Apps to earn free money

Apps to earn free money have been gaining popularity among users over the years and the advancement of technology. And although it may seem like a lie, there really are apps to generate additional income at the end of the month that helps you save or get out of debt without having to invest money or a lot of time.

There are market research apps, others that collect information or mobile advertising that offer any user the opportunity to earn free money using these apps on their smartphone.

Today we will see the best mobile apps that offer you a variety of ways to earn free money from their app.

Let us begin!

Apps to earn money with a free app

Having some apps on our smartphones to earn free money can benefit us enormously without causing space problems, since generally these apps do not usually take up too much memory.

Let's look at the apps to earn extra money with a mobile device:

1. Mathemati-X

This app to earn money is an excellent option if you are looking for a free app with monetary return for your time. Mathemati-X allows you to register through Google and Facebook, but if you decide to register through Facebook you will get a bonus of 130 coins.

Earning money in the app is simple, from the first moment you can obtain coins by marking attendance on the calendar and opening the money bags after a few hours. There are also surveys to accelerate the earning of coins, a referral system and the option to see ads.

However, the star option to generate income in this app are the “Calculate” and “Solve the task” games.

In these games you can test yourself with a variety of mathematical operations, which allow you to solve the operation until the timer at the top reaches zero.

On the other hand, there is another game to obtain coins in Mathemati-X called “Inequalities”, where you will have to indicate whether the mathematical operations shown are equal, greater or less before the counter reaches zero.

If you want to add even more coins, you can go to the “Tasks” option. From this section you can carry out a wide variety of offers to receive rewards depending on the degree of difficulty of the task.

To withdraw money from the app, click the third icon to the right on the Mathemati-X home screen. There you can convert your coins into real money and later send them to your PayPal.

The minimum rate of this app is one of the lowest you will find on the entire internet. Currently the minimum you need to withdraw your money is $0.29.

Visit the store to download Mathemati-X

2. Cashing

As soon as you install the app, you will have the option to enter a promotional code to start with additional coins. If you scroll to the bottom you will see an option called “Daily Reward” that will progressively reward you with coins if you request the reward every day, to obtain it simply click on “Redeem” to increase your balance.

You can earn money on Cashing in several ways, whether by playing games, watching short videos, inviting friends to try the app, taking surveys, or completing tasks.

Withdrawing your money from Cashing is really simple. To do this, click on the “Withdraw” option at the bottom of the screen and it will show you the rates that you can select to receive your money in PayPal.

The minimum amount they pay in this app is quite low, requiring only $2 (16,000) points to request our first withdrawal. On the other hand, if you prefer to receive your money through another option, it also offers you rewards in mobile games such as PUBG, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, among others.

A good way to generate income in this app is by playing the available games, being able to reach the minimum amount in a single day if you invest some of your time in trying the Cashing games for a while.

Visit the store to download Cashing.

3. Earn money for Free With Givvy!

Like many other apps, to enter Givvy you will need to log in with Facebook or Google, receiving a bonus of 200 coins if you decide to log in with Facebook.

Like Mathemati-X, Givvy has a calendar and a box with coins every 4 hours to reward you for logging in daily and keeping an eye on the app.

This app offers you several methods to generate money, whether surveys, offers, app downloads, ads, referral system, tasks and games.

Among the games available are Tic-Tac-Toe, Memory, Calculate and many other entertaining games to earn coins while facing other people or the game system.

When you want to withdraw the money you have accumulated, click on the center icon in the bottom bar of the home screen. Here you can convert your coins into real money, and then send them to your PayPal account.

The minimum amount to withdraw your money from Givvy is $0.29.

Visit the store to download Givvy

4. Poll Pay: Surveys for Money

This app allows you to register through Facebook, Twitter or traditional Google.

Poll Pay is primarily a survey app, however, it has other ways to monetize your efforts.

To start earning money with this app, you just have to click on “Start First Survey”, where you will have to answer a series of simple questions until you complete the blue bar to receive the cents corresponding to the survey.

An attractive aspect of Poll Pay is that you will be earning money directly, rather than redeemable points or coins.

Withdrawing money from the app is really easy. To do so, click on “Redeem” and choose one of the available options, such as PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Best Buy, Starbucks Card, Target or iTunes.

Once you choose the payment method, select the amount you want to receive, for example, in PayPal the minimum fee is $15.

The best way to get more money in Poll Pay is by using the “Playtime” section. Here you can choose a game to start generating income while you have fun playing. To enter this section, click on “Play games” and select the game of your choice.

Visit the store to download Poll Pay

5. Deep Digger: Idle Miner Tycoon

Deep Digger is an intuitive and extremely easy-to-use app, and it is available in multiple languages ​​to reach the largest possible audience. To start earning free money with this app you simply have to mine by touching the screen of your device to add coins to your balance.

