15 Businesses with little investment and a lot of profit

Setting up businesses with little investment and a lot of profit is possible thanks to the free tools that the internet offers you.

You no longer have an excuse not to start a business due to lack of money, because the business ideas that we will show you below break any paradigm for starting a business.
As they are businesses that do not need a lot of money to start, you will need your effort, dedication and knowledge to start building your career as an entrepreneur.

In short, discipline will become the fundamental pillar to achieve the objectives and goals you set for yourself.

So, if you have ever dreamed of launching your own business, nothing can stop you now.

We take into account each of the businesses that we will show you here, so that you can identify which of them best suits the profile of the entrepreneur you want to build.

Top 15 of the best businesses with little investment:

1. Marketing of products on the Internet.

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you have the ease of developing one of the best businesses with little investment.

The countless tools you find make your work easier and allow you to reach millions of people with your product in a matter of hours. This demonstrates the infinite scope of Internet business.

You can create a marketplace, a virtual store, or even distribute other brands' products without having to have inventories. The latter is known as Dropshipping and we will explain in greater detail in the following type of business.

2. Dropshipping.

As we said before, dropshipping is one of the most effective low-investment businesses in the digital age.

Understanding what dropshipping is will help you make a lot of money online without the need for higher expenses . A dynamic business ideal to start in this new world.

3. Create a blog – Blogging.

Did you know that you can earn money from home by writing on the Internet? Well yes, and you can reach figures of many zeros just by writing content that you should do only once in your life.

That is why being a Blogger is one of the most desired professions for young people who do not like to be in front of a camera making videos, or being YouTubers. They prefer to be anonymous.

For this reason, if this business catches your attention, you can take the next step and learn how to make money with a blog . It is a very practical business with little investment.

4. Video blog and YouTube.

Well, if, on the contrary to the above, you like to appear in public and you are not afraid of the camera, then being a Youtuber is your business.

It is a business with little investment, you could say it is almost zero. You just need to create entertaining content on a specific topic that allows you to have your own niche and audience.

A YouTuber's income can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is why you need to develop your maximum creative potential to make it one of your most profitable businesses for life.

5. Affiliate marketing.

Also known as affiliate marketing and it is one of the businesses with little investment and a lot of profit that has gained the most strength in recent times.

This consists of a commission that a person receives for promoting, promoting and selling a product or service from a third party. This means that they pay you money for recommending.

Understanding what affiliate marketing is and how it works is the key because the commissions you will receive can be up to 80%. It is an incredible figure but very real in the digital industry.

6. Virtual assistant.

The growth of virtuality has caused many jobs to be reinvented, even the structures within organizations have also changed.

Therefore, working as a virtual assistant is one of the fastest growing businesses in recent times. It is a highly sought-after remote job in the market.

In addition to its practicality for companies, it is one of the businesses with little investment ideal for people who do not want to risk a lot of money to start a business.

Below, you can learn how to work as a virtual assistant effectively to have a lot of productivity.

7. Tutor or personalized advice.

If you have knowledge about a specific topic, you can put it at the service of people and charge money for that talent.

For example, you can be a virtual teacher for those children and young people who have weaknesses in mathematics and you have to reinforce them with extra classes than those at their school or university.

Here the investment is almost zero. You just need to invest your time and knowledge. You can organize small student groups with specific times throughout the day.

8. Personal training.

Health will not be left out of this list. So, if you have knowledge about the sport, you can become a personal trainer.

You can do your work in person by going to your clients' homes, or even virtually and market your live or recorded training online.

You will only need a good attitude for your clients to refer you to new ones and thus grow your business.

This business can be one of the things to do on the weekend that you will have your potential clients.

More businesses with little investment that leave money:

9. Makeup, aesthetics or hairdressing at home.

For people who are passionate about the world of beauty, there are also business opportunities with little investment.

Makeup, skin care and other aesthetic treatments are trending. People increasingly want to show off their face in the best possible way. Therefore, you have to take advantage of this trend.

To start with the basics and understand a little about how this industry works, we recommend that you do it through an online self-makeup course , which has lifetime access and permanent support.

10. Personal shopper.

A personal shopper is the person who is in charge of buying the things you need for you. They can be personal items, household items, and anything else you can think of.

In Latin American countries these people have grown their businesses by purchasing other products in the United States and bringing them to the doors of their clients' homes.

It is also a business to make quick money , if you offer your services to those people who do not have time due to their high work schedules.

11. Insurance broker.

In recent times, due to the great variations in the market and in people's lives, there has been an increase in the acquisition of insurance by society in general.

For this reason, you should take advantage of this trend by creating your own insurance agency.

This is another business with little investment and a lot of profit, because you only have to market the best insurance in your country and receive the best sales commissions.

12. Agency for official translations.

If you master a second language, such as English or French, you can become an official translator for countries with those languages. You can start this as a home business.

This service is highly requested by people who need to process visas and other documents to travel. Also students for their study permits in those countries.

The value for the translation of a page can range between 5 and 10 dollars depending on the language and the number of documents to be translated.

13. Public relations specialist.

Now the public relations specialist appears on the list. These are the people in charge of connecting people with other people or professional services to develop new businesses.

It is characterized by having many contacts from different people with a lot of influence in the market that they operate.

So, if you have good social skills and have the ability to interact easily with strangers, you can consider it as one of your businesses with little investment to earn a lot of money.

14. Organize events.

Few people have the skill and patience necessary to organize events and meetings. It is one of the good small business ideas you can have.

So, if you consider yourself an organized person and you have the ability to organize events such as weddings, conferences, meetings and so on, you can have your own business.

The profits left by the organization of events can be between 20% and 40% depending on the size of the event.

15. Purchase and sale of second-hand products.

The market for second-hand products is on the rise and even more so when environmental awareness has also increased in products that can be reused.

What is old for some is new for others. Therefore, the idea of ​​a business with little investment is born.

You buy used products in good condition, organize them, repackage them and sell them at a better price.

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