How to Make Money with Fiverr

You may have heard about Fiverr and how this platform offers the opportunity to start generating large amounts of dollars through remote jobs using only your professional skills. But how does Fiverr work? And how to make money with Fiverr ?

Nowadays, generating income from anywhere in the world is possible, especially if you are a freelance worker who has professional services to offer virtually.

In this article we will see all the necessary information so that you can start making money with Fiverr as soon as possible.
Let us begin!

What is fiverr?

It is a platform where you can find and sell a wide range of digital services and products. In addition, it has a scoring system that allows you to increase reputation among the platform's professionals.

From Fiverr you can offer any freelance service as long as it is completely digital. This platform has multiple categories of services such as:
  • Graphic arts and design.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Music and audio.
  • Business.
  • Programming and technology.
  • Writing and translation.
  • Video and animation.

How does fiverr work?

The Fiverr platform operates as a marketplace that gives clients the opportunity to hire various professional services at very competitive prices.
  • How Fiverr works as a seller: as a seller Fiverr offers you the possibility of selling your professional services in a flexible, reliable and secure way. This platform allows your sellers to set job completion time as well as detailed order instructions. In addition, by delivering good work, they will be able to raise their seller level if they receive a positive rating from the client, this will allow them to obtain better additional benefits to their profile such as greater visibility.
  • How Fiverr works as a buyer: as a buyer you can find any type of service you are looking for. Fiverr has categories, subcategories, filters and a keyword search engine that make it easier to search for services.
There is also a variety of configurable currencies and languages ​​in the main menu, as well as an automatic translator for the tokens. This greatly facilitates the task of finding the right seller for you.

How to start making money with fiverr

To start making money with Fiverr you will have to register on their platform. Registration is completely free and you can do it in a short time, you have the option to directly link your Google or Facebook account to complete most of the basic information requested by Fiverr.

Now, before creating your first gig on Fiverr you need to have a seller profile. To do this, click on your profile image to display the options menu and then click on “Become a Seller”.

A window will appear where you must fill out the requested fields with your personal data, a brief description of your projects and work that you have previously carried out in the area of ​​your specialization.

It also allows you to indicate which languages ​​you speak and their level (basic, fluent, native or bilingual). When you have finished answering each section, click on the “Continue” button.

Now you will have to complete a series of fields related to your information and professional training. Only fields with the sign (*) are required, however, try to complete them all to create a reliable and professional-looking seller profile.

Once you've provided your professional information, Fiverr will ask you to link your social media accounts to improve your credibility as a seller.

You can link either a Twitter, Facebook or Google account, although if you prefer to link them all, you can do so without problems, this way you will further improve the credibility of your seller profile.

Finally, confirm your email and phone number to complete the creation of your seller profile on Fiverr.

Now that you've created a seller profile, you'll have full access to Fiverr. Now it will only be necessary to complete a series of steps to start earning money on this platform:

Publish your skills or services: Creation of the GIGS

On Fiverr it is necessary to create a gig to start offering your services. Below I will explain step by step how to create and publish a gig on Fiverr.

The gigs are a brief presentation of the digital services you intend to offer, and they also allow you to demonstrate why you are the right person to do the job. When you finish the registration process, you will only be able to create 5 gigs that will increase as you gain a good reputation on the platform.

Creating a gig is extremely simple. From the “Become a Seller” button you can access the gig creation section in which you can give it a title, choose a category and place the tags that best suit your gig.

After you've named and described your gig, click “Save & Continue” to continue.

Keep in mind that all gigs must begin with the phrase “I will” followed by the service you intend to provide.

Let's look at some examples:
  • I will design responsive website.
  • I will create high converting landing page.
  • I will do creative logo design for your business.

Once you have done the above, you will have a large part of your gig done, now it is time to place the value of your services. In the Scope & Pricing table you can create three packages: a basic, standard and premium for a single service.

