Buy Game Credits (GAME): Full Analysis

Is Game Credits worth buying?

Have you been told the cryptocurrency gaming industry is full of opportunities waiting to be tapped? Well, it's true. But not all cryptocurrencies are the same or present the same profit opportunities.

That is why in this in-depth study we will talk specifically about how to buy Game Credits and the perspectives that this investment opens up for you.

Among the many projects that have come to life in recent years, Game Credits probably holds the record for longevity. The white paper of cryptocurrency, in fact, dates back to 2014, a true pioneer in the sector.

However, this means everything and nothing at the same time: a cryptocurrency does not become advantageous by virtue of its age. To understand whether buying GameCredits is convenient or not, it is necessary to carefully analyze the characteristics and financial data.

However, before you go down this path, we want to advise you to consider a platform with which to invest in cryptocurrencies right now. Although the token game is not yet listed on major investment platforms, we believe it is truly a matter of weeks.

In the meantime, our suggestion is to make the most of this wait and start building a functional cryptocurrency wallet right now .

Buying GameCredits, in fact , is not an operation that alone can retain your wallet. All investments are effective only if they are included within an efficient capital diversification project.

But do not worry. We will also tell you about it during the course of the guide.

Where it is sold

Cryptocurrencies like GameCredits lend themselves to both direct purchase and trading. But which one to choose and why? And, above all, why is buying GameCredits different from trading in tokens ?

Let's start from the base: if a cryptocurrency was born in 2014 and is not consistently included in the global top 20, it means that the project is not solid enough or that the sector in which it operates has not fully matured.

In the case of GameCredits, this is the second option: Cryptocurrency games began to seriously assert themselves only from the second half of 2020 and this meant that the prices and capitalization of GameCredits did not reach sufficient degrees of stability to make it a particularly relevant cryptocurrency.

In financial terms, this translates into high volatility and the consequent possibility of trading with some success. How are you wondering?

Thanks to CFDs , particular financial derivatives in which you can invest thanks to the mediation of online trading brokers. These allow you to invest in changes in the prices of the GAME tokens , both up and down.

How to buy Game Credits: Through direct purchase

The alternative to speculating on GameCredits price fluctuations is provided by exchanges , such as binance, cryptocurrency platforms. Thanks to these you can buy, using both the FIAT currency and exchanging other cryptocurrencies with each other.

If you intend to invest solely in cryptocurrencies, you should consider opening an account with Binance , the undisputed king of exchanges.

But why is Binance one of the top options for buying GameCredits?

The answer is simple: Although GameCredits is not yet listed on Binance, we still recommend that you consider this possibility due to the relatively low trading of token games .

As long as this has never exceeded a price of $0.46 in the last 3 years, with a relatively low investment you can ensure a solid portfolio.

If you don't want to speculate on the temporary fluctuations of GameCredits but hold until its value reaches interesting heights, then trading is the ideal solution.

You can easily connect them to an external e-wallet and store the keys. Additionally, the commission profile is very different from that of brokers, optimized primarily for long-term trading operations.

Game Credits: What is it?

Now that we have made it clear what are the different ways to invest and the best solutions to buy Game Credits as soon as this is mentioned, all that remains is to start the real analysis.

If you are wondering “why should I buy Game Credits?” So this is the part that interests you the most.

Let's start from the base: Game Credits, as we told you, is a project that was born within the Ethereum blockchain in 2014. It is one of the first cryptocurrency gaming projects in the world (and certainly the oldest of those that are still active) , as well as one of the first practical applications of the Ethereum blockchain .

However, the Game Credits story that we know today takes shape concretely only in 2015, with the birth of the first widely distributed video game supported by a blockchain project : New Blitz.

New Blitz initially develops its own autonomous token, the NovaToken and, after an early access phase lasting two years, in 2017 it became available on Steam. Altogether it is downloaded by more than 100 thousand users .

