the pros and cons and getting information on how this massive platform works is starting to increase. In this article, we are going to examine Metaverse tokens and how they work in the world of digital currency.

What is the metaverse?

In the hypermodern and science fiction world, the metaverse is a hypothetical physical incarnation of the Internet as a single, universal, and omnipresent virtual world facilitated by the use of virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. Simply put, the metaverse can be considered a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social communication.

What are the Metaverse platforms?

The Metaverse platform allows developers to create anything they want in the form of virtual reality or augmented reality for user interaction and commerce. Each platform is an integration between the digital and physical worlds, allowing the virtual and real worlds to connect.

Summary introduction of all Metaverse projects

To help you better understand this emerging virtual world, below we discuss the best Metaverse crypto projects in 2023 and briefly review their features and value potential.

HyperVerse _ _

Hyperverse is a virtual world platform and also one of the top metaverse platforms. The set of planets in hyperverse do not belong to any single person. This platform is a galaxy that contains millions of different worlds. Every person living in the HyperVerse is called a Voyager. Voyagers can generate Metaverse tokens, interact with each other, and travel the world as a group.

Decentraland _ _

Decentraland was one of the first platforms in the Metaverse, which served as an attractive introduction to the Metaverse and paved the way for the platform's market dominance. The company launched its Metaverse platform to the public in 2020 and has since seen a massive increase in popularity. Dicentraland is a VR space where users can create content, interact with each other and earn money mainly through investments and other digital assets.

The Sandbox _

Sandbox is the name of a blockchain-based game and a metaverse platform through which investors can sell, buy and trade virtual land. The stable and popular Ethereum blockchain serves as the foundation for Sandbox. Developers have also created their own Ethereum-based token called SAND, which allows investors to pay for gas on the Ethereum network.

Nakamoto _ _

After using the Nakamoto Token, investors can acquire virtual land, build buildings, and do various other things. Recently, the team behind the NAKA token has announced the launch of Nakaverse. Nakaverse is one of the first metaverses to introduce a true in-game economy. Investors can buy virtual land, build buildings and do many other things.

Roblox _ _ _

Roblox is another top metaverse platform where users can play games created by others. Currently, the platform has more than 20 million games published by users. Many developers can earn up to $1 million in a year if they monetize their games. Roblox is trying to take a step closer to building a metaverse, and recently introduced a "space voice chat" feature to improve both virtual and real conversations.

Epic Games _

Epic Games is a big company that owns one of the best-selling video games, Fortnite. Outside of its core battle royale game, the company has expanded into group engagement such as virtual music events and dance parties. Travis Scott recently hosted his virtual event on the Fortnite Metaverse platform, which was a huge success and shows that Epic Games can be one of the top Metaverse platforms in 2023.

Bloktopia _ _

Blocktopia is one of the most reliable platforms in the metaverse with the aim of spreading Bitcoin exchange. Blocktopia users can create their own avatars, participate in social activities, learn about cryptocurrencies, and buy Metaverse "real estate" in the virtual reality skyscraper. Investors can also use this feature and construction tool to create artwork, games, challenges, and more.

Cryptovoxels _ _

Cryptovoxels is a metaverse platform based on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. In addition to providing a virtual reality experience, CryptoVaxels game world also supports PC and the game community is constantly organizing regular events for users. In addition to virtual land, the platform also offers a large marketplace for buying and selling digital collectibles as NFTs, from wearables and toys to artwork and clothing.

Metahero _ _

Metahiro is a project to integrate physical objects in the digital age. Although less stable than Dicentraland, MetaHero instead offers 3D scanning technology that transforms real-world objects into their virtual counterparts. Therefore, these virtual objects can be used in various sectors such as education and entertainment.

Star Atlas _

Star Atlas is a next generation metaverse game. A platform created from the convergence of blockchain, live visuals, multiplayer video games and decentralized finance technologies, Solana's blockchain provides the foundation for Star Atlas. In the game, investors can purchase digital assets such as ships, crews, land, and equipment with an in-game monetary system called POLIS.