At first it is advisable to leave it in a basic format, but if you prefer to add some extra value, choose the additional criteria that you could offer in the standard and premium packages. For example, you can offer a shorter delivery time, a higher number of revisions, or another exclusive feature.

We reach the most important section of the gig creation process: the description of the services.

In this box you will have a maximum of 1,200 characters to thoroughly and creatively describe the digital service you want to offer on Fiverr.

Afterwards there will be a small section for a questionnaire that answers frequently asked questions that your clients might have about your services.

In the next point you must establish questions that help customers provide you with the necessary information or content so you can start working on their order.

You are one step away from making money with Fiverr. Simply create a reference gallery that demonstrates your skills through work and projects that you have done previously, this is practically a portfolio of examples of your work done.

You can upload images, video and PDF documents.

Everything is ready! Now you can get clients to start making money with Fiverr.

Strive to level up

The seller level on this platform is vital to obtain a greater number of orders and, therefore, better income. Offering quality service, on-time delivery, and excellent customer satisfaction will allow you to climb to a higher level on Fiverr.

Depending on the monthly performance and the positive reviews you receive from customers, the level of your seller profile will significantly increase, obtaining more traffic, better benefits, and you will be able to gain the trust of potential customers more easily.

At first it may seem complicated to level up, but with effort and dedication great results can be achieved in a short time.
  1. New Lender: This is the start of all new Fiverr sellers. Workers at this level do not yet have much experience or have just started on the platform.
  2. Tier 1 Vendor: Tier 1 sellers are those who have earned at least one highly satisfied review and completed a minimum of 10 jobs. In addition, they have been active on the platform for 60 days
  3. Level 2 Lender: This level is reached after completing 50 projects with satisfactory reviews. To rise to this level it is mandatory to have 120 days registered on Fiverr.
  4. Top Provider: The maximum level of the platform. This level guarantees that the worker is completely trustworthy and has at least 100 completed jobs with excellent reviews. The rank of Top Lender can only be achieved if the seller reaches the sum of $20,000 on Fiverr and has been registered for at least 180 days.

Use fiverr affiliation

Another effective way on how to make money with Fiverr is by using their affiliate program. This program rewards participating sellers for bringing new users to Fiverr.

Whether directly promoting fiverr or their other products or services such as Learn, the logo creator, Workspace, Business or even promoting the affiliate program itself.

From the moment your traffic makes their first purchase, you will be receiving income.

Some frequently asked questions about fiverr

Now let's look at some frequently asked questions that usually arise before starting to make money with Fiverr:

What are the fiverr payment methods?

On Fiverr you can withdraw your earnings thanks to its variety of payment gateways. However, depending on your country of residence, regulatory permissions and the type of device you use to access the platform, you can withdraw your income from one or another payment method.

They currently handle the following payment methods:
  • Paypal (only in authorized countries).
  • ApplePay.
  • Google Pay.
  • Turn Pay.
  • iDeal (Netherlands only).
  • Wire transfer.
  • Oxxo (Mexico only).
  • Sofort (only in Belgium, Austria and Germany).
  • Ticket (Brazil only).
  • Credit and debit cards.

What is the fiverr commission?

The platform's fixed commission is 20% for each service contracted. When an order is successfully completed, Fiverr allocates 80% of the funds to your account in a pending status for 14 days as a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Is Fiverr trustworthy?

Yes, without a doubt.

For more than 7 years, Fiverr has been offering its services in the market, reaching the figure of 25 million services carried out satisfactorily and a traffic of 1 million visits daily on its website, this confirms that it is a completely safe and secure platform. reliable.

Are there other pages like Fiverr?

There is a long list of websites similar to Fiverr, since given the great popularity that mini service platforms have been gaining, it is normal that many people have had the idea of ​​creating their own platform.

What makes Fiverr unique is its dynamics, where the client contacts you directly based on your service. While on other platforms like Freelancer, Workana or Upwork you basically create an account, see client proposals and submit your applications hoping to be hired.

On the other hand, requests are limited and you will have to buy a package if you don't want to wait for them to refill.

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