The turning point comes when in 2019 Paul Barclay , CEO of Dragon Foundry, maker of Nova Blitz, founded the NFT Platform Ltd. together with Jason Cassidy and other experts

Finally, the story of the two projects merges in the first half of 2020, when NTF Platform Ltd. takes ownership of the GameCredits brand and its IP , merging the two projects into one. By doing so, the GAME ERC20 token is born on July 1, 2020.

A turbulent history, then? Yes. But she doesn't stop there.

Cryptocurrency design and structure

The feature that led GameCredits to be acquired by NFT Platform Ltd. instead of disappearing into thin air like all cryptocurrencies that fail to find practical applications immediately is simple: the project was valid.

This is not another NFT Token experiment . GameCredits aims to create a blockchain- based system that could replace the options and mechanisms of the in-game economy with a more robust, functional and effective platform.

The advantages of a cryptocurrency at this time are obvious:
  • Low transaction costs;
  • High data protection;
  • Almost instantaneous execution speeds (also thanks to the constant forking of the Ethereum network).
That is why, after GameCredits tried to establish itself in the market for years, it was finally reborn in 2020 with its introduction into the different projects managed by both NFT Platform Ltd. and Dragon Foundry.

As the cryptocurrency motto says, it is a system for the gaming industry designed by the industry itself : an efficient way to manage transactions in the game and share the same between the different levels of production of a video game.

A fast and highly efficient system that makes the in-game economy not only more transparent but also safer . As you can see in the image, in fact, with the game of tokens it is possible to carry out much more immediate and direct transactions.

But, what are the products that can be purchased?

Game Credits and NFT: Solution for gamers

We resume from Nova Blitz and the founding of NFT Platform Ltd. in 2017 Richard Garfield, one of the most famous designers of Magic, The Gathering , began to actively collaborate in the creation of NovaToken.

His contribution was later merged into Game Credits and is still recognizable in the project structure. It is no coincidence that, in fact, there are two card games online: the skin and the design of the cards, in fact, it is probably one of the best examples of practical application of NFTs.

The structure of Game Credits is such that it favors the entire NFT market in the world of video games:
  • For developers , as GameCredits accelerates the creation of NFTs from your creations and optimizes the remuneration process. All while providing developer tools that save a lot of production costs;
  • For players , as it replaces traditional licenses for the use of gaming assets with real digital property . All, of course, with the attributes of speed, savings and scalability typical of cryptocurrencies.

But let's explain this point better. The developers (and here we see Richard Garfield's influence on the project) earn an instant return from the sale of their creations in the form of a GAME token .

Both can be converted via exchange OR DEX be staked and consequently used to gain additional and constant GAME input. In practice, a system that allows traditional remuneration to be replaced by a potential and constant income.

Needless to say, traditional compensation provides for a one-time payment for the company's purchase of the copyright to the product and almost never an employment contract.

At the same time come the players paid the purchase with the digital ownership of the work in the form of NTF. This does not entitle them to copyright but guarantees the full usability of your purchase, whether in-game or out-of-game .

Game Credits projects: The main titles involved

Based on what has been said, it will be clear to you that GameCredits has enormous application potential. This is also due to the fact that the system does not penalize at all third parties that you want to introduce to the market (third party sites for the sale of masks, etc.).

These, as well as the developers, are rewarded in GAME for the purchase of the products and also have the double option between converting the token into another currency or putting them in stake .

Let's see, then, what are the main camaraderie so far that Game Credits has managed to stipulate . An ambitious project, in fact, is only as valid as it is implemented. Otherwise, its potential remains only on paper (or, in the case of GameCredit, in the collective imagination):
  • New Blitz , the historic game with which the project began and which continues to enjoy considerable success. Nova Blitz frequently hosts global tournaments with GAME tokens up for grabs and is still constantly updated;
  • GENESIS , another cryptocurrency in the gaming industry , which is being used to create a new one. metaverse project ;
  • Alien Worlds, another metaverse and gaming ecosystem developed on the Ethereum blockchain , has been available on mobile since 2012 and on Steam since 2015;
  • World Stake , a project similar to Alien Worlds for the sale of NFTs connected to a virtual space;
  • Splinterland , another video game focused on cards, also available for mobile (more than 100 thousand installations in PlayStore, with about 800 thousand players and 400 thousand strikers ). Currently the main blockchain game in circulation, with the possibility of being connected directly to your own Binance Wallet ;
  • Varied NTF marketplace , including TheDartCo and Natural Warp.

