Tradestation: Guide and Review

How to use and what to know about TradeStation

Do you want to operate online and invest your savings easily and safely? Follow this guide to learn the best ways to invest and the best Brokers you can trust to make your savings profitable.

Specifically, we will talk about the Tradestation broker to obtain the most productive information, consult the most interesting reviews and assess whether it is really worth investing in Tradestation.

Tradestation: What is it?

It is an American company based in Florida with offices in New York, Chicago, Richardson, Texas, London, Sydney and Costa Rica.

Founded in 1991 by brothers William and Rafael Cruz, it operates in the financial intermediation sector and is made up of several operating subsidiaries, wholly owned by Monex Group Inc. which are listed below:
  • TradeStation Securities
  • Inc. and TradeStation Technologies
  • Inc. TradeStation Group
Tradestation has launched the Online Trading platform, whose main peculiarity is the possibility of developing a personalized trading program .

This way, you can write your own program or entrust it to third parties to create a platform that allows you to trade online by applying your own financial strategies and personalized tools suitable for your investment methods.

Tradestation VS eToro

For a more proper evaluation of choosing the right Broker for your financial operations, we find it helpful to provide you with a proper comparison with our best eToro Broker.

The following table shows Tradestation and eToro in the confrontation , their peculiarities, strengths and limitations.

 Minimum deposit$50$1,000
 Mobile appYeahYeah
 AuthorizationsCONSOB, CySec, FCA, ASICFCA
 commissions0% on stocks and ETFs$5
+ $0.5 in commissions
 Spreadfrom 0.01% to 5%0.5%
 Purchase of real assetsYes (stocks and crypto)No
 Demo account$100,000Free trial for 60 days
Copy tradeYeahNo
 Social commerceYeahNo
 TrainingFinancial Trading AcademyVideo-tutorial
 Customer servicePhone, email, chatPhone, email, chat

From the table above it is possible to see some differences between Tradestation and eToro that could improve or harm your financial experience.

Immediately striking, the minimum deposit required for Tradestation is $1000 , definitely onerous for the Trader approaching this Broker for the first time.

Reported minimum deposit required on eToro of only $50 It seems quite counterproductive for the Trader who intends to make his savings fruitful to have to start from such an important financial commitment directed only at the first deposit.

Certainly the costs and commissions provided in Tradestation that in eToro are reset to meet the needs of the broker and not affect administration costs do not go unnoticed .

Being an online broker, Tradestation does not offer the possibility of purchasing the underlying asset, but is limited only to CFD trading and subsequent speculation in the financial markets.

If, on the other hand, you consider it appropriate to use a Broker / Exchange that offers you the double function of operating with CFDs and buying the underlying, choose eToro and evaluate the financial strategy that you consider appropriate to apply.

Continuing to examine all the features and limits contained in the table above, we can identify the shortcomings of Tradestation also in the Demo Account, which offers only 60 days of free trial, against the 100,000 virtual euros offered for free by eToro to allow beginners to practice the financial markets and use the necessary tools to invest with knowledge of the facts.

Other limits that can be found in Tradestation are the absence of tools highly appreciated by eToro Traders; We are talking about the social network and the Copy the trader.

The first allows you to interact with all your fellow Traders and share information and news about the financial markets.

The second, on the other hand, allows you to copy the Top Traders around the world and earn thanks to your widely demonstrated ability.

Finally, the training offered by Tradestion leaves a lot to be desired.
Very little video tutoring is offered to newbies.

eToro, on the other hand, offers Financial Trading Academy , allowing you to improve your financial capabilities and obtain important useful upgrades that could make a difference in the results obtained from the investments produced.

Tradestation: How it works

Let's now see how Tradestation works.
Compared to its competitors, the Online Trading platform offers the possibility of customizing the software, making it tailored to the Trader and thus improving the financial experience thanks to EasyLanguage, the solution adopted by Tradestation to allow the broker to personalize, create or modify indicators and commercial strategies.

Tradestation's offer is particularly advantageous because it covers many types of investments listed below:
  • Actions
  • ETFS
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Bonuses
  • IPOS
  • Investment funds.

Tradestation platforms

According to the needs of the broker, it is possible to choose and exploit the platforms available on Tradestation .

