Does HeedYou Pay? Earn MONEY Viewing Ads $5 DOLLAR

Does HeedYou Pay or is it a scam? Earn money by watching ads with HeedYou. If you are looking for a good PTC to generate income by watching ads, HeedYou is a good alternative, one of the things that makes it special is that the minimum payment is only $1 dollar.

What is HeedYou and how does it work?

HeedYou is a PTC where we can earn money by watching ads and performing tasks . This company has been operating in the market for several years, since 2012, becoming a veteran and reliable platform.

To start earning on this platform, what you must do is register , go to the official page, enter your username, email , password , your full name and your date of birth, these are the data required for registration.

Main Features of HeedYou

  • Rating: Good
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payeer and Skrill
  • Payment days: Every day
  • Minimum withdrawal: $1 Dollar for PayPal and Payeer and $5 for Skrill
  • Language: English
  • Referral system: Yes, you earn 25% of your referrals
  • Works for everyone: Yes

Earn money by watching ads with HeedYou

In addition to watching ads on HeedYou, there are other ways to earn money , such as performing tasks, as well as a lottery system which allows us to generate additional income.

Viewing Ads: This is the typical way where we select the ad and view it for 5 seconds, then to validate that we saw the ad a box will appear at the top with several images and we will click on the image that is turned down to credit the money.

Performing Tasks: This Tasks option is found in the Earn menu, here we can choose the tasks to perform, several options will appear to work and earn such as:, Offer Toro , Super Rewards , Minute Staff , Trial Pay , Click Wall , PTC Wal , Adscend Media , among others.

Surf Ads: In this option we can see unlimited ads, the company will pay us 0.1 cent for every 3,000 ads viewed.

Weekly Lottery System: It works as follows, the points that we accumulate by watching the surf ads will allow us to participate in the lottery, which is why it is necessary to view this type of ads to get those points that will allow us to buy the right to participate.

HeedYou Referral System: Another way to increase our profits and thanks to its referral system, when inviting other people to use this platform, the company pays us a 25% commission of the profits of our referrals, if we have many referrals we will earn much more.

Does HeedYou Pay or Scam?

Currently the company HeedYou pays , one of its advantages is that the minimum withdrawal is only $1, and reaching that figure is not that difficult if we dedicate some time to this platform.

HeedYou Proof of Payment

This company has proof of payment , which confirms that it continues to pay its users, even if you search HeedYou on YouTube for proof of payments you will see the recent payments that the company has made.

HeedYou Reviews

This company has its good side and its negative side, first we are going to talk about the advantages that this PTC has, to earn money by watching ads with HeedYou we can do it from anywhere in the world, so it works for everyone, this is a point in favor.

The minimum payment is just $1 dollar, we don't have to take long to collect a larger amount to be able to make our first withdrawal.

Cons point it can be said that it only has two, the first is that the profits are very low, and the second but not so relevant is that the page is only in English , but we can translate it with Google translator, so this The latter would not be taken into account.

HeedYou Opinions and Suggestions

I recommend this platform to work if you have a lot of free time, otherwise there are other ways to make money that I recommend that you can do without having to dedicate a lot of time to it. Sign up here.

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