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Does CryptoTab pay, is it a scam or fraud? There are many ways to earn free bitcoins on the internet, from games, applications, mining programs, among other ways, this time we are going to talk about a browser in which we can earn bitcoins automatically, CryptoTab Pays its users for using its browser.

Bitcoin is a currency like the dollar or the euro that is used to buy goods and services, but unlike traditional currencies, bitcoin is an electronic currency that continues to grow every day and more countries approve this currency. virtual.

What is CryptoTab and how does it work?

We are talking about an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows the user to earn bitcoins for using the extension on their PC, it is that simple, no additional program needs to be installed to start generating, since it starts mining from the browser using computer resources. You can download CryptoTab at the following link.

How CryptoTab Works

Many already know the bitcoin mining system, it involves installing a program on our computer, it makes use of our computer's resources to generate bitcoins, CryptoTab works in the same way, it makes use of our computer 's resources .

Does CryptoTab Pay or is it a scam?

This is the first thing we should know before starting to work on any platform or start dedicating time to it, is to know if you are really paying or not, on YouTube there are many people who have already received payment and have uploaded their proof of payment.

I'm waiting to reach the minimum to withdraw and then upload a video confirming from me that cryptotab really pays , but for now everything looks good, so don't get discouraged and start using this extension.

The minimum to collect or withdraw is 0.00041 BTC and you can do it through your bitcoin wallet.

CryptoTab Affiliate System

The good thing about this company is that it has a referral system, this allows us to increase our profits if we promote this extension and get more people to start using it through our referral link.

CryptoTab Opinions and Recommendation

You have to take into account that you can configure the extension to work slow and fast, knowing that if you set it to the maximum this will make your PC run slower, if you have a high-end PC perhaps this will not affect you much or perhaps not at all. feel, but if you use a low-end computer you may notice the performance a little slow.

When using your PC to design or do some heavy work, I recommend that you do not put it at maximum, but if you are using it to listen to music or watch movies here you can take advantage of all its resources, everything will depend on the use you are giving it. the moment.

There are many ways to make money online that you can't even imagine, just search the internet and you will realize the great variety there is, just focus on one, dedicate time, preparation and efforts to it.

Download CryptoTab

You have two options, you can directly download the browser extension on your PC or mobile device from the official website, or you can download the extension from Google Extensions .

To start generating money with CryptoTab you just have to go to this link and download the extension for your Chrome browser and that's it, it is also available for iOS & Android , now we would have to start making the most of it.

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