Become a U-Haul Dealer and Make Your Business More Profitable

Starting a U-Haul business can be a great way to generate additional income, especially if you already have an existing business. This article will guide you through the steps necessary to start a U-Haul business with a startup cost of zero dollars.

Unlike opening a franchise, becoming a U-Haul Dealer requires no startup costs. A 21% commission is required on all product lines, the highest in the industry. You can add U-Haul truck and trailer rentals to your existing product offering, without having to worry about upfront costs. This will allow you to make instant profits by taking advantage of your wasted land or labor resources.

Plus, by partnering with U-Haul, you also leverage U-Haul's reputation as leaders in the moving and storage industry.

As a U-Haul Dealer, you can also enjoy unparalleled benefits and support. You'll get discounts on boxes and moving supplies, weekly commissions paid directly to your bank account, and discounted merchant rates to reduce your costs. Plus, you'll have access to news and commission statements through our online account center, where you can connect with other business owners like you.

Previous requirements

  • Commercial Space : U-Haul only grants dealerships to existing businesses. You'll need a commercial space with access to a main road and a parking lot that can accommodate at least two trucks.
  • Internet Connection and Telephone Line : These are the only initial costs you will have to cover.

Application process

  1. Fill out the U-Haul Dealer Application : It is done online and is a simple process.
  2. Space Review : A U-Haul representative will visit your location to ensure it meets corporate standards.
  3. Telephone Line and Internet Installation : Once approved, you must install these services.
  4. Marketing Materials : U-Haul provides all the marketing materials you will need.

Training and Operations

  • U-Haul offers complete training for you and your staff.
  • Initially, you will be provided with two trucks to start with.
  • You will need staff who can lift up to 50 pounds and have the ability to hitch and unhitch trailers.

Commissions and Payments

  • Average Commission : Around 22% of the total rental.
  • Payment Frequency : Weekly or monthly, as you prefer.

Various Sources of Income

  • Truck and trailer rental.
  • Sale or rental of packing materials, blankets and other moving goods.
  • Additional fees for damage during rental, storage rental, etc.


  • No Initial Cost : Except for the telephone line and Internet.
  • Automatic Promotion : U-Haul will include you in its Yellow Pages ads and other platforms.
  • Performance Based Growth : The more trucks you rent, the more trucks they will ship to you.


If you already have an existing business and meet the requirements, starting a U-Haul business can be a great way to diversify your income sources. With a minimal initial investment and good income potential, it is an opportunity worth considering.

Sources and Data

  • Average commission: 22% of the total rent.
  • Space requirements: Access to main road and parking for at least two trucks.
  • Initial cost: Telephone line and Internet.

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