How to earn money as a translator taking advantage of your free time

Earning money as an online translator is possible thanks to the development and advances of new technologies and the Internet.

In such a way that it has become a reality and a good alternative for extra income for those who master two or more languages. And what better way to do it than online.

Doing so will bring you multiple benefits such as the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

In the same way, you can set your own work schedule, work at your own pace and earn in dollars.

For this reason, we bring you this article, where you will find everything you need to understand this business model, get started and be successful as a translator.

How much money can you earn as a translator?

Who could believe that the job of an online translator is a reality today. Long ago, people who studied languages ​​were only limited to teaching or doing in-person translations.

But today, thanks to the development of the Internet, it is a profession that has evolved and has taken a giant step towards digital.

To the point that they have the opportunity to work from home or from anywhere in the world while traveling.

Now, the salary or money you can earn as a translator can vary, but generally, it could be between $28 and $35 dollars per hour.

But the amount will depend on the skill you have translating with the other language and other factors such as:
  • The experience.
  • Quality of customer service.
  • Compliance with deliveries.
  • Level of studies, certifications and/or updates.
  • Country you are in.
In addition, the ability to find new clients will increase your monthly billing considerably.

The best pages to make money translating in 2023:

Below, you will find in detail each of the platforms or pages that will allow you to earn money as a translator.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Analyze its characteristics very well and work with those that benefit you the most both in money and time.

1. Gengo.

Gengo is a platform that was launched in 2008 by the Japanese. It offers its services to important digital companies such as YouTube, Alibaba, TripAdvisor, Airbnb and Sony.

As one of the most recognized translation sites in the world, you will always have work to do. Its more than 65 thousand clients support its management.

But the best of all is that you have absolute flexibility to do your jobs. This means that you decide the amount of texts you want to translate, as well as choosing your own schedule.

Steps to apply for a job as a translator at Gengo:

  • Register on their platform completely free.
  • Take a test to determine your level of translation.
  • Then, you must wait for the test results. They don't take long to be delivered.
  • If you get a favorable result, you will be welcome to earn money as a translator.
In general, the texts to be translated are mostly short and have simple topics that do not require research.

Finally, the page allows you to interact with other 21 thousand translators who make up the community.

2. Blend Express.

Formerly called One Hour Translation, it is one of the largest sites to make money as a translator.

Its recognition is so broad that today it works with companies such as Amazon , Subway, Facebook, Microsoft and Payoneer.

How to register for Blend Express?

  • First, you must register on the platform . It's free.
  • You will have to take a test to identify your level in translations.
  • Then, you wait for the results.
  • Then, if you pass the test, they will give you a certification.
  • Finally, you will be part of the company and can immediately start working with them.
On the other hand, for the payments they will make to you, they will offer you a MasterCard , in which you will receive the payments and you can use it normally like any other card.

You must take care of your work and do it with quality, because Blend will give you medals and rewards for doing an excellent job.


This is one of the first websites to make money as a translator that exists. It has been in the market for more than 18 years and also has a physical headquarters in Italy.

They work hand in hand with numerous recognized companies in the world. Among the most important are: IBM, Huawei, HP, Expedia and Google.

With the latter, for example, since 2007 they have translated more than 320 million words in 590 million linguistic combinations.

They are always looking for language experts, to whom they offer these benefits:
  • Receive payments at the end of the month, as fast as an employee.
  • Hundreds of jobs assigned every hour.
  • You decide your own rate per word.
  • Free training programs to make money translating.
  • I work as a digital nomad , from anywhere in the world.
So, take the opportunity to work on interesting projects, at your own pace and deciding your own rates. Register as a translator here .

4. Unbabel.

Unbabel is one of the platforms to earn money as a translator that is a little different from the previous ones.

First, because it is a smaller company. It has around 400 translators around the world.

And second, because for people who start as translators, they will be paid by the hour. Generally you can earn approximately $8 for each effective hour of work.

