Cliquesteria is still paying or is it a scam?

Cliquesteria is an old PTC that has been paying for several years, even this company Cliquesteria pays through PayPal and Bitcoins, which allows many users to work without problem on this platform.

Features of Cliquesteria

  • Rating : Bad
  • Activity : View ads
  • Payment Methods : PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill, PerfectMoney
  • Minimum payment : $5 dollar
  • Referral system : Yes, direct and rented
  • Membership : Yes, free and paid
  • Accepted Countries : All

How to make money with Cliquesteria

Cliquesteria is a PTC , for those who do not know what it is and what it means, we refer to (Pay per click), that is, the company is going to pay us to click on the ads in order for us to see them, that is what try, they will pay us to see ads.

To start making money with this company, the first thing we must do is create our account. To do this, we go to the official Cliquesteria website and register, fill out the required fields and that's it, we can start seeing ads.

Cliquesteria Membership

This company has a free membership , which is the one we have when registering, it also has a paid one, it has several memberships ranging from $5 dollars to $900 dollars, your earnings will depend on the membership you have acquired.

Cliquesteria referral system

It also has a referral system whose earnings will also depend on the membership we have purchased. If we are free users we will only earn $0.05 and for rented users we can earn up to a maximum of $3.00.

Paid Cliquesteria

Currently the company is having problems with some payments, there are many users who have complained that the company does not pay them , so there are already a large number of dissatisfied users and others claim that Cliquesteria is a scam .

Cliquesteria Payment Proof

If you are looking for proof of payment from Cliquesteria Reciente, you may not find it because of what I mentioned before, the company has a few late payments so you will only see proof of not so recent payments on the web.

Does Cliquesteria pay or is it Scam?

Although the company is going through a difficult time, do not rush to say that Cliquesteria is Scam or a fraud , since other similar companies went through the same thing and after a while they returned to making payments normally and making the late payments they had.

Opinion of Cliquesteria

I consider that you have to give it time first before saying that it is a scam, if they do not solve this problem they will soon lose many of their users, they will lose credibility and in the end they will end up closing the website, let's hope that does not happen and that they become active again with payments. Sign up here.

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