U-Haul Truck Rental Review: Costs and Services

U- Haul is a household name for good reason ! It's available in most major cities in the United States, so it's easy to find a pick-up and delivery location. However, many customer reviews mention problems with reservations and hidden fees, so it's important to take precautions to avoid problems.

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  • Over 20,000 locations with featured pricing
  • Rental options include everything from pick-up trucks to 26-foot moving trucks
  • Gentle-Ride suspension adds protection to prevent damage to your items during transit
  • U-Box mobile containers available if you don't want to drive
You know the name, and chances are you see one of their trucks cruising the roads every day. So it should come as no surprise that U-Haul is one of the largest truck rental companies nationwide. They offer truly competitive prices, a wide range of vehicles and accessories, as well as a complete digital platform through their website and mobile application.

However, hundreds of customer reviews point out that customer service tends to be mediocre, and their rental contracts have several fees that you can easily overlook if you're not careful.

In saying this, U-Haul can be a convenient solution if you are looking to rent a truck for your move. If you're informed correctly, you can anticipate costs and prepare for your move, but U-Haul won't necessarily be the best option for everyone.

Learn about U-Haul moving services, truck sizes, pros and cons, and more to determine if this DIY moving option fits your needs. Do your research to make the best decision and ensure your move is a success.

U-Haul offers a wide variety of services

U-Haul moving services and rental options include:
  • Pickup trucks : These typically have an 8-foot bed, a 6,000-pound towing capacity, and seating for three.
  • Cargo vans : These generally have an interior depth of 9.5 feet, with a capacity of 245 cubic feet and seating for two.
  • Moving Trucks : U-Haul moving trucks come in 10-foot, 15-foot, 17-foot, 20-foot, and 26-foot sizes. Towing capacities range from 6,000 to 7,500 pounds. The 10-foot trucks seat two people, while all others seat three. There is a per-mile charge of between $0.79 and $0.99, and renters should note that these vehicles average only 10-12 miles per gallon of unleaded fuel.
  • U-Haul Truck Share: This program is a self-service option to rent a reserved truck with a mobile device 24/7. Customers upload their photo, driver's license, an image of the truck's mileage (odometer), fuel level, and any existing vehicle damage. Insurance options are also purchased online.
  • One-Way Truck Rental : A one-way rental refers to renting a truck from a U-Haul rental site and returning the vehicle to a different location near the destination. One-way rentals typically have a 24-hour flat rate and mileage allowance.
  • Trailer Rental : Customers can add a trailer unit when making a reservation. For example, they have tow platforms for towing front-wheel drive cars or car transport units for all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Moving Help : Moving Help Marketplace is an online option for hiring labor (movers). A two hour minimum applies to these orders.
You can also store with U-Haul and use their U-Box program.

U-Haul Truck Rental Options

U-Haul Offers a Wide Range of Truck Rental Options Sized to Meet Your NEEDs. You can review the following sizes and capacity to determine the best rental for your next move.

Pickup5′ x 10′ x 8′open bedSmall moves and occasional jobs
cargo van5′ x 10′ x 8′245 cubic feetSmall moves and occasional jobs
10 foot truck5′ x 10′ x 8′402 cubic feetStudio or one-bedroom apartment
15 foot truck10′ x 10′ x 8′764 cubic feet1-2 bedroom house
20 foot truck10′ x 15′ x 8′1,016 cubic feet2-3 bedroom house
26 foot truck10′ x 20′ x 8′1,682 cubic feet3-4 bedroom house

Insurance coverage options

You can choose insurance coverage at various levels of protection:
  • Safemove : This is a basic coverage plan exclusively for Moving Trucks . Pays for accidental damage to the vehicle and/or belongings being transported, theft of a vehicle, and a basic health and life insurance benefit. The maximum (limit) is $80,000, and the price is usually around $15. Safemove does not include liability coverage.
  • Safemove Plus: This plan also applies exclusively to moving trucks and includes all the benefits of Safemove . However, it includes $1 million in Liability Coverage . This plan costs about $30 per rental, about double the price of the basic option.
  • Coverage for Trucks and Cargo Vans : The only coverage option for these vehicles is Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), which has a $150 deductible. In cases of accidental damage or theft, the customer would only be responsible for $150 . The cost is usually around $10 to $15 per rental.

Potential liability (costs) for damages incurred

The image below from U-Haul's online rental platform provides estimated costs for damage to moving trucks.

If you are not in a position to bear the cost of any potential problems, we recommend that you factor insurance costs into your financial planning.

Comparing U-Haul to the Competition

CategoryCompanyQualificationLicenseSurePriceMain FeaturesPercentage of Users who Choose it
Better AvailabilityU-Haul Truck Rental4.15/5
Greater coverage, 7 truck sizes, one-way rentals93%
More reliablePenske Truck RentalFour. Five₷₷₷More expensive, 4 truck sizes, unlimited mileage90%
Best Rental ValueBudget Truck Rental4.3/5₷₷₷Affordable prices, online prices, various discounts88%
Best National CoveragePODS4.8/5₷₷₷Unlimited storage, 3 container sizes, national coverage85%
Best Overall ValueU-Pack5/5₷₷₷Fast delivery, national coverage, movements over 100 miles82%

Customers often love U-Haul's same-day service and convenience model, but it can be more difficult to plan a logistically complicated move due to some internal company communication issues.

