Earn money with Lbry (Cryptocurrencies)

LBRY, decentralized platform, prices, prizes and withdrawals

Earn money with Lbry! If you are looking for a viable option to generate income from home and with the internet or an alternative to YouTube, this is the solution and Lbry pays in cryptocurrency. Although it is not a new website, since it has been operating since 2015, the truth is that it experienced an increase in 2019 and was positioned as a great alternative to obtain rewards.

What exactly is Lbry and how does it work?

Lbry is framed within decentralized platforms, with the advantage of allowing two modalities in which remuneration can be obtained.

In addition, it has its own official Cryptocurrency , called Lbry Credits (LBC) , with which it is also possible to receive profits.

Earn money with Lbry How to register on Lbry?

As already mentioned, there are two ways in which you can make money with Lbry , these are by creating your own channel in which you will upload material and by viewing content directly on the platform.

Of course, those who are editors will receive much higher tips, while those who do not have their own channel are given rewards for consuming products.

The first thing you need to do to start earning on this platform is go to the official Lbry website and create your account on Lbry . Once you have created your account, you will create your channel, you will customize it and that's it.

Earned LBC when you are a user

Earn money with Lbry by being a user and watching other people's videos. To do this, there are several ways, one of the favorites is to log in daily and view the indicated short.

To do this, you must enter the “Rewards” tab in the menu, opt for the “Daily Watch Reward” or “Daily Watch Reward” mode . Finally, you will have to watch a video (any) and you will be able to receive a reward of between 1 and 10 LBC , the amount obtained will be notified to you by a message.

In addition to this reward, there are other simple methods with which you can earn money or Lbry Credits on this platform, some of them are:

• Inviting friends: the referral system gives you 15 LBC for each new user who registers through your invitation. Being limited, if you are not a creator of material, to a maximum of 20 referrals.

• With many views: this platform works by levels, that is, as the number of videos you watch increases you can level up and claim other rewards that are unlocked.

• Becoming a loyal follower: as in the previous case, these prizes are unlocked by levels. Therefore, by following the creators you like the most and reaching the established numbers, you will level up and have greater rewards.

Earn Lbry Credits if you create content

Are you an editor? Earn money with Lbry! By creating your own channel and placing your content on it you receive tips on your videos.

Additionally, if you link your YouTube channel to this website, an action that will automatically synchronize all your material, you can earn LBC. Of course, the amount you can receive will depend on the number of subscribers you already have associated with your YouTube account, for example, 1,000 followers correspond to 1,080 LBC.

Does Lbry Pay and is it a scam?

The Lbry platform currently pays and without problem, there are thousands of users who have even imported all their YouTube videos for Lbry, since the platform allows you to import all your YouTube videos without the need for you to reupload them again.

Lbry Awards

  • 1,000 SUBS = 1,000 LBC = 36.48 USD
  • 10,000 SUBS = 5,000 LBC = 182.42 USD
  • 50,000 SUBS = 12,500 LBC = 456.04 USD 100,000 SUBS = 20,000 LBC = 729.66
  • USD 500,000 SUBS = 4
  • 0.000 LBC = 1,459.32 USD 1,000,000 SUBS =
  • 75,000 LBC = 2,736.23 USD

How can I withdraw from Lbry?

In order to withdraw your earnings, you must exchange the currency (LBC) for Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency you want. In this sense, there are several Exchanges that allow it, such as Coinex (highly recommended). This is done from the option to send credits found in the “Balance”.

Opinions About Lbry

Like the YouTube platform, in Lbry we can generate money with fewer restrictions than on YouTube, and according to some comparisons to the value of the current currency, you can earn almost the same in Lbry as on YouTube, plus we do not lose anything if we have our channel of YouTube monetized and we link it to this platform to double our income. Create your account on Lbry.

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