Preply: How to MAKE MONEY giving Online Classes and Tutoring

Preply is a website that connects language students with private tutors who can offer online classes. On the platform, tutors can earn money by teaching students, charging for hours of work.

Preply what it is and how it works

Preply focuses on language learning , and offers a variety of services for students and tutors. Students can search and find tutors who can help them learn the language they want. Private tutors can offer private or group classes, and can also create personalized lessons for their students.

Preply also offers a live conversation feature , allowing users to practice their conversation and language understanding with native speakers. The platform also allows users to post and answer questions about language learning, helping to create an active community of learners and tutors.

Preply was founded in 2013 by Abramov , Derkach and Kovalchuk , three former co-workers at the company Yandex , a popular Russian search engine. The idea for Preply came about when Abramov was trying to help her 11-year-old niece learn English so she could better communicate with her friends and teachers at school.

Abramov noticed that there weren't many options available for students who wanted to learn English privately and personalizedly, so he decided to create Preply to fill that need.

Today, Preply has more than 100,000 active users and offers private English classes to students from more than 190 countries. Their platform is easy to use and intuitive, allowing students to find and book classes with tutors based on their level, availability and budget.

Classes can be taken anytime, anywhere, either via live chat or video call, making them perfect for busy students.

Why use Preply

Today's students are looking for convenient and efficient ways to improve their language skills. Preply offers students the opportunity to take online language classes with qualified private tutors. Classes can be conducted via video calls or live chat, allowing students to learn from the comfort of their own home.

Preply offers a wide selection of online language courses , allowing students to find the ideal course for their individual needs.

Preply's private tutors are qualified professionals who can help students improve their pronunciation, vocabulary, and conversation skills.

It doesn't matter if you are a native speaker or if you are learning the language on your own. You can help students improve their pronunciation, vocabulary and conversation skills. Classes can be done via video calls or live chat. Students can learn from the comfort of their own home. Learning a new language has many benefits.

How Preply works

Do you want to learn a new language, but don't want to attend classes in person? Preply may be the perfect solution for you. Preply is a web platform that connects students with private tutors for online language classes.

The process is simple: students register on the platform, choose the language they want to learn, and select the private tutor that best suits their needs. From there, classes can be conducted via video calls or live chat, allowing students to learn from the comfort of their own home.

Preply offers classes in over 80 different languages, so you're likely to find the right course for you, no matter what language you want to learn.

Students can also choose between different types of classes, such as regular classes, conversation or preparation for official exams. Plus, with Preply there's no commitment : if you don't like your tutor or class type, you can easily switch from one to the other at any time.

If you are looking for a convenient and flexible way to learn a new language, you should definitely consider Preply. With tutors available 24 hours a day and affordable prices, what do you have to lose?

Register and apply to be a language teacher at Preply

Make sure that before you start teaching any lesson, you must produce and use a profile on the platform and wait for it to be approved by Preply's recruiters within the next 5 business days.

Below we explain the steps to follow to send your request as an instructor to the Preply team:Click the “Become a teacher” button.

2. Add your email address and create a password for your Preply profile in the designated fields.

3. Complete the basic information requested about your profile (name, surname, territory of origin, age, telephone number, languages ​​spoken, languages ​​to be taught in Preply, hourly rates, etc.).

4. Upload a profile photo respecting the indicated formats and suggestions.

5. Enter the data linked to your preeminent teaching.

6. Confirm that this is the information that your potential students will see before hiring you, this way take care of all the details to capture the students' attention.

7. Define your availability schedules to teach classes.

You have already completed your profile on Preply and now all that remains is to wait for your admission to the platform over the next 5 business days. If approved, you will receive a notification via email and you will have the possibility to advance by customizing details of your account and presentation later.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Money on Preply

Many applicants to join Preply always ask themselves some questions about this platform when applying as a virtual teacher at Preply, and I know that you also want answers to those questions, which may be the following.

How much does Preply pay teachers?

Online teachers on this platform have the right to define their own hourly prices according to what they can contribute in each lesson they can teach.