The future of Metaverse currencies

Potentially, the metaverse will change a lot with the introduction of virtual reality (VR) based tools. These tools introduce users to an alternative virtual world from the confines of their homes. People can interact with each other without the need for long commutes, breathing polluted air or even dressing for different occasions. Children can study different topics and modules at a faster pace and expand their understanding beyond what they are now.

On the other hand, both investors and digital currency enthusiasts are eyeing these projects, because Metaverse shows great potential. According to Makro, a UK-based research firm, Metaverse coins' gains in 2021 were higher (up 37,000 percent) than Bitcoin. At the same time, Bitcoin is the largest digital currency in terms of market value and has 100% profit.

Advantages of Metaverse currencies

One of the first questions about Metaverse tokens is "What are the benefits?" Because it is a completely new technology. So people want to know its various points to understand how this world can be a valuable technology. Many major tech companies have already provided unique insights into the metaverse with expert research.
  • Communication innovation for workplaces and educational institutions
A pandemic and deadly virus in 2020 caught the whole world in its grip and increased the importance of remote work. Businesses around the world started using digital technologies or online tools for communication. Therefore, the practice of telecommuting or working from home has become very common for businesses and working people to continue operating.

The benefits of Metaverse to improve communication can bring interactive and attractive experiences to all users. With 3D virtual environments rich in graphics and immersive experiences, users can have many opportunities for dynamic and engaging interactions between other participants.
  • Doubling the power of blockchain
Another promising answer to the question "What are the benefits of Metaverse?" It draws attention to the possibilities of using it to support blockchain applications. Blockchain is the foundation of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether and many other digital assets. However, it is important to note that blockchain can serve various purposes other than creating tokens or crypto coins. Blockchain can facilitate the development and distribution of NFTs as a distributed or decentralized database for storing transaction records .

With the help of NFTs, the application of blockchain in the gaming industry can become more diverse with new trends. You must be asking, then what happened to the role of Metaverse? NFTs are the perfect tool to promote a new gaming model for monetization, where players can earn tradable digital assets in-game.

Metaverse can provide a unified virtual environment to connect all these games and related users. Let us explain it in a simpler way. NFT games have in-game items in the form of NFTs. You can exchange them or use them on other platforms or with game titles. With Metaverse, you don't have to worry about any intermediaries or conversions to trade and manage your in-game assets.
  • New opportunities for branding
The impact of social networking sites and platforms on the media industry is clearly evident. Brands use social media as the main platform to advertise their promotions and interact with their target audience. New platforms for branding and marketing are feeding audiences with the ability to create brand-related content.

Metaverse is very influential for the development of social media beyond Web 2.0 and defining their role for marketing. Metaverse brings the usual benefits of social media for marketing and branding, along with its own special benefits. For example, businesses and marketers can take advantage of virtualization with Metaverse.

Brands can create and display digital versions of products in a shared virtual world. Users can check the product almost live and get its specifications. In addition, based on the history of augmented reality, the popularity of Metaverse could lead to the growth of new avenues for e-commerce.
  • Development and promotion of virtual economy
The approach of virtual economies in the existing digital realm is quite promising. As virtual worlds continue to expand in the Metaverse, another notable advantage of the Metaverse focuses on creating a virtual economy. The Metaverse economy can serve as an ideal platform for comprehensive exchanges of digital assets with real economic value. In addition, Metaverse has favorable capabilities for introducing new business activities and businesses in shared virtual spaces as well as the real world.

Disadvantages of Metaverse currencies

It might be a bit unfair to point out the advantages of Metaverse currency without considering its disadvantages. With such a wide range of benefits, you might think that Metaverse has no downsides. However, the design of a sustainable and shared virtual world undoubtedly raises unavoidable concerns. Here we will address some of these concerns.
  • The need for advanced digital technologies
Obviously, among the disadvantages of Metaverse, first of all, we need to mention its need for advanced digital technologies. Metaverse brings many new and advanced technologies such as VR headsets, haptic, blockchain and other essentials. However, these advanced and expensive technologies are not available to everyone.

