How to create an NFT for sale on OpenSea or Rarible

The idea of ​​creating and selling tokens seems very promising. Converting digital files into blockchain-based assets requires no programming skills. The innovative technology of the blockchain world allows you to access online auctions with thousands of users. To understand how to create an NFT, simply follow our simple instructions.

What is NFT?

NFT is a unique token, whose authenticity is proven through the blockchain. It cannot be substituted or exchanged for another similar token, although tokens are generally fungible. Blockchain allows you to move tokens between different ecosystems, but within the blockchain, you can buy and sell tokens freely, privately and cryptographically.
NFT gained notoriety not long ago. This was due to the successful sale of the non-fungible token. Even global stars and well-known brands are buying NFTs. How to create a token yourself? Let's find out.

Visual instructions to create an NFT

Creating an NFT is a simple process, just follow a few simple steps. Even a beginner can handle it.

Create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange

You need an account as you must purchase Ethereum to pay for the creation of the NFT. If you want to sell it later, you can easily withdraw your profits, convert it to another cryptocurrency, etc.

Buy Ethereum

Ethereum or ETH refers to the blockchain on which many NFTs are based. Also, ETH is the name of the currency. Therefore, when you buy or sell NFTs, you will be using the popular Ethereum system. Ethereum is listed on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges, so you will have no problems with its acquisition.

Registration on the OpenSea platform

OpenSea is a major NFT marketplace that was founded in November 2017. This marketplace was created for the buying and selling of digital art and other assets. To register on the platform, you just need to click on the profile icon and go to My Profile. Then click Login to log in through your MetaMask crypto wallet. In the wallet that opens, simply enter the password and allow the link.
Now you can be congratulated: you know what you need to do before creating your own NFT token. In many Internet applications and NFT markets, registration seems a little more complicated: in addition to linking a crypto wallet, you need to link an email, specify a new username and password. For example, Mintable users should do this.

Ethereum Wallet Preparation

The largest NFT marketplaces are powered by crypto wallets. There are several decentralized ETH wallets. However, the most popular is MetaMask, a special plugin that works best with Brave or Google Chrome. Here you can store Ethereum tokens.

Everyone can set up a cryptocurrency wallet as it is easy to do. Simply install MetaMask and follow the instructions. When the fox logo appears in the browser, click on it. It will help you install the browser plugin in a few simple steps. You need to create a password, a seed phrase ("secret for recovery"), as well as a long phrase consisting of 12 words, which will generate your crypto wallet. Write all the information on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place so that no one can access your cryptocurrency wallet. If you want, you can buy Ethereum directly on MetaMask, however, due to the high fees on exchanges, you should not do this.

After purchasing ETH on a cryptocurrency exchange, in addition to starting MetaMask, you need to load some ETH into your wallet. To do this from your cryptocurrency exchange, simply go to the “withdraw” page. You will need to provide the following details:
• your ETH address;
• the amount of ETH you want to send.
When you set up MetaMask, it automatically generates an ETH address for you. It's at the top of the MetaMask window and usually starts with "0x."

NFT Creation

To understand how to create your own NFT token, follow our instructions. Use the OpenSea Collection Manager. Click Create, selecting My Collections. Then check out the new page where you can create a collection, and absolutely free. You can also create tokens on other sites on the Internet and sell them on this market. Come up with a name for your collection, make a description and a cover. OpenSea will offer to create the first NFT and thus replenish the collection. Then you need to confirm its inclusion in the collection via MetaMask.
Now it all comes down to something small: just upload the content itself, add a title, a link to a site with a description of the NFT and you can also use a number of additional options.