But as you raise the level, the quality of your translations and the time on the platform, the value per hour will increase.

What are payments like with Unbabel?

A great advantage to earning money translating is that the page pays you weekly.
The other good part is that payments are made through a platform as secure as Paypal.

If your country does not accept Paypal, you can receive payments via Payoneer. So don't worry about your money because you will always have it available.

It also has a mobile application to have greater convenience with your online work . Register by clicking this link .

5. Tomedes.

A peculiarity that Tomedes has is that it only offers translations in English. But its services are offered to companies around the world regardless of their size, academic and government centers.

Here the value of your service changes a little compared to the other pages to earn money as a translator.

Tomedes will never impose a value on you, you will choose the rate that is most in line with your knowledge and experience. Then, according to this they will assign your work to you.

However, if you do not want to do a job that was offered to you, you are completely free to reject it.

Now, if you have no idea how much to charge for your services, don't worry. The platform gives you a price table that can serve as a guide while you learn about the market.

Start working as an online translator today and earn fast money . You can do this by registering here .

6. Translators Base.

This renowned platform will allow you to earn money as a translator regardless of your level.

Translators Base offers you translations as if they were job offers to which you can apply if you meet the requirements.

Payment may vary slightly. It will depend on your experience, but on average it is 0.09 dollars per word, that is, about 9 dollars per 100 words.

How does it work?

A client publishes his project. Then, as a translator, you will receive the offers, in which you can discuss details with the client. In the end, approval will always be given by the client who chose the translator.

Finally, sign up here and start earning money translating all types of content.

7. ProZ.

This is a website that has a community and offers an online job portal for language professionals.'s mission is to enable professional translators to achieve their professional goals and unleash their full potential.

To this end, assumes a commitment to the success of its members. In addition, it provides access to cutting-edge tools, education, and encourages collaboration between professionals who share the same positive vision.

In short, it is a free service that expands your possibilities of earning money as a translator. So, to learn more about this platform, sign up here .

Tips to make money as a translator:

Now is the time for you to learn the tips and recommendations that you should take into account to earn money as a translator and turn it into a profitable business .

These are tips that are the factor that exists among the most recognized and valued translators on each of the platforms mentioned above.

1. Punctuality.

With each of your deliveries because remember that this complements the quality of your work. Don't play with other people's time.

2. Do not exceed your capabilities.

Because you will look bad with your work, that is, do not commit yourself to work that you cannot do well.

3. Don't use Google Translate or anything similar.

Your work must be professional and of quality so avoid web translators as much as possible. So don't fool anyone. Your clients will easily notice it.

4. Offer a fair rate for your translation.

If you want to make money as a translator, you must charge a price proportional to your experience, reputation and quality of your work.

Find a price where you don't give away your work and don't affect the industry, nor one so high that no one can pay. You have to be a good seller of your services.

5. Create a professional profile on social networks.

Social networks serve to demonstrate how much authority you have in the market and show a little about the quality of your work.

Attach testimonials and comments from your clients there. Likewise, satisfaction surveys and any other element that allows you to attract new customers.

6. Always work on improving your reputation.

All the previous advice converges on this point. In the end you need to take them into account, so that you can improve your reputation with the passing of your jobs.

An excellent reputation will allow you to earn money as a translator, but not hundreds of dollars, but thousands of dollars per month.

7. Patience and constant work.

They are the last two variables that you need to succeed in this business. Patience to know how to wait for the growth you need in the industry.

Also the constant work to maintain that growth trend. Being disciplined is the only thing that will allow you to achieve it in the short term.

Today you can start earning money translating.

From this moment on you already have all the tools to debut in this industry.

You can develop a business that allows you to earn money from home or from wherever you want. In addition, it gives you the possibility of starting a business without money and earning money as a translator.

You probably already have what you will need to start: An electronic device such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone and an Internet connection.

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