How to make money with Pinterest

Currently generating income through social networks is a reality. From platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, users can take advantage of their visibility to promote products, services and brands. But is it possible to monetize Pinterest? How to make money with Pinterest ?

Many times when we think about making money with social networks, we leave Pinterest aside, losing the opportunity to earn large sums of money from this popular platform.

In this post we will tell you how to make money on Pinterest and what methods are the most effective to start generating money on this social platform.

Pinterest profitability to make money

Pinterest is one of the most used social networks worldwide, with millions of active users every day. Users generally use Pinterest to find ideas, this is the ideal place to redirect traffic to your blog or promote products and services.

A large number of users usually plan their purchasing habits on this social network, allowing companies and digital marketing specialists to make the most of the platform's traffic and, at the same time, offering excellent income opportunities to users.

The profits you can obtain through Pinterest will vary depending on the sector to which you direct your services and the type of monetization you choose, and can range from $200/month to progressively reaching three figures.

Without a doubt Pinterest is an interesting, useful, profitable and valuable platform. In addition, your data can be interpreted very easily, further favoring marketing strategies.

How to make money on Pinterest: 6 effective ways

There are various ways to make money on Pinterest, whether promoting services or products, redirecting traffic to your blog or online store. You can also sponsor companies, brands or pins, etc.

Let's see what are the most effective methods to generate income with Pinterest:

1. Using an affiliate program for your pins

Partnering with companies to promote products or services is a great way to monetize your Pinterest profile. When you join an affiliate program, the brand will provide you with an affiliate link that you will need to place in your pins or posts. Then, if a user clicks on the link and completes a purchase, you will receive a commission.

You can find affiliations through programs of this type offered by Amazon, FlexOffers, ShareASale and other networks or companies that use affiliate marketing.

Before you start making money with Pinterest using this method, keep in mind that there are several relevant questions you need to handle about affiliate marketing on this platform:
  • You cannot shorten or mask affiliate links.
  • You must mention that your profile has an affiliate relationship, since the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires it.
  • Certain companies, like Amazon, do not allow you to use images from their website to create pins, even if you are part of their affiliate program.

2. Promoting your products or services

Just as Fiverr is used to offer services and Etsy is used to market products, with Pinterest you can promote your products or sell them directly by placing the sale button on your pins.

Currently Pinterest only works with Shopify and Salesforce, if you want to offer the products of your store you will have to manage it with one of these e-commerce platforms.

These are the products that can be sold on the platform:
  • eBooks.
  • Printable images.
  • Decorative items.
  • Accessories.
  • Clothes.
  • Furniture.
  • Courses.
  • Clothes and accessories.

3. Sending traffic to your website

Generating traffic through interesting pins that attract users' attention and motivate them to visit your website will improve your visibility in search engines, while allowing you to reach users with other marketing strategies.

This can be achieved by optimizing the posts and content you upload to Pinterest.

For example, if you have a blog, you can create pins related to an article and link to it. In this way you will earn money thanks to Google Ads, Ads sense, Infoproducts, promoted posts, Landing Pages, affiliate marketing, Product Pages or any other marketing strategy that you have implemented to monetize the visits received on your blog.

4. Sponsoring your pins

When you manage to reach a good number of followers, enough traffic and have authority on Pinterest, you will be able to offer sponsored pins directly on your profile. In this way, brands will be more interested in your sponsored pins, so you will begin to receive interesting offers from various clients.

To sponsor your pins you must obtain followers on the platform so that your content can go viral in a better way. It is important to upload posts of good quality, attractive design and with consistency if you really want to make money with Pinterest using this method.

With the help of shared boards you could even increase your visibility without having to be a recognized influencer .

If you don't have enough time to fully dedicate yourself to the platform, you could hire a professional to create and publish your pins.

5. Managing client accounts

Not all brands have the time and ideas to promote their websites on their own, providing your services as a Pinterest digital account manager is an excellent alternative to making money on this platform.

To do this, you must design attractive pins that attract the attention of customers, awakening their interest in the products or services you are offering.

In addition, you will have to be in charge of managing the profile, evaluating the objectives and designing strategic plans that help improve both sales and brand positioning on Pinterest.

Other tasks that you must perform if you are managing a client's account are:
  • Answer the doubts and questions of your community.
  • Help the client achieve their advertising and digital marketing goals.
  • Create graphic designs that produce conversions.

6. Offering consulting/advice on Pinterest

Becoming a specialist in this social network will give you the opportunity to earn money by offering advice on page marketing, community creation, profile management or pin design, among many other relevant aspects of Pinterest.

Consulting consists of analyzing client profiles to advise them on possible improvements they can make to stand out in their sector.

To have high credibility, make sure you have your own website and a reliable profile on Pinterest. This way, your services will be legitimate, giving you a professional appearance that inspires confidence in potential clients.

By dedicating yourself to specialized Pinterest consulting, you will earn money by analyzing your clients' profiles, their websites and any metrics related to your company. This will allow you to get from small clients to medium or large ones, who in the future could need your full-time service.


As we have seen, you can make money on Pinterest with different methods, whether promoting products, services or brands, redirecting traffic to your online store or website, sponsoring pins, providing advice or managing your clients' accounts.

When you get a high number of followers, you will see how getting income and sponsors through Pinterest is a simple task. The key is to offer excellent quality content that is useful and interesting to the user.

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