Let's see them listed below:
  • Windows 10 is particularly suitable for technical brokers and offers the possibility of customization according to the needs of the broker;
  • Web trading allows brokers to carry out online transactions in a simple way;
  • Mobile app is widely used by brokers who need to operate in financial markets wherever they are;
  • The TradeStation Crypto allows the broker to invest in cryptocurrencies;
  • Futures Plus : allows brokers to bet on futures.

Reviews on Tradestation

Let's now see what the Reviews about Tradestation are and what the brokers who have already used the Online trading platform do.

The analysis that allows us to trust an important accredited and quite reliable review platform is interesting: TrustPilot.

In TrustPilot we can see how Tradestation is highly criticized by users who have already used it .

Immediately striking is the very negative score of 1.8 , classified as “poor” according to the parameters established by TrustPilot itself.

If we analyze the details, we see how 88% of users do not consider Tradestation to be up to the task of operating in the financial markets, compared to 12% who consider themselves very satisfied with the experience at Tradestation.

Some brokers complain of scam attempts against them which, however, may not be reliable if we consider the FCA regulation to which Tradestation is subject to operate in the financial markets safely.

In case you still have doubts and are not sure if you want to trust Tradestation, we recommend that you be safe by choosing the eToro platform to make your investments and avoid scam attempts to the detriment of your financial and personal assets. data.

How to register on Tradestation

If you have no doubts, we have provided you in this chapter with all the highlighted steps that will allow you to register on Tradestation and start investing in the financial markets.

We propose below, step by step, the exact procedure to register on Tradestation:
  1. Register on the official Tradestation website
  2. Fill out the form with basic information and confirmation
  3. Enter your personal information
  4. Complete the additional information required
  5. Enter your financial experiences
  6. Complete the consent statement
  7. Read and accept the Privacy Policy
  8. Reread and sign contractual agreements
  9. Complete final steps , such as deposit and a tutorial

Start the procedure

To start the registration process, go to the official Tradestation website and click “Open an account” on the site's homepage, as you can see in the image below.

Fill the form

Complete the form with the requested information.
Enter first name, last name, email, phone number, residence and province, as shown below.

Continue with the next 6 steps, adding additional information and financial experiences.

Final procedures

Register by following the 6 steps related to the requested information, carefully read the contractual agreements, accept the privacy policy and create your account on Tradestation by validating your identity.

Are you still sure you want to follow the six registration steps or would you rather choose eToro and register in a few minutes by following a few simple steps?

Click the button below and live your financial experience on eToro.

Tradestation: costs and commissions

Do you want to know the costs and commissions expected in the Tradestation broker?
Firstly, the minimum deposit required is $1000.
Additional costs are detailed below and vary depending on the instrument you intend to invest in:
  • Stocks and ETFs are offered commission-free;
  • Options are tradable with +0.60 per contract;
  • Futures are offered at +1.50 each.
Costs and Commissions that, compared to eToro Broker / Exchange, comparable in the table provided in the comparison chapter, do not seem competitive.

Is it worth investing in Tradestation?

You have reached the end of this sector guide on Tradestation Reviews and the possibility of evaluating this Online Trading platform to carry out your financial operations and try to make your savings bear fruit.

You may still have doubts and are not sure if Tradestation is really worth investing in.

There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, it is precisely about weighing sensibly the choice of the Broker to whom to entrust your savings in a safe and risk-free way.

To do this, in the final analysis, we consider it appropriate to carry out a global report and evaluate whether it is really worth investing in Tradestation.

First we saw how this Broker is regulated and authorized, essential to reduce the risks of scams that hide on the web.

The minimum deposit of $1000 is certainly not competitive, not for everyone: for example eToro offers a minimum deposit of $50 that is definitely more interesting and appealing.

Tradestation offers a wide range of stocks to invest in, however, there are limits on the instruments needed to invest and useful for the trader to operate in the best way.

The same comparison with eToro proposed in the previous chapters shows significant differences that undoubtedly lead the choice towards eToro.

For this reason, at Finaria we consider it appropriate to recommend the eToro Broker / Exchange to better enjoy your experience in the world of financial markets.

Tradestation: Frequently Asked Questions

What do reviews say about Tradestation?

The reviews on Tradestation are not particularly attractive and push the trader to evaluate the broker like eToro, highly appreciated and already used by millions of traders around the world.

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