How to attract traffic to your online store?

Currently, there are many tools and platforms capable of simplifying the task of creating an online store as much as possible , however, attracting constant, quality traffic can become a challenge at the beginning of any digital business.

What use would it be to have an online store without web traffic? Although attracting traffic is not something that is achieved overnight, with the correct strategies and techniques it can be achieved in the best way. Therefore, below we will show you some of the best strategies and tips that you can use to attract traffic to your online store .

1. Optimize your website for search engines

One of the most important points for any website is search engine optimization . With quality, simple and well-optimized content you will be able to make the most of your website's potential, achieving greater traffic from potential clients and being awarded better positions by search engines.

Although it may sound complicated, in reality all these tasks can be summarized in creating a website that is easy to navigate and has a good structure. Focus on producing eye-catching content with good use of keywords in the descriptions of your products, generating quality content for all types of audiences and taking care of the design of your website without overloading it.

Thanks to this, you will be able to increase traffic to your store in an organic and scalable way, since accessible and quality content is always rewarded by users and capable of increasing visits with scalability in search engine positions.

If necessary, these tasks can be delegated to specialists in web traffic and SEO and ecommerce positioning techniques.

2. Use social networks to position your website

When talking about generating web traffic for any physical and digital store, social networks cannot be left aside. The good use of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok can be of great help to increase the visibility of your store in all possible sales channels and enhance its e-commerce.

Social networks used well can be a key tool for the success of an online store. With them, through simple publications you can promote your products and receive external visitors to your website. If we add to this a content marketing strategy, such as ads through a Facebook Ads advertising campaign, the results of traffic and clients achieved can be exponential.

3. Email marketing to multiply web traffic

One of the best strategies you can apply to multiply your web traffic and at the same time achieve greater loyalty from your customers to your store is email marketing . This strategy consists of sending emails to people in your website's database who have shown interest in your business, either because they have registered with it or because they have already been customers in the past.

By being present in the database, it is possible to contact them by email with information that is relevant according to their type of relationship with the store. For example, if they have been customers in the past and have not purchased your products again for a long period of time, you can attract them to your store through coupons or discounts on their future purchase .

There are no limits with email marketing and if a good strategy is added to it, the results can be incredible for companies. While collecting all the customer information and sending emails to each of them may sound like something extremely complicated, thanks to tools like Mailrelay this can be done in just a matter of minutes.

These types of tools specialized in email marketing offer solutions to collect information from your clients , send your effective emails to attract potential clients and later analyze the results obtained.

4. Content marketing

An online store that does not promote its content simply does not exist. And contrary to what you may believe, paid ads or billboards are not the only ways to promote yourself.

The content marketing technique consists of creating quality content related to your online store and sharing it on multiple platforms, whether social networks, a blog or a paid article to promote your product.

This is an effective strategy for the short, medium and long term because visibility for your store will never be detrimental. By always keeping your brand present in all possible channels on the Internet, you will always be able to create something to talk about and get visitors to your website that can be transformed into sales in the future.

The most successful websites and brands employ consistent content delivery methods across all possible media. This does not necessarily imply a constant advertisement of the stores' products, but rather content related to them that manages to capture attention and be useful to customers.

For example, publications such as tips for using our product or reasons why you should start using a certain product are excellent ideas to promote your store and at the same time entertain your potential customers.

5. Special offers and promotions

Offers are a classic strategy to increase traffic in all types of businesses. Offering discounts , free shipping or gifts with a certain average purchase ticket will always be an effective method to motivate customers to visit your store and spread the word so that more people find out about your promotions.

On a digital level, this can multiply the number of visitor traffic on your website. Unlike going to a physical store, in digital businesses visibility is much easier to achieve with the right tools. If you add referral promotions or exclusive use coupons to this for your website, you can turn your customers into another sales channel that spreads the word about your online business.

6. Create a blog

There is a misconception that blogs or written content are already a thing of the past, when talking about advertising campaigns to generate web traffic, nothing could be further from the truth. Creating quality content on a blog is one of the best ways to attract organic traffic to your website, generating new links for each post on your blog that take people to your online store.

Blogs are a great way to build strong loyalty with your customers . If you have an optimized platform, with attractive content and at the same time useful content for your clients, such as a blog in which you talk about various topics related to your company's niche, you will have a window always open for your users. regular and new potential clients come to your website.

A well-optimized blog can become the showcase that promotes your products and exposes your values ​​as a brand in each published article.

7. Advertising through Google Ads

Online advertising used strategically and focusing on the appropriate target audience is capable of achieving great results for an online store. Although it is a fact that it will attract traffic to your website, the ideal way to get the most out of this type of advertising through Google is by targeting directly the niche audience for which your product is intended.

To understand the sea of ​​possibilities, Google Ads advertising has the possibility of reaching up to 90% of internet users as this is the most used search engine in the world. However, an audience acquisition process is not about bombarding campaigns and links everywhere and there are factors that will allow you to achieve the visits and sales you want by increasing traffic to your ecommerce.

Google Ads allows you to direct your campaigns to the profiles most interested in your products or services and show them ads relevant to them. Although in the long term this can be an expensive strategy, boosting the visibility of your website can be a great tool for an online store that is in its beginnings and wants to increase its customer base .

There is no minimum investment for Google Ads and you can adjust it to your capabilities, having the possibility of choosing how much to invest per month, per day and for each published ad. If you add to this the good use of keywords in the content, the existence of a blog and the set of SEO strategies on your website, you will be able to improve the results even more and attract the greatest possible traffic to your online store.

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