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What is Writesonic? How to make money with artificial intelligence? Creatives and writers represent one of the most in-demand careers in the digital world. With the rise of new virtual platforms and digital platforms , those who know how to write or write have the opportunity to express themselves, publish and share their texts with a wide and diverse audience that has never happened before.

So if you are creative and want to explore your writing side, the first thing is to decide which of these two options you feel most comfortable with.

What is Writesonic and how does it work?

Let's talk a little about Writesonic , it is a copywriting tool that uses AI to generate text or rather, content for brands and agencies specializing in digital marketing. This tool is a desktop application that includes many templates to speed up the text writing process. You can register at the following link .

Here you can generate text in several languages, the content generated on the platform is the property of the user, therefore, it can be used for commercial, private or personal purposes.

Writesonic Plans and Membership

This writing platform, like others, offers its users monthly and annual payment subscriptions for using it. Writesonic is mainly used for the creation of text, whether for blog, landing pages, social networks or SEO, it is also designed to create product titles and descriptions for companies like Amazon.

The content generated on this platform is 100% original , you can even verify it with any text plagiarism tool.

Writesonic Total Features: 3.0

How to make money with Writesonic artificial intelligence

Thanks to Writesonic's artificial intelligence we can earn money in many ways, whether as a writer on Blogger, writer and contributor to digital media, as a creative writer, as an SEO, as an editor, etc.

As a writer on Blogger

Blogs and the content published on them are fundamental features of the Internet. Over the years, people who have had the opportunity to start this career have been able to see how it is one of the best options in terms of work platforms and making money with blogs is described as follows:
  • Very high growth potential.
  • Get audiences and authorities on social networks.
  • Generate income from advertising, products, services and/or sponsorships.

How to write on Blogger: The ideal platform for creative writers

If you are a creative writer, you want to publish your stories, stories, essays or any other topic that you are passionate about, Blogger is the ideal platform. Not only will you publish your texts, but you will also have the freedom to edit them and add photographs.

As well as including audios and videos. Try to write with a good structure, focus your content towards the reader and not the writer, and make sure your blog is easy to read, and that it doesn't take long to read.

What are the advantages as a writer on Blogger?

There are hundreds of platforms that offer you the opportunity to publish and share your texts , but you can know if yours is the best option to choose as a platform for writers in this list:

1. The audience. The audience you have through the platform on which you decide to publish your writings will be the ones who will support you and follow you.

2. Accessibility. If you are looking for a platform that allows you to publish easily and quickly, with one click as soon as you have your finished articles, you have to choose Blogger.

3. Profitability. If you want to make money with Blogger, you can do it. Not only with publishing your texts but with affiliate marketing, advertising and sponsorships.

Writer and digital media contributor

If you are a writer and want to publish your works on high-impact online sites, you can also explore this option. There are platforms such as: Blogs , newspapers , magazines , portals and news portals , digital media and news platforms, in addition to the main social networks and Marketplace.

The challenges here are many: having enough creativity to recruit sources of information, staying up to date with the most relevant news and articles that generate a good audience.

Other options as a creative writer.

There are other creative options such as advertising campaigns, courses on online course platforms, beautiful digital content books and success stories.

1. Advertising. It is a community earning channel (for social purposes) that allows you to create advertising campaigns and distribute them through social networks, news or calls to participate.

2. Content marketing. This type of marketing is responsible for generating high-quality content for the chosen audience.

3. The marketing of the word “book”. Here and with this we have to see the demand for e-books and the growth it has had in recent years, with the great proliferation of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) and the large number of people who use them.

4. The marketing of history. Through your own unique story, you can give your people meaning and a reason to follow you and commit to you.

SEO content creator for websites

Writing SEO-oriented content is a way to rank your post better in Google searches and other search platforms. You achieve this through keywords, phrases and phrases in the text that will give you a larger audience and a greater income.

If you are a writer and want to be part of a website as a contributor, you must meet writing standards. As a writer and website contributor you must comply with some rules to make your content attractive to your audience:
  • Use keywords.
  • Write your content briefly.
  • Don't use titles or trivial words.
  • Provides help and benefits.

With the Writesonic affiliate system

Writesonic has an affiliate system with which we will be able to earn 30% for life , just as you hear, as long as our referrals are paying their monthly fee, we can be charging every month just for referring and promoting the platform.

Does Writesonic pay? Payment Methods

The Writesonic platform pays, and the payment method that is available is PayPal , so if you want to earn money with this online text generator and collect it through PayPal, what are you waiting for?

Sign up to Writesonic

If you want to try Writesonic for free, you just have to go to the official website and register . Once registered, you can start generating your first automatic texts.

Writesonic Opinions and Suggestions

This Writesonic application is very good, I was trying it myself and I really liked it, so if you are a content creator, whether for your clients or personal projects, this tool can help you a lot, not only to create content, but also to have ideas to create them.

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