How to Create your Online Store with Shopify

Do you want to sell on the Internet? Would you like to have your own online store to sell your products to customers from all over the world? In this post we will see how to create an online store with Shopify 
One of the most used and popular methods to have a successful online business is to create an online store.

There are thousands and thousands of market niches on the Internet where we can take advantage of electronic commerce to make money .

It is also true that not everyone feels confident when it comes to creating an online store, perhaps due to a lack of technical knowledge, but don't worry, because there are different platforms that allow you to have your own online store. in a matter of minutes.

In this post I want to talk to you about Shopify and how you can create your online store with Shopify.

What is Shopify and how it works

Shopify is an e-commerce platform with which you can create your own online product store.

If you have a physical store and want to have an online presence or if you don't even have a store but would like to start selling online, Shopify makes it easy for you.

Shopify is responsible for managing and automating the entire marketing process, payments with secure transactions and shipping, so you only have to worry about your online store receiving visits to get sales.

Advantages of using Shopify

  • It is a powerful and easy to manage platform
  • You do not need to contract hosting or make updates or backups
  • You can buy a custom domain
  • You can choose from hundreds of templates to give you a personalized and professional design
  • The entire purchasing process is optimized to the maximum
  • You can include photos of your products
  • You can include a blog within your online store
  • You can sell on Facebook
  • Allows you to sell both digital products and physical products
  • SEO Optimization
I think that from what was mentioned above, it is worth highlighting the possibility of having a blog within the same online store, with which you have the possibility of uploading fresh content continuously to position yourself on Google and thus attract organic traffic.

It is also important to know that now you can try this platform for a period of 14 days, and totally free . This way you can see what your feelings are when working with it and if you want to continue using it.

Shopify Pricing

How to create your store on Shopify

  1. Sign up for Shopify . To register you must fill in your information. For the trial version it is not necessary to enter bank details. When you access your control panel you will see that it is very similar to that of WordPress.
  2. Configure settings . In the left sidebar, click on the "Settings" tab and configure the different options such as email, Google Analytics, VAT, notifications, the custom domain option, payment methods, etc.
  3. Install a template for your store . In the Theme Store you have both free and paid templates, with different themes and styles. Installing a template is very simple and is done with just one click.
  4. Upload product catalog . In the "Products" tab you can start uploading your products. You have the possibility to import products from a CSV file.
  5. Create a blog. As I have already mentioned before, I personally believe that every online store should have a blog. Publishing a post on your Shopify blog is just as easy as uploading a product to your product catalog.
  6. Install Apps in your Shopify store. Shopify gives you access to an App Store with hundreds of appl that you can use in your online store to perform all kinds of functions such as using pop ups to get subscribers with your Mailchimp account .


If you have in mind creating an online store , I hope that this post has been useful for you so that you can see the possibility that you have at your disposal with this platform.

Anyone who wants to create an online store should consider doing so with Shopify .

Your online store with hundreds of products generating income month after month is waiting for you, and taking advantage of the powerful tool of generating web traffic with a blog and taking advantage of email marketing to create a list of subscribers, you can earn a lot of money within your niche of market.

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