Mobidea CPA Affiliation Network

Does Mobidea Pay? When talking about the best affiliate network, Mobidea is undoubtedly the first option that comes to mind for all users looking to monetize a site's content using a CPA method with good conversion rates.

While it is true that the monetization market through website traffic is increasingly larger, companies that have been innovating in these technologies for years do not lose the prestige they have managed to acquire. In the case of this platform, it is said to be the best option in terms of platforms that monetize traffic on a network.

Mobidea what it is and how it works

Mobidea is a company that specializes in mobile traffic monetization ; This means that most of the CPA campaigns that can be chosen to adapt to a website are limited to advertising applications for iOS and Android .

However, this platform with CPA (cost per action) can generate remuneration on the publishers' websites when a visitor or user makes a conversion, that is, when they access the offer or campaign advertised on the website. and complete an action, whether it's subscribing to a service or installing an app.

How to make money with Mobidea

This network is considered one of the best thanks to the ease with which conversions are made just by directing traffic to the affiliate advertiser's website. In addition to being a good option when announcing a campaign, Mobidea helps advertisers and publishers alike under a Win-Win scheme, where both parties benefit.

It is important to mention that this platform, unlike many traffic networks, specializes in mobile marketing and takes advantage of it thanks to offers with CPA and CPI.

What makes Mobidea stand out from the rest?

First of all, it must be taken into account that when it comes to traffic networks, aspects must be taken into account that make the platform stand out and therefore generate confidence in joining its services. In the case of this network, it offers a wide variety of tools that make it stand out from the competition.


The basis of its operation is the SmartLink system that it has and that through a URL you can access the advertising sites that are advertised where the greater the number of clicks to access, the greater the profit.

International offers

When choosing a good platform to monetize traffic, you must take into account that its campaigns and offers are available anywhere in the world. In the case of this network, all its offers are international.

Interface with updated statistics

Keeping up to date with the statistics that show network traffic is important, which is why in addition to having an intuitive interface, compensation and traffic statistics are updated every two minutes.

If you know how to run good campaigns or you simply have a website with a lot of traffic, you can easily generate more than $150 dollars a day thanks to the amount of offer this platform has.

Mobidea pays, payment method

If minimum profits of $50 are generated, they can be withdrawn daily through Paxum , PayPal , ePayments , FirstchoicePay or bank transfer . The platform has payment receipts , it is currently one of the preferred ones by many users. Sign up here.

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