For example, a high-speed Internet connection is a mandatory requirement to participate in Metaverse. Most of the people around the world cannot even access the internet at a moderate speed and use the full potential of the metaverse. Other disadvantages of Metaverse refer to gadgets and advanced communication tools. Many people can afford to buy an advanced VR headset to enter the Metaverse.
  • Privacy and security
Much of today's digital technology has come with concerns about privacy and security. The main reason for concern about such technologies can be considered the collection of important data from users. Such data can be used for intrusive online advertising and identity theft.

Companies have yet to fully address these concerns. Therefore, Metaverse may also present privacy issues and security risks. Metaverse, as an active online space, can lead to new problems in the security and privacy of individuals as well as institutions.
  • Reducing the difference between the real and virtual world
Aiming to provide immersive experiences to users, Metaverse eliminates the gap between the real and virtual worlds. Even if you want to consider this as an advantage, virtual world addiction can lead people away from real world experiences. The metaverse will undoubtedly have a negative impact on people's real relationships and interactions.

Types of metaverse or types of metaverse tokens to earn money

To better understand why Metaverse tokens may be the most profitable type of digital currency this year, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the most famous ones.

What are the 100 best Metaverse tokens in 2023?

Here is a complete list of Metaverse tokens.
  1. Decentraland: Mana Token - Price: $0.9955
  2. Sandbox (The Sandbox): Sand Token - Price: $1.31
  3. Axie Infinity: Axie Token - Price: $20.29
  4. Theta Network: Theta Token - Price: $1.23
  5. Enjin Coin: ENJ token - price $0.6428
  6. Wax (WAX): waxp token - price: $0.1327
  7. Ontology: ONT Token - Price: $0.3001
  8. PlayDapp: PLA Token - Price: $0.5646
  9. SushiSwap: Token: Sushi - Price: $1.58
  10. Illuvium: Liv Token - Price: $257.93
  11. Radio Caca: Raka Token - Price: $0.00050737
  12. Merit Circle: MC Token - Price: $1.05
  13. Mobox: MBOX Token - Price: $0.911486
  14. XYO Network: XYO Token - Price: $0.00897925
  15. Vulcan Forged: PYR Token - Price: $4.12
  16. GensoKishi Metaverse: MV Token - Price $627,482
  17. Aavegotchi: GHST Token - Price: $1.49
  18. Floki Inu: Floki Token - Price: $00000839
  19. Adshares: ADS token - Price: $2.39
  20. League of Kingdoms: Luca Token - Price: $1.01
  21. Victoria VR: VR Token - Price: $0,493,8400
  22. Yield Guild Games: YGG Token - Price: $0.598505
  23. My Neighbor Alice: Alice Token - Price: $2.85
  24. StarLink: Token: STARL- Price: $0.00000461
  25. UFO Gaming: UFO Token - Price: $0.00000178
  26. RMRK: RMRK Token - Price: $4.50
  27. DeFi Kingdoms: JEWEL Token - Price: $0.404942
  28. Phantasma: SOUL Token - Price: $0.291635
  29. Boson Protocol: BOSON Token - Price: $0.363586
  30. Ethernity Chain: ERN Token - Price: $1.87
  31. Arfox (RFOX): RFOX Token - Price: $0.01728985
  32. OVR Token (Ovr): OVR Token - Price: $0.991083
  33. Decentral Games: DG Token - Price: $0.04984143
  34. Wilder World: WILD Token - Price: $0.293050
  35. Magic: MAGIC Token - Price: $0.492860
  36. Aurory: AURY Token - Price: $2.46
  37. Somnium Space CUBEs: CUBE Token - Price: $1.80
  38. Star Atlas: Atlas Token - Price: $0.00835699
