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Earning money with ClickDealer is the most viable option for many content creators who want to monetize the flow of visitors to their website on a large scale. Clickdealer is one of the largest CPA traffic networks with the best payout ratio and a wide variety of offers that can be filtered by country and preference.

Although it is true that Clickdealer has generated a lot of criticism regarding the minimum payment amount and the insistent treatment of its managers, this digital marketing agency offers quality services that make making money with Clickdealer the most profitable option if what we are looking for. is to generate income from user actions in our traffic funnels.

ClickDealer Features

  • Rating: Excellent
  • Activity: CPA
  • Minimum Payment: $500 Dollars monthly or $100 weekly
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly / Weekly
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney and others
  • Accepted countries: Works for everyone

ClickDealer What is it and how does it work?

Clickdealer is the most guaranteed CPA traffic network due to the high profits generated by each action or conversion. The CPA or cost per action/acquisition is nothing more than the opportunity that this traffic network offers you to monetize your flow of visitors once it has been redirected to a funnel or a niche where an offer is announced, thus carrying out the conversion and therefore, generating profits from home and without lifting a single finger.

This traffic network has more than 2,000 offers from advertisers that can range from e-commerce to health and beauty; Each of these offers can be filtered to be directed to any user and any country.

Thanks to this amount of offer that the platform has, you can easily generate more than $100 dollars a day if you carry out a good advertising campaign or have a good source of traffic that converts.

How to make money with Clickdealer?

To earn money with Clickdealer we only need to register on its portal and fill out the extensive questionnaire that can be tedious but is actually an effective way to optimize the offers that we can use on our website.

Clickdealer offers extensive offerings that can range from online dating services to the finance market; The key to being able to make correct use of this platform is to correctly choose how we are going to advertise the advertiser's offer on our website; Whether through banners or shortcuts, the visitor's attention should always be sought.

The profits seen with Clickdealer can be very high, and if we generate more than $500 a week, we will not have to wait a whole month to withdraw them but we can opt for the option of collecting weekly, only if we generate more than that. quantity per week.

Aspects to take into account when making money with Clickdealer

• Working with managers is key if we want to generate good conversions with advertisers' offers.

• Your payments and bonuses may increase constantly and without notice.

• If you do not have much experience in the world of monetization through digital marketing, you run the risk of not accepting your application.

• Your payments can be collected through PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfers or WebMoney. Depending on the payment method, an extra commission may be charged that will be subtracted from your payment.

• The minimum amount to withdraw our income is $500, but if we double that figure weekly, we will be able to make constant withdrawals.

ClickDealer Payment Methods

This platform offers different payment methods , making payments via bank transfer, ACH, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments, eCheck, Qiwi, Yandex. Money and Capitalist. The minimum withdrawal is $500 dollars, but once the quality of your traffic is approved you can withdraw $100 dollars weekly. Sign up here.

ClickDealer Pay

Being a veteran CPA company, currently this platform continues to pay without problem, let's hope that it does not become a scam and continues the trajectory that it has been paying its users and functioning to date. It has proof of payments so you should not distrust it.

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