U-Haul's range of rental trucks is one of its most impressive features. Compared to similar truck rental companies, such as Penske and Budget, U-Haul outperforms in its available options.

The impressive range allows you to rent a vehicle at a competitive price without paying extra for space you don't need.

However, we warn you against some of U-Haul's marketing tricks. While advertised rates are notoriously low for the moving industry, the actual rate you pay can be much higher if you are not aware of hidden charges.

Service can vary drastically from location to location. For example, a U-Haul location in Chicago has more than 375 reviews and an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5. One of the main complaints about this location is customer service. Examples include long delays in completing paperwork during the registration process, having hitches or rear racks installed, etc. Several more positive reviews mentioned that the office and rental vehicle were very clean.

A location in Boston has an overall rating of 2 out of 5 stars on Yelp. Several complaints concerned the condition of the vehicles, such as one with a broken rearview mirror and a rental trailer with a non-working taillight. Other concerns posted included discrepancies in documented fuel and mileage and staff appearing slow and poorly trained.

Overall, U-Haul has earned its reputation for affordability and consistent availability, but there may be some bumps in the road due to the company's large size.
 Average rental priceTrailers/tow platforms available?Truck sizesPrices
U-Haul$993.45Yeah7Get a quote
BudgEt$1,082.50Yeah5Get a quote
Penske$1,152.43Yeah5Get a quote

How moving with U-Haul works

U-Haul has several moving solutions, from self-service moving trucks to storage containers , so the process may differ slightly depending on your needs.

Customers can begin the moving process by checking available rates on the U-Haul website, visiting a local branch or calling . During this step, you will identify your size demands and the dates you will need the vehicle.

If you're moving close enough to the pickup location to return your rental there at the end, you may pay less than a long-distance move. Either way, you'll want to solidify your origin and destination locations to request an accurate fare . You may also consider insurance coverage at this point.

From there, the move is up to you and any help you hire. Customer feedback indicates that there is often confusion on moving day, so we recommend making every effort to contact your U-Haul location after making your reservation. Chances are you won't review it beyond the typical email reminder and confirmation .

You can choose to bring your own moving supplies or purchase them from one of the U-Haul locations. On your moving day, you can pick up the vehicle, sign the necessary documents, and begin your trip.

Before returning your vehicle, you will need to refill the gas tank or risk additional charges. Some places have a more hands-on check-in and check-out process than others, so it can be as quick as handing over the keys, but can be as thorough as an inspection.

When you return the vehicle, you will be required to pay the outstanding balance minus the initial deposit. We recommend that you carefully review your bill and ask about any hidden fees you don't understand.

U-Haul is perfect for people with basic self-service moving needs who don't mind reading the fine print.

U-Haul is a good choice for basic moves and moving vehicle rentals, with 20,000 locations to choose from. The prices are attractive, but we recommend reading the agreement carefully before booking to avoid additional costs. User reviews are mixed, with some complaining about rude employees and long delays. They also offer third-party charging help, but quality and price may vary. Therefore, U-Haul is recommended for simple moves without significant logistics.

Frequent questions

How to make money with U-Haul?

  1. The top four ways to make money with U-Haul include becoming an authorized dealer , where you can rent trucks and moving equipment to customers.
  2. You can also opt for the delivery service , delivering U-Haul items directly to consumers.
  3. Another option is to open a U-Haul franchise, which allows you to operate a storage or rental business under the U-Haul brand.
  4. Finally, the affiliate program allows you to earn commissions for referring new clients to the company. Each of these options has its own set of requirements and benefits, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Is driving a U-Haul more difficult than driving a car?

Driving a U-Haul isn't much more difficult than driving a car. The company employs easy-to-use trucks that are meant to simplify the moving process.

Your moving truck may be larger than your personal vehicle, but all functions are the same. There may be an initial learning curve as you adjust to the scale, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem for an experienced driver.

What is the most efficient way to load a U-Haul?

There are many ways to load a U-Haul, but we have a few tips that can make the process more efficient:
  • Assign a contact person. This person must remain with the truck and coordinate the people loading the truck. A leader keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Don't leave any gap. Think of loading a moving truck like Tetris. Pack items tightly and avoid leaving gaps so your items remain safe in transit.
  • Place heavy items in the front. Bulk items, such as large appliances and heavy furniture, should be packed closer to the cabin to keep weight balanced.
  • Pack the truck in sections. Divide the truck into sections and pack each one completely before moving on to the next. Pack the boxes up to the ceiling and tie the sections together to keep them still.

Does U-Haul have unlimited mileage?

No, U-Haul does not have unlimited mileage. The moving truck company sets an assigned mileage for their reservations. You can exceed this limit, but there will be additional charges.

How old do you have to be to rent a U-Haul?

You must be at least 16 years old to rent trailers and at least 18 years old to rent trucks. Both require a valid United States driver's license.

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