  39. BOSAGORA: BOA Token - Price: $0.053496
  40. Neos Credits: NCR Token - Price: $0.409883
  41. Decentral Games Governance: XDG Token - Price: $0.052189
  42. Network (Netvrk): NTVRK token - price: $0.356999
  43. Ro (REVV): REVV Token - Price: $0.02730471
  44. Ariva: Token ARV- Price: $00018930
  45. Star Atlas DAO: POLIS Token - Price: $0.565843
  46. Rainicorn: Raini Token - Price: $0.02095842
  47. DeFi Land: DFL Token - Price: $0.00611535
  48. Metaverse Index: MVI Token - Price: $50.95
  49. Forj: BONDLY Token - Price: $0.01159575
  50. BlackPool: BPT Token - Price: $1.01
  51. Atari: ATRI token - price: 00396626 dollars
  52. vEmpire DDAO: VEMP Token - Price: $0.03435161
  53. VFOX: VFOX Token - Price: $263,019
  54. MARS4: MARS4 Token - Price: $0.00419214
  55. Realm: REALM Token - Price: $0.061885
  56. DEEPSPACE: DPS Token - Price: $0.087312
  57. Torum: XTM token - price: 04563518 dollars
  58. Onston: Onston token - price: $0.03913986
  59. Polkacity: Polka Token - $0.079080
  60. IOI: IOI Token - Price: $416,690
  61. Spheroid Universe: SPH Token - Price: $0.02848162
  62. Revomon: Revo token - price: 110766
  63. Decentral Games ICE (Decentral Games ICE): ICE token - price: 01437921 dollars
  64. Arcona: ARCONA Token - Price: $0.193441
  65. The HUSL: HUSL Token - Price: $0.265145
  66. Binamon: BMON token - price: $0.01570270
  67. OpenWorld: Open Token - Price: $0.04721714
  68. Avocado DAO: AVG Token - Price: $0.092202
  69. Kalao: KLO Token - Price: $0.03853703
  70. Monavale: Mona Token - Price: $161.13
  71. Decentral Games old (Decentral Games old): DG Token - Price: $47.55
  72. Mist: Mist Token - Price: $0.02403223
  73. Edda Swap (EDDASwap): Edda Token - Price: $205.23
  74. VIBE: Vibe Token - Price: $0.00547709
  75. MegaCryptoPolis: Mega Token - Price: $4.11
  76. PlayNity: PLY Token - Price: $0.02652264
  77. Museum of Crypto Art: Moka Token - Price: $0.322007
  78. Gridzan (io): ZONE Token - Price: $0.143011
  79. Cool Cats Milk: Milk Token - Price: $0.00099648
  80. Ethermon: Amon Token - Price: $0.00974883
  81. Project Oasis: OASIS Token - Price: $0.128659
  82. Genesis Worlds: Genesis Token - Price: $0.00616439
  83. Benzene: BZN Token - Price: $0.399688
  84. Avaxtars: AVXT Token - Price: $0.00108032
  85. Mega Doge (Meta Doge): MegaDoge Token - Price: $000000000238087
  86. DefiVille Island: ISLA Token - Price: $0.125559
  87. MetaPortal Gaming Index (MetaPortal Gaming Index): Game Token - Price: $4.14
  88. GameX: GMX Token - Price: $0.00008002
  89. Ethverse: ETHV Token - Price: $0.00391370
  90. FOLK: Folk Token - Price: $0.02860245
  91. Highstreet: Tokens - Price: $1.96
  92. ShoeFy: Shoe Token - Price: $0.01073075
  93. Meta Spatial: Spat Token - Price: $0.01031100
  94. DeFi Degen Land: DDL Token - Price: $0.000000618705
  95. ChainCade: ChainCade Token - Price: $000000001579
  96. Senso (SENSO): Senso Token - Price: $0.193821
  97. HappyLand: HPL Token - Price: $0.02047679
  98. StarSharks SEA: SEA Token - Price: $0.02591971
  99. NFT Worlds: Word Token - Price: $0.051505
  100. Capacity: CAPP Token - Price: $0.00108737

How to buy land in Metaverse?

Once you've chosen the piece of land you want, it's a good idea to take a look at Metaverse's own marketplace or a secondary NFT platform like OpenC and Binance NFT. Remember that land in the Metaverse is traded as NFTs, and as such, your deed of ownership will be engraved on a blockchain. This helps protect owners from fraud and other problems.

