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Does Tradedoubler pay? As one of the most responsible and compliant platforms in the field of digital marketing, Tradedoubler is not limited to just generating sales revenue. Founded in 1999 and considered a leading company and pioneer in the concept of performance marketing, it also allows you to make money with many other options.

From impressions, clicks, unique visitor, registration, sale, to any other activity that is specified, traditional affiliate networks and advertising programs. The options are incredibly varied and beneficial.

What is Tradedoubler and how does it work?

This digital company unites advertisers with advertisers through network advertising programs. This advertising must be objective, facilitating what is essential to find the most appropriate advertising campaigns with the audience of the website or blog.

In this way, by entering Tradedoubler you have the choice to monetize the website by joining the network without any problems with the “Publishers” option.

In order to register you will need to provide a series of easy-to-enter data such as your name, password, address, telephone number, among others. In addition, data will be requested from the website where the advertising media will be inserted, such as page name, domain and category.

Once registration is completed, the client will have two options to start monetizing on the web. Either through open advertiser programs, or by selecting the most appreciable advertising for the web. The preferred payment method is through direct transfers and PayPal with minimum payments of €50. This company provides its affiliates with tools to generate more sales on the web, such as promotions, coupons and much more.

How to make money with Tradedoubler

There are many options to start monetizing your website quickly, several of them are the following:

Open programs

In order to access open programs you will require a support device. In addition, you have the option of combining campaign search with its automatic ad serving. This will help you quickly obtain commissions at the time of affiliation.

Template design

Through this option you get access to Tradedoubler's web development tools. You will be able to design a template that will control the shape of the ads on the website.

Ad rotation

With this strategy you will be able to rotate ads on the website, giving you the ability to determine when, how and how many ads you want to rotate. It is particularly recommended, since with this support it will be possible to have different brands or campaigns in a single advertising space.

Tradedoubler and its app

Through its own application you can achieve greater control of all your operations. No matter where you are, you can check what each of your pages is doing from the comfort of your Tablet or smartphone . To do this you just have to download and install the app on your mobile .

This way you will be able to access your account balance in real time, as well as the most pertinent statistics. The best thing is that you can organize your advertising as best suits you, such as by site or by time period.

Tradedoubler payout and withdrawal method

This Tradedoubler company pays without problem to date, its payment method is by PayPal and bank transfer, the payment frequency is Net30 and the minimum withdrawal amount is 50 euros.

It has proof of payments, it is a serious platform and that is why we recommend it, it must be said that it is not a scam. Sign up today and start making money with Tradedoubler. Sign up here.

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