How Salesforce can help digital marketing

Salesforce is a CRM specialized in cloud marketing that allows you to bring numerous marketing, promotion, advertising, and potential customer acquisition functions to the cloud.

Like all CRM, its objective is to facilitate contact and relationships with customers. In fact, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management , or in other words, software for customer management.

CRMs optimize numerous tasks in a company that tend to be very monotonous . Its purpose is to automate these actions so that human personnel can dedicate themselves to more creative activities. Of course, the advantage of these programs is that they have a much greater capacity for synthesizing and storing information than humans , hence their extreme popularity.

In the case of Salesforce, the added advantage is that it is a CRM that includes cloud marketing tools . Most customer management software are traditionally linked to sales teams. Salesforce was the first company to adopt the term cloud marketing and create a platform capable of integrating into B2B and B2C businesses.

Salesforce and digital marketing, how does this CRM work?

Once we know what a CRM is and how it can help companies, with Marketing Cloud Salesforce wants to go one step further. The platform includes Einstein, an artificial intelligence tool that allows you to take marketing further through a data-driven, customer-centric process. Information management is carried out through a relational database compatible with SQL.

CRM automates many areas of marketing, which responds to the initial purpose of these programs. Thus, human personnel can dedicate themselves to more creative tasks and strategic projects.

Among these repetitive tasks, one of the most notable is the collection and data of first, second and third customers , as well as known and unknown people in different sources and devices. It is precisely the most monotonous tasks that give rise to more errors, due to mental exhaustion. A cloud marketing CRM does not suffer from these processes.

The data and information that is stored gives rise to a unification and the discovery of very well selected profiles, with a 360 view of each client . The Einstein tool also serves to strategically organize interactions with consumers.

AI provides a unified view of each customer with precise insights into their tastes, habits, purchasing trends, and tracking past interactions . Communication between company and client is fluid, personalized and direct.

Another interesting point about the salesforce marketing cloud is that you can create fully targeted campaigns that result in a higher return on investment. In the customer journey through the company, CRM offers fully connected experiences that avoid fragmentation.

That is the mission of the Experience Cloud, which is designed to build online communities and establish meeting points personalized to the brand and adapted to the corporate style . The meeting points are all those contact channels that can be activated between the client and the company from the omnichannel channel : social networks, web advertising, mobile apps and instant messaging, email...

Who can use Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce's Marketing Cloud, the cloud marketing CRM, is functional for numerous companies, from large companies to non-profit organizations. Some of the most important companies operating , such as Iberostar, Spotify, Sony or Zurich, use their services . This program is not yet so popular in small businesses, but it is only a matter of time.

The advantage that this program offers is that it has numerous tools adapted to different uses. This platform is open to all types of companies, regardless of their size and business volume . It has plans dedicated to small, medium and large companies.

The way to integrate this management tool is simple, just contact a Salesforce partner to help implement the platform and adapt it to the desired requirements.

With this CRM, the company obtains in-depth knowledge of the customer, it will be able to personalize interactions with its prospects thanks to the artificial intelligence provided by the Einstein tool ; can build a transversal interest of a bidirectional nature, from the company to the client and vice versa, in real time ; and finally, it records all data measurements and interactions from the different devices at all times.

Finally, it is worth not forgetting all the tools that Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrates : Journey Builder, Social Studio, Mobile Studio, Audience Studio, Advertising Studio, Datorama, Interaction Studio, Data Studio, Google Analytics 360 and Pardot. Depending on the size and needs of the company, these functionalities will be activated more or less.

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