Before making a purchase, make sure you follow the steps below:
  • Open a digital wallet
Most metaverses require digital currency to carry out transactions. Naturally, a digital wallet is essential for storing your virtual money and digital assets. The wallet you choose depends on the Metaverse platform you use. For the most convenience, we suggest considering a digital wallet that can be directly integrated with a web browser. Some of the top digital wallets include Metamash and BinanceChain Wallet. However, no matter which digital wallet you choose, just make sure it supports the currency of the virtual project you plan to invest in. Metaverse platforms usually explain their preference and how they link.
  • Buy digital currency
As mentioned in the previous step, you must have enough currency in the Metaverse platform to complete the transactions. You can easily buy some of the most popular currencies like Mana, Sand and Ether on exchanges like Binance, Coinbase or KuCoin.
  • Select Metaverse
If you don't already have a specific project in mind to buy, it might be a good idea to compare the available options before buying. Top platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox sell virtual lands through tokens like Mana and Sand, respectively. The area and amount of land will vary from metaverse to metaverse. During this step, you should be able to easily check details such as price, total size, and current owner.
  • Confirm your purchase
Once you have enough digital money in your wallet and finally choose a piece of land, you can simply go to the Metaverse market (or a third-party platform) and click buy. Once your real estate transaction is approved and executed, you should be able to see your NFT in your wallet. In addition, you will be registered as the new owner of the land. From here, you may decide to hold onto your property for a while, build something new on it, or re-list it and resell it for more profit.

Methods of buying Metaverse tokens

If you are looking to buy Metaverse tokens, you can do so in just a few minutes through reputable crypto exchanges. Follow our step-by-step guide to buy Metaverse tokens on Binance below:
  • Step 1: Make a fiat USD deposit via e-wallet transfer or bank transfer on Binance. Users are advised to check the available fiat channels and select their desired fiat currencies.
Optional: Convert fiat currencies to BUSD or USDT on Binance and trade a wider range of trading currency pairs.
  • Step 2: Purchase your preferred Metaverse digital currency, either through the user's wallet or directly with a credit/debit card.
If you want to use your Metaverse tokens in the game, you need to transfer them from your Binance address to Metamask (a versatile cryptocurrency wallet integrated with most Metaverses).

Methods of selling Metaverse tokens

Some of the popular platforms for buying Metaverse digital currency are Binance , Gemini and Coinbase . These exchanges help you convert fiat currency into the crypto metaverse you need.

Frequently asked questions about Metaverse currency list

In the following, we will examine some frequently asked questions about Metaverse tokens.

Which currencies are known as Metaverse digital currency?

Metaverse tokens are a currency used by people inside Metaverse. Users can craft and trade items as well as tokenized funds.

Best CoinbaseTokens?

The top 10 Metaverse tokens are:
  • sandbox (document)
  • Central Land (Mana)
  • High Street(s)
  • Floki Ino (Floki)
  • Metahiro (Hero)
  • Terra Virtua Connect (TVK)
  • Star Atlas
  • ENJ
  • Epic Prime (Epic)

The future of Metaverse currencies?

The future looks bright for Metaverse. The Metaverse is no longer just a science fiction world. Activities that currently take place in the real world may eventually be implemented in a massive metaverse, activities such as:
  • Online buying and selling of clothes and accessories for Avatar
  • Buying digital land
  • Construction of virtual houses/offices
  • Gatherings / Events / Concerts
  • Virtual centers that lead to omnichannel business
  • Virtual class to learn different professions
  • Buying digital art, collectibles and property (NFT)
  • Full-time service, sales and other business interactions through digital avatars

last word

In the near future, blockchain technology will enter a new phase, one of the reasons for this is the Metaverse platforms. As mentioned, the massive virtual universe of the Metaverse is on the blockchain, so it certainly has a lot of potential that has yet to be fully tapped. Another reason is that it is not just the video game and NFT space that is growing rapidly, there are also smaller companies that are showing great success. Keep an eye on these small companies for years to come, as they are likely to be good investments.

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