How to generate income with Adsterra – $5 Dollars Daily

How to generate income with Adsterra. Many people who are looking for a company to monetize their blog are unaware of the enormous number of companies on the Internet to do so, such as Adsterra.

What is Adsterra and how does it work?

Adsterra, like other advertising networks, is a company in which we can monetize our blog and earn money with the advertising that the platform presents on our website.

How to generate income with Adsterra

If we have a website that we have just created recently, it is normal for that blog to receive few visits, since it is new and few people know about it, there is also the fact that it may have little content.

A strategy that we can implement to publicize our blog and generate quality traffic at the same time is to create an account on each of the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and share all our articles on each one. of them.

We can invest some money in paid advertising as well, we can do that only at the beginning to make our blog known more quickly, that way in a period of two or three months we can easily generate more than $5 dollars a day, of course we must have enough content too.

Adsterra Features

  • Rating: Good
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Bitcoins, Webmoney, Paxum, Epayments and Bank Transfer
  • Payment days: Every month
  • Minimum withdrawal: From $5 to $100 dollars, depending on the payment method
  • Language: English
  • Referral system: Yes
  • Advertising for all countries: Yes
  • Mature content : Yes

Does Adsterra Pay?

The concern of many users is whether Adsterra pays or not, if it is reliable , but I myself have charged on this platform and soon I will be uploading a series of videos and strategies to make money with this wonderful platform.

Remember that one of the things that gives any company more reliability is the payment receipts from users who are using the platform and are generating money with it.

When you see little material on the internet about a business that leaves a lot to say, for example if you write on YouTube “Adsterra payment receipt” you will see that, like me, many people have uploaded their proof of Adsterra payments.

Essential Facts About Adsterra CPA

General information 
Verticals we work withAll verticals.
Available GEOs (number)Everyone (more than 200).
Allowed traffic typesPop traffic

Push traffic 

FB/Google Traffic 


Registration type (open/closed). If there is a need to show the status or pass an interviewRegistration open after filling out the form.
Account approval speed if registration is closedInstant approval.
What sets us apart from the competition in our niche?Fast payments, on-demand deal search, wide variety of exclusive offers for trusted partners, 24/7 support.
Number of offersMore than 100.
Offer payment modelsCPA.
Availability of some own offersYes, we have in-house offers.
Availability of exclusive offers (number)Yes, we have them. There are more than 100.
The speed of approval of offers that require access request1 day. 
The frequency of holding contests between webmastersOnce or twice a month.
Support response speed (approximately every two minutes, several times a day). If there is any correlation between the level of the web and the response speedApproximately every two minutes.

The level of the web does not matter.

If managers respond on weekendsYes. There are always managers who work on weekends and respond/advise members.
Help for webmasters
The availability of creative creation at the request of webmasters. Whether it is paid or freeIf there is any request, we are willing to study it and offer help to prepare the creatives. We have ready-made presets that will speed up and simplify the launch.
The availability of any discounts on servicesYes, we have a discount on: Voluum, PeerClick, BeMob, Binom, AffLIFT, Muvi, Mobidea, SiteChecker.
Availability helps webmasters resolve payment issues when driving traffic from TT, FB, GoogleThe Support team studies each request individually. Our level of service involves providing comprehensive support to our webmasters.
Webmaster loyalty/bonuses programBonuses for new and existing affiliates: +% to profits.
The tools available to webmasters (Smartlink, rotators, API, builders, applications, agency panels and other functions commonly used by webmasters)Ability to individually configure the delivery of statistics, “Partner Care” program, 24/7 professional assistance.
The availability of sharing internal test resultsYes, availability exists on an individual basis. By request.
Payment methods
Payment frequency, minimum payment threshold, currencies and retention periodsPayments are made twice a month. Minimum payment threshold: $5 (depending on the chosen payment method)

Currency: USD.

The availability of payments on demandYes, it exists.
Payment systemsPayPal, Webmoney, Wire, Paxum.
The availability of payment methods on request. For example, if a webmaster wants to withdraw funds to USDT TRC-20, and they do not have that specific method, can it be added exclusively for them?Our customer service team studies each case individually. Every customer is valuable to us.
Link to CPA Network 
Additional comments
Social networks/blogs: Telegram, Instagram, websitesTelegram: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: adsterra-cpa-network


Adsterra Opinions and Suggestions

One of the main complaints that most editors who have their blog monetized with this platform have is the low payment rate from the company, Adsterra has a very low payment rate.

In order to generate a decent amount of money you have to receive a lot of traffic on your blog, and quality traffic, not but traffic like many people do.

Sign up for Adsterra

In order to use this platform to place advertising on our website we have to go to the official Adsterra page and register , fill out the registration form and enter each of the information requested, such as email and password.

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