5 ideas to make money with AI if you are a teenager

Currently, teenagers are immersed in a world where technology is not only an entertainment tool, but also a bridge to infinite creative and business possibilities. Artificial intelligence (AI) has unlocked a new dimension in digital product creation , allowing young people, even with limited technical knowledge, to design, create and monetize their creations in surprising and accessible ways.

We have put together some very interesting ideas to generate monthly income with AI, especially if you are young.

Ideas to make money with Artificial Intelligence when you are young

Among the ways to generate income are:

1. Sell patterns using AI

Creating and selling digital patterns has gained popularity on marketplaces like Etsy. There are stores like AnneIllustration and SweetShopDesign , which have generated 140,000 and 70,000 euros respectively. These figures are the result of the sale of digital patterns, something that can now be easily achieved with the help of AI.

Midjourney is an AI tool that, with the right instructions, can create aesthetic patterns in less than a minute, making it easier to get started in this type of digital business.

The idea is to create, in a short time and with minimal effort, hundreds of patterns that you can then sell on platforms like Etsy as downloadable digital products. There are other marketplaces to sell patterns , but Etsy is the most popular.

2. Sell coloring products

Another viable and profitable option is the sale of coloring products. Stores like MariolaBudekArt , which sell drawings to color, have amassed more than 180,000 euros thanks to the 45,000 sales of drawings that, surprisingly, do not require you to be an artist to create them.

AI , specifically Midjourney , allows you to create these drawings with ease, opening a door to generating passive income without requiring advanced drawing skills.

You can sell the designs both on Etsy (the most popular) and on Fiverr

Additionally, we can use ChatGPT to tell us interesting prompts to use in other AI design creation tools, such as MidJourney.

3. Sale of wedding templates

Selling wedding templates is another idea where AI can be a valuable ally. Stores like LovePaperEvent have earned close to 1 million euros from the sale of this type of templates.

Another example is the AWildBloomDesigns store , with more than 30,000 euros in the last 30 days with products that have an average price of 9 euros.

The customization phase, although it involves a manual touch, remains simple thanks to Midjourney and the use of Canva , which allow you to easily add customizable texts and elements. This delivers a quality finished product to customers and keeps the investment of time and effort to a minimum.

4. Selling logos with AI

Logo design, despite being a well-known idea, continues to be completely underutilized. With AI, you can create minimalist, stylized, and personalized logos without being a graphic designer. For example, one store that works is Daisycustomshop , with over 35,000 sales. Another example is MacaronsandMimosas , with simple and minimalist designs it has achieved profits of 620,000 euros.

To create the logos you will need to use MidJourney and Veztorizer , as help tools you can also use Canva and Photopea.

Although AI-created logos may require minor modifications, these are typically easy to implement, and the skill required to optimize cues to the AI ​​is significantly less and easier to acquire than traditional graphic design skills.

5. Creation of Mockups

The last idea, but no less valuable, is the creation of mockups (models to show products) . The demand for mockups of products such as mugs and t-shirts is robust, and specialized stores like RattyTank have generated more than 7,000 euros passively from the sale of mockups, especially white mug mockups.

With Midjourney and Photopea you can create mockups for different products in practically less than 5 minutes, offering a very interesting opportunity to enter this market niche.

Frequent questions

Some resolved doubts that usually appear:

How can young people start using AI tools to create digital products?

The first thing is to explore and familiarize yourself with different AI tools available on the market, like MidJourney, for example. Then, through testing and experimentation, they will be able to generate different types of digital products, such as design patterns, drawings, and more, which can later be monetized on online sales platforms like Etsy.

Is it necessary to have prior knowledge in design or programming to use AI?

Not necessarily. Although having basic design or programming skills could be beneficial , many AI tools are designed to be user-friendly and do not require specialized technical knowledge to be used effectively. Still, you will have to know how to use each tool.

What is the initial investment required to start a digital business using AI?

The initial investment may vary depending on the AI ​​tool you choose to use and the platform on which you decide to sell digital products. In some cases, it is possible to start with a minimum investment of less than 100 euros , especially if you use platforms and tools that offer free or low-cost versions.

Are there risks in starting an AI-based digital business for teenagers?

As in any endeavor, there are always risks. However, the advantage of AI-based businesses is that they usually require a relatively low initial investment and take less time than a traditional business, reducing financial pressure and allowing teenagers to explore and learn in the process without facing financial risks. important.

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