How to sell NFTs

Step by step instructions

The OpenSea marketplace was first used to sell NFTs, only later it became possible to create them. At the moment, all the infrastructure for your cryptart implementation is ready to use. To find out how to sell NFTs, follow a few simple steps:
1 Go to your NFT, which is attached to the collection. Now all that remains is to initialize it, that is, make it a "participant" in business operations.
2 Click the Sell option if you want to put the art object up for sale.
3 On the next page, select Sell again and take a look at the statistics, which are still empty.
4 Make a selection on the newly opened page. Here you have several options: "Highest bid" is an auction, "fixed price" is a regular sale, and "Bundle" if you want to sell multiple items in one lot. Specify the price, if necessary, change additional settings.
5 Now click on the Publish your listing option and then the account will be initialized. You need to pay a gas fee of 0.045 ETH.
The minimum amount of 1 ETH is in auction mode. So, for example, you can set the initial price to 0.1 ETH, and the price will not rise to 1 ETH, then the lot will not be sold.

To get started, choose a fixed cost and stake 0.1 ETH. You can set a final price, that is, the cost will be reduced to this price until a buyer is found. You can make a private sale by specifying a crypto wallet or put it up for sale in the future.
It is necessary to carry out two transactions at the same time and pay for gas once. There are no further fees charged for additional listing of NFTs for sale. You can sell other NFTs from your collection in a similar way.

Recommendations for profitable selling NFTs

However, if you firmly decided to figure out how to make money on NFT and paying almost $96 is not an obstacle, learn a few more nuances:
1 There is a moderation system on trading floors: your art object will be carefully reviewed and publication can take some time.
2 Other users can create copies and put other people's NFTs up for sale by changing just one pixel.
3 Good NFT games on a good marketplace do not guarantee a successful transaction. It is necessary to participate in its promotion, for example, on Twitter.
1 Don't be afraid to price NFTs high. Works that cost less than $200-250 will be more difficult to attract the attention of investors and collectors and, consequently, the question of how to buy your NFT is not worth it. Especially when it comes to NFTs on Ethereum, where due to the huge fees, no one wants to buy cheap NFTs. If you don't value your work, no one will.
2 Your NFT must have a fresh idea. Try to convey the meaning of the work to the audience, pay attention to the description of the NFT. Don't imitate successful authors. Be sure to report on your games, art, etc. of NFTs on social networks, which must be promoted regularly.
3 You should not create NFTs in large quantities. They will become more attractive in the eyes of serious investors and collectors if they are made in a single copy. 9-10 copies are enough, but if there are thousands of them, this is bad, you shouldn't do this.
4 Take your creativity seriously. It should become part of your life. If you work regularly, sooner or later it will pay off.
We hope you understand how to make money with NFT to earn good income.

Sell ​​NTF through Rarible

For those who don't want to take the risk and spend $96, but still want to create their own token, the Rarible platform may be an alternative. Creating a profile doesn't take long and is identical to OpenSea. But the procedure for creating NTF is noticeably different. Here you must choose between creating a token represented as Multiple and a token linked to the original Single. Let's choose the last option.
Next, you must choose again: between creating an art object in the Rarible format and the ERC-721 standard. In the first case, there is an interesting nuance: the royalty system. When reselling art objects, the buyer pays a percentage to the creator. However, it is necessary to make a description and download the token. Then click on the Create Item option and pay Ethereum again. Payment here is charged for each NTF put up for sale (0.005 ETH).

Is it possible to create NFTs for free?

Creating art, regardless of the blockchain ecosystem, involves the introduction of certain funds. The difference is only in the quantity. Compared to competitors, Ethereum has the highest fees and the developers have not yet solved this problem. However, most NFT marketplaces were built on the basis of Ethereum and do not plan to change the platform.
You can choose an alternative option: participate in charity events aimed at supporting digital artists. However, this program is intended for Indian citizens only. As a result: the promise of giving users control over their money back is not fulfilled.


The growing popularity of NTF tokens gradually leads to the simplification of their creation. We discover how to create and earn on NFTs. No special knowledge is required for this. It's much harder to turn digital files into good assets, to create interesting content that is actually interesting to people.

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