This is not at all about petty camaraderie . Especially when you consider that these completely cover the entire crypto gaming economy supply chain , from the creation of the NFTs to their commercialization.

Until its practical use In the game for personal enjoyment or to stake other tokens.

Game Credits Financial Data

After having really evaluated how far the applications of Game Credits extend and what the potential of the project is, we only have to concretely evaluate whether the GAME token can generate noteworthy profits or not.

In other words, go back to the original question: buy Game Credits or not?

There is only one way to find the answer: you have to analyze financial data related to GameCredits . Only these will allow us to assess whether the project's potential is also reflected in its prices or whether the value of GameCredits is destined to remain almost unchanged over time.

To properly evaluate the financial potential of GameCredits, it is necessary to carefully analyze the three main factors that contribute to determining the price of a token:
  • Volumes;
  • Capitalization;
  • Volatility.
Furthermore, the analysis of financial data will make it even clearer whether to engage in trading or resort to direct purchase as soon as GAME is listed on eToro and Binance.

Capitalization, scarcity and pricing

First of all, we warn you that GameCredit, like many of the cryptocurrencies that have not yet fully established themselves on the market, still has a certain shortage . In fact, as things currently stand, no more than 200 million GAME tokens can circulate on the market.

As you are reading there are approximately 152.81 million games in circulation . Considering that the average price of 2021 is around $0.15, this leads to:
  • Average market capitalization of $22 million;
  • Fully diluted average capitalization of $30 million.
Fully diluted capitalization serves to evaluate the overall market value of Game Credits if the shortage was reached and the price remained stable. This is a useful value to understand the maximum target in the current state of things and relate it to other cryptocurrencies.

Overall, therefore, this is decidedly a small-cap crypto and from a financial point of view this shows us that the stock is facing a period of strong undervaluation . We will see the reasons better when we study the relationship between Game Credits and Bitcoin.

Trading volumes

Regarding the data on trading volumes related to GAME First of all it is necessary to make a clarification: it must be interpreted.

Especially since GameCredits is a crypto that, as we explained to you before, is very focused on cross-chain staking , or on the possibility of investors staking part of their GAME to obtain other tokens (like GENT) or generate additional GAMES .

Why is this clarification important?

Simple: Because as you can see in the image, the volumes see spikes corresponding to well-defined events.

Obviously, price spikes follow the increase in volumes (very useful information if you aim to trade GAME), but this feature is related to the fact that GameCredits is still a small-caliber cryptocurrency.

The thing to keep in mind is that volumes are not an indication of interest . Its decline, in fact, does not translate into less commitment on the part of investors but, rather, into a shift in interest from simple buying and selling to staking .

Meanwhile, GAME tokens are committed to staking volumes plummeting as there are no monitorable movements between wallets as much as an off-market gaming generation of tokens (or other tokens).

In other words, monitoring trading volumes on GameCredit is useful for traders, but not so much for investors.

Volatility and when to trade

Monitoring the evolution of volatility on GAME will allow you to evaluate what type of operations are optimal for trading on Game Credits.

This is not information that can help you if you decide to resort to actually buying cryptocurrencies on Binance or eToro (as soon as GAME is listed, that is). Volatility, in fact, monitors the extent of change in prices in a given unit of time.

In other words, it tells you the time needed to optimize the speculation . If you want to trade (and you need eToro CFDs to do so), volatility will be your best friend.

Now, taking into consideration an average calculated in the third quarter of 2021, it was possible to evaluate that:
  • Game Credits' average daily volatility stood at 0.75%;
  • Game Credits' weekly average volatility stood at 5.8%;
  • Game Credits' two-week average volatility stood at 23.8%;
  • Game Credits' average monthly volatility stands at 25%.
This indicates that the largest variations generally occur not daily (GAME on average has fairly stable movements over 24 hours) but weekly or over 15 days.

