Make money with Gumroad: is it worth it to sell digital products?

Gumroad has become an essential tool for those looking to market digital products effectively and easily. This platform not only makes it easy to sell content, but also provides a series of tools designed to maximize profits and optimize the user experience. Below we explain how it works.

What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is an innovative e-commerce platform that focuses on selling digital products . Now, unlike other platforms such as e-Junkie or Sellfy, Gumroad stands out for its simplicity and efficiency, allowing entrepreneurs and creators to monetize their content with just a few clicks.

The goal of Gumroad lies in its ease of use , a user simply has to upload a digital product, set a price and then a unique link is generated that can be shared with potential buyers. This direct link facilitates the purchasing process , eliminating barriers and making the acquisition of digital content more accessible for the consumer.

An example would be this newsletter course that is sold on the platform:

9 standout features of Gumroad

Gumroad has established itself as one of the leading platforms for the sale of digital products. Its success is not a coincidence , but the result of a series of characteristics that make it stand out in the market. Below, we present the most outstanding features of the platform:

1. Low commissions and fees

Gumroad has a good commission and fee structure , designed to benefit both new sellers and those with high sales volume.

Transactions on Gumroad are carried out through secure connections , ensuring the protection of buyers' data. Additionally, to prevent fraudulent activities, the links provided for downloads are for single use only . If you are selling a physical product, Gumroad allows you to specify shipping costs based on the destination area or country, offering flexibility and control over costs.

As for commissions, the platform charges 9% plus approximately 30 cents for each transaction. However, one of the advantages is that as your sales increase, this commission decreases, and can reach less than 3%. This tiered structure incentivizes and benefits sellers who have a higher transaction volume.

2. Simple to use

The platform stands out in the digital field for its simplicity and efficiency . Unlike other platforms, such as Learndash or other WordPress learning management systems (LMS), which require extensive and often complex setups, Gumroad allows creators to present their products to their audience easily and quickly. This ease of use means that instead of spending hours on technical setups, creators can focus on what's essential: producing and selling quality content.

Gumroad's value lies in its intuitive design and the elimination of tedious processes . Many have attempted to establish their own platforms and have faced daunting challenges. With Gumroad, these obstacles disappear, allowing creators to optimize their time and energy in creating ebooks, courses and other digital products, making the selling experience rewarding.

3. Various payment methods

Gumroad distinguishes itself by offering a wide range of payment options, thus making transactions easier for both creators and buyers. The platform allows you to configure products to accept not only PayPal, but also credit and debit cards .

What makes Gumroad special in this regard is that it takes care of all the management and configuration of payment methods. This means that creators don't have to worry about technical details or complicated integrations.

4. Subscription system and recurring payment

This tool not only offers a variety of payment methods , but also gives creators the ability to set up subscription or membership systems . This means that, instead of making a one-time sale, sellers can charge on a recurring basis for continued access or use of their product.

Establishing subscriptions or memberships not only provides a stable and predictable source of income for creators, but also incentivizes the consistent delivery of high-quality content .

5. Discounts and coupons

The platform allows creators the ability to implement discounts and promotions on their products , an essential tool for driving sales and attracting new customers. These offers can be promoted through various channels such as social networks, email marketing and landing pages.

6. Host content without limits

Another feature that distinguishes the Gumroad platform is that it gives creators the freedom to host content without weight restrictions . This means that, whether it is a video, an ebook, an Excel file or any other type of material, it can be uploaded to the platform without the need to compromise its quality through compression or reduction.

This flexibility removes barriers and eases the sales process , allowing creators to focus on delivering value without worrying about technical limitations.

7. Free to use

Although Gumroad charges commissions per sale, it has no fixed monthly costs . This means you only pay when you make a sale.

8. Affiliate system to sell more

Another advantage of the platform is that sales can be boosted by offering an internal affiliate system . This system allows creators to collaborate with promoters who, in exchange for their efforts in disseminating the product, receive a commission for each transaction they generate.

9. You can create automations and automatic emails

In addition to sales tools, Gumroad stands out for its capabilities in the field of marketing. The platform gives creators the ability to set automations and send automatic emails.

These features are essential to keep the audience informed about news, offers or any other relevant content. At the same time, these emails strengthen the relationship with customers , encouraging loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.
Disadvantages of using Gumroad

Although Gumroad is a powerful and versatile tool for selling digital products, it is not without limitations .
  • Limited customization: Although Gumroad allows for a certain degree of customization in the presentation of products and the sales page, it still has room to offer more advanced and flexible options that allow sellers to fully adapt their space according to their brand and style.
  • Lack of A/B Testing: A/B testing is essential for optimizing sales pages and improving conversion rates. Unfortunately, Gumroad does not offer this functionality, limiting marketers' ability to experiment and find the most effective presentation for their audience.
  • Does not accept cryptocurrencies: Currently, where cryptocurrencies are gaining ground as a means of payment, Gumroad has not yet incorporated the option to accept these digital currencies. This may limit a good number of potential customers who prefer to use cryptocurrencies for their online transactions.

Gumroad opinions: is it worth it to sell digital products?

Gumroad is a very good platform to sell digital products, infoproducts, online tools and even courses. However, in exchange for the ease of use and convenience of the platform, we lose 9% on each transaction . It is important to keep this in mind, since many products earn little profitability and this can cause them to earn even less.

It is free and they only charge for sales , this is perhaps the most important thing because it allows us to save money and validate if what we want to sell works.

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