I mean, you are free to charge whatever you think your work costs, but you should keep in mind that teachers registered with Preply usually charge an average of between 15 and 30 dollars per hour , and the platform will deduct a commission for providing the intermediary service, That is, it will charge a percentage of your tickets, this starts at 33% and decreases to 18% , this will depend on the number of hours you have shown on the page.

How does Preply pay, payment methods?

The Preply platform has several payment methods: PayPal , Payoneer , Wise and Skrill .

Do I need previous experience and training to teach languages ​​at Preply?

Fortunately no, it is true that on other platforms that have the same work dynamics as this one, some prior experience is required, but on Preply it is not necessary, since the company accepts language teachers and tutors informally who do not have qualifications that accredit your training or previous experience in the area of ​​language teaching.

Does Preply pay or is it a scam?

Many people are still not used to the idea of ​​working remotely, whether teaching classes or working in any other area because they do not feel confident that they will be paid the money for which they are working.

Preply is a prestigious company with which you will not have any problems, Preply pays all the instructors who are part of its platform without problem.

How to make money with Preply

Preply is an online education company that specializes in English language learning. Their platform connects students around the world with private tutors who can offer private lessons via chat or video calls.

Additionally, Preply offers a bonus program to reward tutors who offer great classes and receive good ratings from their students. If you manage to satisfy your students and receive good feedback, you can earn up to 150% of your normal rate .

This means that if your regular rate is $20/hour, you can earn up to $30/hour through the bonus program.

If you're looking for a convenient and profitable way to earn extra money, teaching English with Preply is a great option! With its easy-to-use and intuitive platform, you will be able to find and book classes with students from all over the world based on your level, availability and budget.

Apply for direct employment at Preply

Here you can find several ways to earn money as a freelancer , since you can send your resume or resume to opt for formal employment from the vacancies on Preply that have nothing to do with online language teaching.

➜ Discover job offers on Preply.

Earn money with Preply's referral program

Many companies have a referral system which by sharing our affiliate link we can earn a commission, Preply also has an affiliation system, with which we can earn a 20% commission for each person who purchases a class on Preply through your referral link.

Apply to offers made by Preply students

Something good that this platform has and I am going to say it this way, is that students have the facility to publish employment opportunities for private tutors , in this section students can choose the price range that they are willing to pay for the requested services.

In this way, tutors may or may not accept the students' offers. If you agree to accept an offer, you only have to apply for said offer, and once the student sees your requirements, you can be accepted and generate additional income on the platform.

➜ See the student offers here.

Teach classes in other subjects

In this endeavor, in addition to generating income by teaching languages, you can also earn money online by registering as a distance teacher or tutor in other academic areas, such as: Mathematics , Computer Science , Literature , Biology , etc.

What languages ​​can you teach as a tutor on Preply

As a tutor on Preply, you can offer private or group classes, and you have the flexibility to determine your own schedule. You can charge for your classes in your country's local currency or in US dollars, and you will receive 75% of your class fees. Students pay directly to Preply , so you don't have to worry about getting paid or billing.

To become a tutor on Preply , you must first register and create a profile. You can then post ads detailing your services and rates. Students interested in hiring your services will be able to contact you directly through the website and schedule a class with you.

The main languages ​​that students want to learn are:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Arab
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
The good news is that if you master other languages ​​it is also possible to teach Hindi, Czech, Korean, Catalan, Polish, Dutch, Serbian, Swedish, Greek, Danish, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Hebrew, Urdu, etc.

Preply App download

This company has its own application, which is available for both systems, you can download it for Android and iOS .

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Preply Opinions and suggestions

Earning money online is not that complicated as long as you have the tools and adequate preparation to do it. In Preply you can find many opportunities if you are a freelance language teacher who wants to generate income online. You can become a digital nomad if you want. you want.

If you have never worked or had a freelance job as a Preply private language teacher , you can start today on this platform that has thousands of students and believe me, you will not be short of work.

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