Monthly volatility follows two-week volatility, indicating that dominant trends typically run out of momentum after about two weeks .

Therefore, if you are interested in trading Game Credits, you will need to set the time period to time periods that reflect the largest variations.

During a week we recommend a period of hours. However, for two weeks, it is appropriate to set the length of a period to one or two hours.

This will allow you to spot the signs of breaking out and follow the trends at the right time.

Target price and future developments

We have seen that the financial data related to GameCredits allows you to identify the best trading prospects: volumes, capitalization and volatility, in fact, they tell you when prices will be affected by a particular inflection.

What about long-term investments? How do you know if it is the right time?

Given that GameCredits is a cryptocurrency that is almost entirely based on camaraderie with other projects and thus cross-chain staking , it is precisely on these two aspects that we must insist. Investing for the long term means finding an answer to the question: “ Where will GameCredits be in a couple of years?” ? ”

Therefore, let's first consider the target price . The analyst team has thoroughly analyzed the operation of GameCredits and has deduced that:
  • The average price target , which will be taken as a reference for mid-2022, can be found at a price of $0.45. The current projects underway on Game Credits, in fact, have the potential to push the value of GME up to this threshold;
  • The long target price , which should be taken as a reference for 2023, can be located in a range that varies from $1.3 to $1.77. An ambitious goal that depends on the success of the multiverse planned in collaboration with GENT and that could open a new market for the NFT Economy on which GameCredits is based.

Overall, therefore, GameCredits links its future destiny to the ability of camaraderie hitherto stipulated to lead to new concrete results for the sector.

Given the speed at which cryptocurrency games are being made, only the birth of new innovative projects can bring the token game to be adopted by many developers who are interested in the sector.

Whether there will be a wave of new participants in the Game Credits network In fact, the structure of the project itself will cause an overall growth of the network by chain reaction (through the development of the game economy and the corresponding increase in gaming pool).

Future predictions for GameCredits are therefore closely related to its ability to produce results. And the official communications from the community leave no doubt about it: the results will be there.

Is Game Credits worth buying? Expert opinions

We show you the considerations to take into account to trade on GAME and buy Game Credits in the long run. However, we still haven't answered the fundamental question: “Is GameCredits worth buying now?”

Let's start with the premise that at the moment, as you read, GameCredits has not yet been listed on eToro or Binance. We have no doubt that it is actually just a few weeks but, as we have explained, you can use this time to your advantage.

As soon as Game Credits is available, will it be worth purchasing?

It depends. In particular, it depends on two scenarios:
  • Scenario number 1 : GameCredits will keep its average price unchanged (fluctuating between $0.11 and $0.15);
  • Scenario number 2 – GameCredits will have already started the bullish move and therefore you will probably find it trading between $0.30 and $0.40.
Well, in scenario number 1, the purchase of GameCredits will pay for itself 100%. A quote of around $0.11 for GAME tokens, in fact, indicates a sharp devaluation of the stock that does not correspond at all to its potential.

In this case, you can resort to both trading and direct purchase. In both cases, you will most likely see a period of high volatility that can bring you interesting profits if you know how to exploit eToro tools .

In scenario number 2, however , our advice is to resort to trading. A quote of $0.3/$0.4, in fact, is close to the target price and consequently makes strong market instability very likely.

Being present on the list of platforms such as eToro and Binance (which has millions of users), in fact, can cause considerable volume spikes and, in the case of Game Credits, an imbalance in volumes results in completely drunk volatility.

In this case, arm yourself with all the trading experience you will have accumulated and you will see that you will have no problem inflating your wallet.

Alternatives to Trading Game Credits

Have we already advised you to take advantage of your time and start creating your own cryptocurrency wallet right away? Well, because the time has come to evaluate which cryptocurrencies to consider as valid alternatives to GameCredits.

