Product Tube: App to Earn Money

Product Tube is a company that helps you make money from buyers through videos that contain information about the products they buy and consume. One detail is that Producttube pays only by Amazon card. This is done with the purpose of obtaining an investigation into the market and the quality of the products of each company.

Product Tube Features

  • Rating: Average
  • Available: iOS & Android
  • Minimum Payment: $25 dollars
  • Payment Methods: Amazon Card
  • Referral System: No

App to earn money Producttube

Likewise, companies use this to improve their products and to satisfy all the needs of consumers and create increasingly better satisfaction. The videos are not made for commercial purposes, but with the aim of obtaining consumer opinions regarding the different products.

Product Tube is an application that is available for Android and iOS. Would you dare to generate money with this application? If your answer is Yes! Then read with us and find out about it.

How to make money with Product tube?

To earn money with Producttube you will have two options or tasks that you must perform to start increasing your earnings, but first of all you have to download the ProductTube app .

Generally to make the video, you must first invest in a specific product and record the experience you had when purchasing it or you can also review the product on it.

Whatever the form, the platform will previously provide you with a series of detailed instructions or requirements that you must meet so that you can decide whether you want to continue with the work or not. There are 2 types of videos:

In the shop

1. You must enter and log in to after you receive a series of notifications that will be sent to your email.

2. When you are in the store, you must make a short video in which you show how you purchase the product.

3. Tell why you decided to choose that product.

4. To upload, log in to and upload directly from your phone.

This consists of exposing your purchasing habits, your preferences about the product, what are the characteristics of interest and details of the product, the comparison of its prices, etc.

In this section you must record and narrate the video, briefly focusing on the store and its surroundings. It is important to read the instructions carefully before making the video.

Product Review

1. You must enter and log in to after you receive a series of notifications that will be sent to your email.

2. Make a short video focusing on the product, and slowly review your experience and why you chose it.

3. Depending on your performance and following instructions, you may be hired for additional videos.

4. To upload, log in to ProductTube and upload directly from your phone.

In this section, it is not necessary to record while you buy it (just taking a selfie is enough) but it is necessary to record it once purchased (at your home); There you should emphasize whether you liked it or not, advantages and disadvantages, if you would buy it again and why. The videos must be very clear, with good sound and good appearance. Download the app here.

Does Product Tube Pay or is it a scam?

The Producttube company stops to date, but there are many users who are not happy since the app only pays with an Amazon gift card, which is why you will find few proofs of ProductTube payments .

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