How to make money with Amazon: 7 effective strategies

Making money with Amazon today is possible thanks to the development of the Internet in recent years, which has caused growth in many physical and digital businesses.
That is why this e-commerce giant is one of the best valued companies in the world market. In addition, it is one of the first platforms from which to earn money.
With an average income that exceeds $350 billion a year, Amazon represents one of the most solid and lucrative businesses on the market.
Because of those big numbers, Amazon has built one of the largest digital company stories .

In general, people recognize this giant as the leading e-commerce provider. However, its potential goes much further.

When it comes to making money with Amazon, this giant has designed an entire business scheme, with different options.
For this reason we have prepared material that will allow you to discover all the potential that Amazon offers. In particular, how small entrepreneurs can generate extra income.

How to make money with Amazon?

There are many ways to make money with Amazon, of course, the best known is by marketing some type of product.
In general, selling a product is the obvious form of business offered by the platform, but it is not the only business model available.

So, so that you become familiar with each of the options that Amazon offers to earn money, below, you will find a selection of the most used and efficient ones so that you can learn how to generate income from this very moment.

Ways to make money with Amazon:

If you are looking for a way to generate extra income, managing your time, and from a solid and reliable platform, then you are in the right place.

We will begin to describe each of Amazon's business models. These are ideal and efficient to start generating extra income, safely.

1. Earn money with Amazon Affiliates.

Amazon affiliates is an affiliate marketing program designed by Amazon. Through which website or blog owners are offered the option of being Amazon associates.
This tool consists of advertising products on their websites, through links.

When users click on links on these websites and purchase products from Amazon, referral earnings are generated.
This is a simple model to make money with Amazon. But remember that your main objective is to generate the greatest user traffic through these links.

2. Create an online store with Amazon.

Amazon has a robust network of online customers. This makes it the perfect setting to market a brand through its online services.
Selling on Amazon is the fundamental business of the platform. Therefore, it has all the development to facilitate the task of creating your own store.

Creating a store is simple, thanks to the complete panel of free tools with which you can design a store for your brand.

Among the advantages of these online stores is that Amazon helps you:
  • Protect the brand name.
  • Display your products.
  • Connect with customers.
Additionally, you can help your brand gain global recognition through the world's leading e-commerce.

3. How Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) works.

Amazon FBA is one of the lesser-known models to make money with Amazon. However, it has great potential to generate income without worrying about customer service or inventory management.
The program involves shipping and storing your items to an Amazon center. So, they are the ones in charge of all the delivery operations and logistics.

When selling each item, it is Amazon who is in charge of packaging and shipping your product individually.
It is a reliable and profitable tool, with which you can also save on storage costs. It is an alternative to dropshipping as a digital business model.

4. Work from home with Amazon.

Amazon has a program for remote jobs in which you can generate extra income in a simple way.
The offer of working from home with Amazon is very diverse. You can select options from customer service to software developers.

To access remote work options, you must go to the virtual location page of their website, and from there you can check the available offers.
The interesting thing about this proposal is that you can carry out the process completely online and start making money with Amazon.

5. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

A comfortable and super agile alternative for those who are passionate about writing. With Kindle Direct Publishing you have the possibility of publishing Kindle books on your platform, without the need for a publisher.
It is a very easy tool to use. You can even type and upload a Word document, and it will look like an e-book.

Amazon allows you to use its tools and technology to publish your e-book, and also the possibility of promoting it directly on its platform.
This option is quite profitable, because as we mentioned at the beginning, you do not need to invest in editors. Plus you can start generating profits quickly.

6. Amazon flex.

One of the most versatile Amazon programs through which you can generate additional money.
It works through an application that allows you to earn quick money by delivering Amazon packages, available for your location.
Amazon Flex is a part-time job , which is ideal to complement with other tasks.

One of the conditions to opt for it, you must have a vehicle and a smartphone that allows you to cover the routes and deliver orders.
The Amazon Flex program is quite complete and provides you with the necessary information on addresses, schedules and shifts for deliveries, and receiving a fixed rate per hour.

7. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk).

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a simple alternative to earn extra money , quickly and easily.
With this option, you only need to complete a few tasks that can be surveys or data entry.
The idea is that you can manage tasks that turn out to be repetitive or complex to be performed by bots, but that are usually very simple to perform individually.

Amazon Mechanical Turk gives you the instructions and time to complete each task, in addition to the rate applied for each of them.
When you complete each task, it goes through a review process, which if accepted will approve payment.

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