6 Ways You Shouldn't Try to Use ChatGPT to Make Money

ChatGPT has become the Internet's new favorite toy. This artificial language model developed by OpenAI claims to be able to write virtually anything you can imagine, from letters to essays, research papers, and even fiction.

Artificial intelligence has been “trained” based on online information (such as blog posts, books, articles, and even Wikipedia). However, its capacity also raises legal and ethical concerns.

Currently, the Authors Guild, along with a group of well-known and successful authors such as John Grisham, Jonathan Franzen and Jodi Picoult, have filed a lawsuit against OpenAI for massive copyright infringement without compensation. The lawsuit alleges that because OpenAI has received training based on the books of these and other authors, its intention to produce similar content is basically a way of creating "derivative works" (similar to plagiarism).

All of this raises another question related to personal finance: what are some ways people should not use ChatGPT to try to make money for ethical, legal, or other reasons? Let's see.

1. Write commissioned content

If your way of making money involves producing written content, from marketing copy to content writing or articles, using ChatGPT may not be a good idea, as you may be inadvertently producing content that resembles plagiarism. Additionally, the “voice” of the content ChatGPT produces may not be as close to yours or the tone of the work you need to produce, which could require more work than is worth reviewing.

2. Jobs that require precise research

One of ChatGPT's biggest shortcomings is its inability to fact-check its own work. For the most part, it's an imitation tool: you can reproduce what you've seen in any style and tone, and you can appear to do trustworthy research with real-looking links and sources.

However, these are often false or otherwise incorrect. If your work is based on accurate research, don't use ChatGPT or at least verify everything. An article in the Washington Post described some glaring ChatGPT errors as “wildly incorrect.”

3. Investment tips

ChatGPT may seem like a free financial advisor at your fingertips, and while you can certainly get some information that's not all bad, it's probably missing some important details that a human financial advisor can give you. To test this theory, Fortune pitted AI against a human financial advisor and found that while ChatGPT could deliver useful insights quickly, it overlooked many nuances.

The Fortune writer explained that when both a human and artificial intelligence received the same query, "ChatGPT focused solely on the question presented and overlooked other objectives such as buying a home, a new car and did not take into account the benefit of Social Security or other retirement concerns.

4. Anything that requires math

Although ChatGPT can sometimes correctly perform mathematical calculations by relying on existing correct calculations that it was trained on, it is not programmed to perform any type of mathematical calculations, it simply makes mistakes. So relying on it to do math is like asking your Roomba to plan your meals. If you need precise math for any money-making venture, ChatGPT is NOT your friend.

5. Be careful with resumes, cover letters and CVs

If you use ChatGPT to help you prepare your resume, cover letters, or more complex resumes, be sure to double and triple check your work afterwards. You don't want to embarrass yourself by submitting spelling mistakes, awkward grammar, or incorrect statements, especially about your own skills. ChatGPT is an imitation, not an English teacher or fact checker.

6. Anything that requires tight security

If you're working on something private or that needs to remain secure, using ChatGPT isn't a great idea right now. According to MakeUseOf, OpenAI stores your chat history on its servers and may share some of it with third-party groups. Plus, you've already experienced at least one security breach that shared people's information with others.

In summary, while ChatGPT can be a useful tool in many ways, there are certain ways in which you should not try to use it to make money . Whether for ethical, legal reasons or simply due to the lack of precision in certain fields, it is important to be aware of its limitations and not depend exclusively on this artificial intelligence for financial purposes.

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