Shopkick: Get Points and Earn

Shopkick is an application available for iOS and Android devices. Pay based on gift card. It is based on the fact that every time you make a purchase online you will be increasing your income, it even allows you to earn points just by entering a store and scanning the product.

Shopkick Feature

  • Rating: Good
  • Available: iOS & Android
  • Minimum Payment: $2 dollars
  • Payment Methods: Amazon Card, Target, Walmart, American Eagle and others
  • Referral System: Yes

App to earn money Shopkick

It consists of an application that requires patience, since the exchange is carried out once the minimum withdrawal limit has been obtained, which occurs as a result of several online purchases.

It is governed by the exchange of accumulated points for a gift card at different stores (such as Sephora, Target, Walmart, Marshalls, eBay, Macy, etc.).

Do you want to start using Shopkick as an extra income method? Here we will give you all the information and guide you so you can start making money in a different way. Join us!

How to make money with Shopkick?

For those unfamiliar with Shopkick, it is a paying app for 3 reasons:
  • Visit all the stores that are associated with the application.
  • Barcode scanning of different products.
  • The maximum use of your coupons.
  • Watch videos
  • Shopping online
Through this application you can earn Gift Cards while making purchases at any of your favorite stores. The application is quite easy to use, in addition to generating good profits when making exchanges.

The first thing you should do is register , turn on your location and Bluetooth so that you can achieve a connection with the store and thus start earning kicks . By scanning products you can also earn kicks that you can later exchange for gift cards at the aforementioned stores.

Visit stores

This is the easiest way through which you can earn points. The application contains GPS to determine the user's current location, it is important that Bluetooth is also activated when accessing the store. Additionally, you must open the app during your stay in the store.

By carrying out these simple steps you will be accumulating points that you can later exchange for different products. It is not necessary to make any purchases on site (although this would be another way to generate points), just have access to the store and follow all the instructions set out above.

Scan barcodes

Scanning the barcodes of any of the products found in partner stores will also allow you to generate points. Obviously this option will be valid and available if you are close to the store.

Likewise, it is important that you activate all the tools so that once you are near the product, the scanner is activated automatically.

Take advantage of coupons

The Shopkick app may contain coupon offers that may be available for the store you are in (taking into account that not all stores may have the same offer).
You can use these coupons or even save them for future use. To use them, you must click on the coupon and show it to the cashier.

Does Shopkick Pay or is it a scam?

Paying without problem, Shopkick pays once you reach the minimum payment, below I present the value of the points.
  • With 500 points or kicks you can get a $2 value in gift card.
  • With 1250 points or kicks you can get a $5 value in gift card.
  • Gift cards available include Target, Walmart, TJMax, American Eagle, Starbucks, Old Navy, Best Buy, Game Stop, Lowes, JCPenny, Nike, Amazon and others.
Once you reach the withdrawal minimum, which is 500 points, you can request your payment. Remember that Shopkick has a referral system, with which you can increase your earnings by sharing your referral link with your friends and family. Sign up here.

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