When you start, you find a box to enter a promotional code that adds 3 million coins to your balance, being a fairly good figure that will allow you to make the first withdrawal quickly.

Sometimes a 1000p bonus will appear in the form of a wheel on the left side of the screen, you simply have to click to add the amount to your balance.

Once you have accumulated a considerable number of coins you can withdraw the money from the app. To do this, we will need to have destroyed and repaired the pickaxe at least twice using the “Update” option to successfully unlock the “Withdraw the money” option.

When we click on the option to withdraw the money, you will see the “300” option that will allow us to select the eWallet in which we want to receive the money. The available electronic wallets are PayPal, Payeer, QiWi and, for example, if you decide to use PayPal, the app will request your eWallet email only to transfer your balance.

The minimum amount of coins that the app requires to withdraw money is 7.5 million coins, which is equivalent to $5 in PayPal.

To generate even more points in the app, you must continue mining until a green spike appears. This pickaxe will give you a temporary improvement with which you can obtain 100 coins for each click.

You can also take advantage of the short ads by tapping the +1000 coins sign to further increase your earnings.

Visit the store to download Deep Digger

6. Play and Win! Play fun games and test your skills!

Play and Win will also give us 130 coins if we register using Facebook, although it will give us the option to access with Google if we prefer to start without a bonus.

Earning money with this app is quite simple. You can claim daily calendar prizes and coin boxes every 4 hours to earn passive income or take advantage of surveys, tasks, offers, ads and games like Puzzles, Rectangles and Bubbles that will reward you with coins depending on the number of games you complete before time runs out.

The process to withdraw the money is the same as Givvy, you simply have to go to the central icon on the home screen, convert the coins you obtained in the app and then transfer them to your PayPal account.

Visit the store to download Play and Win

7. Gamony: Rewards & Gift Cards

Making money on Gamony is really simple if you are looking to make money online.

To generate income with the app, you will have to copy the link that the app will show you and then paste it into the browser you use, it doesn't matter if you use Chrome, Opera, Firefox or any other, since they will all work without problems. Additionally, just by logging into the app daily you can earn additional points (18 per day).

Once you access the link, you will be redirected to a new page. There you must slide down until you find a code, you must copy this code and then paste it in the “Enter code” option of the app, then click on “Redeem” and you will automatically receive 18 points in your balance.

You can also earn money by watching videos from the “Videos” tab. In this section you will find a variety of videos that will give you a certain amount of points depending on the total duration. To see them simply click on one and it will play automatically.

Another way to get points quickly would be to enter a code in the “Refer and Earn” section, being able to obtain up to 30 additional points completely free.

Withdrawing money from the app is not complicated either, you can do it from the “Rewards” option. Here you will see payment options such as PayPal and Google Play or withdrawals directly to games like Free Fire or PUGB.

If, for example, we select PayPal to receive payment, the minimum fee to withdraw our money will be really low, allowing us to withdraw from $1 (1099 points), although we can also buy gift cards with our points.

You can even earn more money if you complete the tasks in the “Offers” section. In this way, you will be able to make the first withdrawal in a short period of time.

Visit the store to download Garmony

8. Block Matcher

A fairly entertaining app, easy to use and that we consider one of the best apps to earn free money without much effort on the internet.

When entering for the first time, it allows you to enter a code to start with an amount of extra money in the game.

Generating income with Block Matcher is extremely simple and fun, just see the color of the cube at the top and touch a cube of the same color, for example, if the top cube is green, you will have to touch the green cube the bottom row.

As you correctly press the sequence of cubes, the closed chest on the right will open so you can exchange gems for in-app money, simply click “Take”, watch the ad and receive your coins instantly.

The withdrawal of money from this app is obtained after having opened at least 2 chests. To withdraw, you must click on the blue dots next to your balance, then click on the hands receiving money icon to choose the virtual wallet in which you want to receive the payment.

Currently the app pays through PayPal, Payeer, QiWi and Paytm. The minimum amount to withdraw is $8.

If you want to earn more money using this app, make sure to tap the diamonds that occasionally appear inside the blocks, so you can receive a bonus of 100 additional diamonds that will help you earn more income.

Visit the store to download Block Matcher

9. Earn App

Earn app is an app that will pay you for selling them the information that you don't use. Upon entering, it will automatically make an estimate of how much you could earn if you decide to sell your data depending on the GB you reach.

To start, you must log in with an email or from your Google account. After this you can download the version for Android, Linux, macOS or Windows depending on which device you intend to start generating income from.

Once you install the app on your device, just connect your account and keep the “On” switch activated so that you get money in the app's balance.

