How to make money on WowApp

Wowapp is an app that will allow you to generate additional income in dollars by doing everyday activities such as watching videos, chatting, playing games or sharing with friends.

The best thing about this platform is that it does not require you to accumulate a large amount of coins to be able to redeem your money, since the minimum amount to withdraw is only 240 WowCoins (equivalent to $2.4).

In this article, I will teach you how to make money on WowApp .

Let us begin!

How to make money with WowApp

In WowApp you have the opportunity to earn money by daily carrying out one of the numerous activities that are available in the mobile application or in the PC version.

Let's see what are the ways to obtain in-game coins (known as WowCoins) on this platform:

WowApp Games

Whether from our mobile device or PC, we can generate income by playing simple and entertaining mini games.

WowApp considers that playing is a way to use its platform, this way you will be rewarded for enjoying its wide variety of games.

Furthermore, there is no problem if you lose a game, since the payment is given to you only for playing.
So you can spend long periods of time playing without focusing on winning, just on having fun and making money.

WowApp Chat

Earning money by chatting in an app seems incredible, but in WowApp you can really generate income with a task as simple and common as sending messages. Using its PC or mobile device application you can earn income while chatting and sharing with your friends.

WowApp Calls

Similar to Skype calls, make online calls with your friends through WowApp to add large amounts of WowCoins to your balance. You can also top up your account with balance at quite affordable prices and make calls to mobile or landline phones.

Surveys and tasks

Another of the most popular ways to generate income on WowApp are the tasks and surveys available on the platform. These activities are quick and easy to complete, allowing you to easily earn profits once you complete these tasks.


WowApp's Smart Web feature allows you to generate WowCoins while browsing pages on the Internet, reading news or researching any topic of interest. This option is only available for the computer version, and it is mandatory to use FireFox or Chrome as the main browser.

Unlocking your mobile device

Getting points in WowApp for just unlocking your phone is possible if you enable the “LockScreen Ads” option from the application. When you have enabled this option, ads will appear every time you unlock your mobile device, allowing you to generate money with a simple action.

Watching videos

WowApp also allows you to earn income by watching videos within its platform, giving you 0.10 WowCoins for each one. Every hour new videos will be posted that you can watch to progressively accumulate points.

These videos last just a few seconds, therefore, it is recommended that you watch at least 10 per day, which would be equal to 100 WowCoins daily, which is equivalent to $1 for just watching short videos.

Buying online

Whenever you complete a purchase through a store linked to WowApp you will get a refund of WowCoins in your account. This system is very similar to the one used by Cashback pages.

There are a variety of stores of all kinds that are associated with WowApp, making it possible to obtain part of the payment for your purchases returned to your app funds.

Inviting your friends

On this platform you can earn money even by inviting your friends to share and play with you. Thanks to WowApp's referral system, you can invite people to earn a commission from the income your referrals make.

In any case, you would need an invitation to register on WowApp, since only users with an invitation can register.

Make the good

Every time you use WowApp you help up to 5 charities with the daily micro donations made by the platform. Additionally, if you wish, you can contribute to your favorite cause by donating a portion of your funds (or even 100%) to a charity.

How to withdraw money in WowApp

Withdrawing your money from WowApp is extremely simple. The minimum collection amount is $1, however, you will have to pay the required commissions (fixed $1 + 8% of the requested collection) by the platform if you want to withdraw your money.

In other words, before withdrawing you must have at least 110 additional WowCoins in your balance to pay commissions and be able to collect your income generated in WowApp.

For example, if you want to receive $5.33 (533 points) you will have to accumulate 689 WowCoins in your balance.

Regarding the payment methods available on the platform, they currently send payments through:
  • Wire transfer.
  • Credit cards.
  • PayPal.

How to download and register on Wowapp

An invitation from a sponsor is required to access WowApp, whether it is the desktop or mobile version. You can register from this link .

Once you click the link you will be redirected to a new window. Just click on “join WowApp” to access the registration section, where you must fill out each of the fields with your data.

Download WowApp for Android and iOS plus registration

Now that you have completed registration on WowApp, it is time to download the application. Select the platform you prefer to download the app.

You can download for Android devices from “ WowApp Google Play Store ”.

If you are an iOS user you can download the application by clicking on this link: « WowApp App Store »

Download WowApp for PC (Computer) plus registration

To run Android applications on your PC you need to install BlueStacks. This program works like the classic Android interface, using the mouse and keyboard to simulate the touches and touch gestures of a mobile device.

You can download the program from this link: " download BlueStacks ".

After you have installed BlueStacks on your PC, you will need to download the WowApp apk file. Then, open the BlueStacks program already installed on the computer and load the apk file from the “Add APK” option located in the tool sidebar.

Now indicate the location where you have saved the apk file, simply search for it and select it to start the installation process.

Once the above is done, the program will automatically install the application, you can find the WowApp app in the applications window on the BlueStacks home screen.

Finally you have everything you need to start using WowApp on your computer. You just have to register following the steps we mentioned above to start earning money with this app.

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