How to make money with eBay Affiliates

Among all the affiliate marketing companies, eBay stands out as one of the best that is still working today . On eBay you can make money without having to sell a single product, using the affiliate program, you can earn commissions by promoting products and driving traffic to your site.

If you are looking for an alternative to Amazon affiliates and are wondering how to integrate and benefit from this program, below you will learn how to start using it.

What is eBay Affiliates?

eBay Affiliates (also known as eBay Partner Network ) is the official affiliate program of eBay , one of the largest and most recognized e-commerce platforms in the world. Through this program, anyone with a website, blog, or social media presence can promote products listed on eBay and earn commissions for every sale made through their affiliate links.

It works simply: once you sign up and are accepted into the program, you can select eBay products to promote on your platform. eBay provides tools and resources to generate unique affiliate links that track the visits and sales that come from your site. Every time someone clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase on eBay, you receive a commission on that sale.

Is it a good alternative to Amazon affiliates?

There are many affiliate platforms and, although Amazon is the best known, it is not the best. It is true that this platform had a "boom" a few years ago but today almost all companies that pay by commissions are a good choice. Therefore, it is a good alternative to Amazon only if you are interested in earning commissions on more "rare" products that are not available on Amazon.

In the end I give my opinion on why I would NOT use eBay affiliates .

What niches and websites work well with eBay Affiliates?

When approaching the world of affiliation, it is common for you to wonder why you should opt for eBay Affiliates instead of giants like Amazon. The answer lies in the fundamental distinction between these two platforms. While Amazon acts as a digital supermarket offering a wide variety of products, eBay positions itself as an online auction house, specializing in collectibles, antiques and unique objects.

Buyers on eBay often search for items that are not generally available on Amazon . These include collectibles such as old coins, stamps and collectible cards, antiques with historical or aesthetic value, and unique items such as out-of-print books or limited editions.

The advantage of targeting these niches on eBay lies in the specific and highly motivated demand of buyers . Consumers, by understanding the value and rarity of what they are looking for, have a high probability of making a purchase.

Additionally, as these are less common niches than general Amazon products, there is less competition in terms of SEO . This offers an opportunity for affiliates to rank better in search engines and, despite having less traffic and lower commissions, achieve significant income due to the high conversion rate.

How much does eBay pay and how often?

eBay Affiliates has a commission system that is determined based on the type of product being sold and the country of origin of the buyer. Commissions vary and range from 1% to 6% .

However, it is essential that you keep in mind that these commissions have a maximum limit . This means that if a product is sold with a 6% commission and the limit is €300, but the price of the product is €500, the commission that will be received will not be the total of 6% on the €500, but which will be limited to €18.

Although the commissions may not seem as high compared to other affiliate programs, the advantage of eBay Affiliates lies in less competition in the market , which offers more opportunities to generate sales and, therefore, income.

Regarding payment frequency, it is important to mention that eBay makes payments on the 10th of each month , or on dates close to that day. To receive these payments, it is necessary to provide bank or PayPal account details , and it is essential that the accumulated income exceeds 10 units of the selected currency, for example, €10 if the euro has been chosen as the reference currency.

How to start eBay Affiliates?

The process is fairly simple. You have to go register on the platform , fill out the information they ask for. Where it says type of partner you can select “search engine marketing”. If you have an eBay account the process is faster.

When you have the account ready and approved, it is time to start getting traffic or bringing it from your website.

Opinions on eBay Affiliates: is it worth it?

Well… yes and no. In my opinion it is just another affiliation platform but it has not made any effort to fix the problems with the registration website. If this fails, we're off to a bad start... At first it's also difficult to find what they pay in commissions, added to the fact that the website is not even in Spanish. There are quite a few minor problems that mean that at first glance I no longer see it in the best light.

Additionally, although it is a good alternative to Amazon, it is also more difficult to find the right niche to sell the products that eBay offers. Without hesitation I would stick with Amazon affiliates and I would even go first to Adsterra or some CPA platform with good products.

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