You can withdraw your money from Earn App after raising at least $2.50 by entering your dashboard, then select the “Setup Auto Redeem” option and choose between PayPal or Amazon Gift Card to receive your money.

If you choose PayPal, the app will request your email and PayPal account ID.

When you add your PayPal email, you will automatically receive payments every time you reach $2.50 in your account balance.

One way to increase profits with this app is to install it on as many devices as you have, whether other smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers that you have unused at home or work. In this way, you will be getting the most out of this app to earn money online for free.

Visit the official Earn App website

10. Jo Jo Cash Activator

To start earning money with Jo Jo Cash Activator you will only have to do one thing: watch ads from the app.

Simply scroll through the app to the box that says “Get 20 DIN” and press it, an ad will be shown, watch it until the end and you will get your reward. The good thing about this app is that it allows you to view unlimited ads, so you can earn all the points you want using the same method.

However, we must wait 24 hours for our points to be converted into money that we can later withdraw.

Once the DIN points are converted into money, you can withdraw them from “Wallet”>”Withdraw” and choose between Paytm or PayPal to receive your payment. The minimum fee on PayPal is $5, offering a maximum fee of $200.

Visit the store to download Jo Jo Cash.

11. AttaPoll – Paid Surveys

This is the best free app to take surveys and earn several dollars along the way.

In it you can participate in a wide variety of surveys on various topics, invite friends to receive commissions of 10% of what you generate + 0.20 additional euros for inviting them to the app.

On the other hand, you will receive a welcome bonus of 0.40 euros if you register using an invitation link.

Generating more income with AttaPoll is possible if you adjust the following parameters in your account settings, within the “Consumer Surveys” section:Location: enabled.
Maximum duration of surveys: any duration.
Frequency: as much as possible.

The minimum amount to make a withdrawal is 2.50 euros and there are a variety of payment methods to withdraw the money we have earned. You can request the withdrawal through Revolut, Amazon or PayPal. You can also redeem gift cards from Amazon, Nike and Zalando with your account balance.

Visit the store to download AttaPoll

12. ControlMySMS

An extremely recommended app if you prefer apps that allow you to earn passive money to improve your personal finances with little effort.

ControlMySMS pays to receive messages on your mobile device. It's minimally invasive, so you probably won't realize it's working.

Depending on the number of messages received, you will receive a certain amount of money.

To start receiving messages on your mobile device, you must enter the app and activate the “Send SMS from this page” option and you will start earning money with this practical app.

At the beginning of each month, ControlMySMS will automatically pay the amount of money you have been able to collect in your account balance.

To indicate the payment method where you will receive your money, go to the “Play” icon at the top of the app, a window will appear where you can indicate if you want to receive payment through PayPal or by Top-ups transfer.

If you choose to use PayPal, the only requirement will be to indicate the email you use on the platform. To set it as your default payment method, click “Submit”.

Visit the official ControlMySMS website

Ways to make money with apps

In the vast majority of apps to earn free money, they reward us for carrying out surveys, tasks of little difficulty, watching videos, downloading other apps and many other varieties of tasks.

Let's see what are the ways most used by this type of apps to grant redeemable coins or real money to their users:

Playing videogames

One of the most entertaining and comfortable ways to obtain coins in an app to generate free income, being extremely popular among users due to the amounts of money they can get simply by playing.

Most of the games available in these apps are quite simple, so you can get money without much effort just by playing puzzles, memory games, mental tests and even multiplayer games for hours.


Impressive the number of surveys you can quickly answer online to earn income from home using only a mobile device. There are free apps responsible for collecting surveys so you can start answering them as soon as possible.

Generally these surveys do not take more than 5 minutes and the questions are usually quite simple to answer, allowing a large number of surveys to be completed in a short time.

Watching videos

Without a doubt, the best apps to earn money are those that reward you for watching videos in your free time. These apps are quite easy to use and getting free money with them is really simple.

Generating income by watching videos is one of the methods most used by users, since it allows them to earn free money by doing a task that they really enjoy.

watching advertising

If you prefer to spend time watching advertising, there is a long list of apps that will pay you to see short advertising from other apps, and can pay you considerable amounts depending on the number of ads you see within the app.

This way of generating free income is ideal for monetizing free time while you rest or perform some other more relevant task, helping you increase your monthly income with little effort.


If watching videos or playing games on your mobile device is not a pleasant way to generate income for you, there are also apps to earn money for users with different preferences. For example, there are a variety of apps that are willing to pay you for simply walking, it is a matter of installing the app and you will begin to earn income with your steps.

Although it is not an attractive option for everyone, there are a large number of users who generate monthly income by going for a walk or jogging with their mobile phone, making it a really attractive option if you are looking for apps to earn free money without doing ads or surveys.

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