We would like to clarify that with this we do not mean to indicate exclusive alternatives. In fact, investing in GameCredits does not mean doing so at the expense of other assets.

The trick to any successful portfolio is diversification. That is why we want to recommend other cryptocurrencies below that can support GAME operations and modulate the risk exposure that this entails.

Let's start with active cryptocurrencies in the gaming sector :
  • (MANA) , Among more established cryptocurrency games , Decentraland has a lower risk profile than GameCredits against equal profit opportunities;
  • (SGB) , a nascent crypto in the sector but extremely ambitious. SubGame aims, like Game Credits, to provide the necessary scaffolding for the curation and proliferation of blockchain- based video games ;
  • (PVU) , a crypto that has entered an already very famous mobile game (the famous Plant vs Zombie) in the form of an NFT. In this case it is a project that GameCredits could be associated with in the future.
Let's now move on to main cryptocurrencies , which have already established themselves in the market but have aspects compatible with GameCredits and that could suggest a camaraderie or a future cross-chain :
  • Filecoin (FIL) , a cryptocurrency focused on cloud data storage. There is no point in tracing the centrality of this theme in the design of this type of multiverse video game ;
  • Cardano (ADA) , identified by many as the natural evolution of Ethereum, the Cardano blockchain promotes an advanced form of smart contracts that will be difficult to ignore. A possible future compatibility between ADA and GAME is not excluded;
  • (MATIC) , whose protocol, in many aspects, has already been adopted as a model by Game Credits. The GameCredits network's cost-cutting model was, in fact, borrowed from Polygon itself;
All major cryptocurrencies listed are now available on both eToro and Binance . Coincidence? In our opinion, no. In fact, an opportunity that you should take advantage of to optimize the time available to you.

GameCredits vs Bitcoin

We now reach a point that we had already announced to you. The relationship between Game Credits and Bitcoin is in fact the basis for understanding the variations in GAME capitalization.

As you can see, in fact, the peak of GameCredits' price, capitalization and volatility was reached between mid-2017 and early 2018. The same period in which Bitcoin was on everyone's lips for the effects of the latter. Halve (went from a price of around $1,000 to over $20,000).

This shows you at the same time the link and the differences between GAME and BTC . The latter, in fact, influences the entire cryptocurrency market by virtue of its psychological value. Simply put, if Bitcoin appreciates, investors start buying cryptocurrencies.

2017/8 showed how GameCredits was the “miracle” cryptocurrency of the second Halving , just as Dogecoin was for the third Halving . At the same time, this makes you understand why the 2017 meeting is incomparable to the 2021 one.

Bitcoin and GameCredits are joined by “second generation halving” investors, who also bought GAME during the third Halving . But other than that, they have nothing in common.

Game Credits was not there crypto-wonder of 2021 and this allowed it to leave the sphere of influence of Bitcoin.

It will always follow the dominant tendencies, but, apart from them, it will mostly manifest autonomous tendencies.

GameCredits vs Ethereum

Different, however, is the relationship that unites GameCredits with Ethereum . The GAME token is in fact an ERC20, developed on and dependent on the Ethereum blockchain .

Ethereum updates and evolutions also impact GameCredits and this is absolutely good.

On the one hand it allows the Game Credits team to focus exclusively on the growth of the network and leave aside major technical updates, on the other hand it allows the network to benefit from the numerous innovations that Ethereum is introducing with the latest fork .

An example above all? Staking and PoS ( Proof of Stake ) introduced in 2019 with Serenity .

At the same time, it is worth noting that Ethereum quotes are developed completely independently by GameCredits. The sector in which the latter operates, in fact, is too specific.

Their increases are linked exclusively to the successes of their applications: as with all ERC20 tokens, they are not affected by the goals achieved by ETH.

Overall, therefore, we can say that Game Credits and Ethereum are technically connected . However, from a financial and application point of view, they have very little in common.

We advise investors to invest in both at most , but not to wait for who knows what revelation: the financial analysis of ETH will not be able to give any revelation about the evolution of GAME quotes.

Buy Game Credits: Conclusions

In conclusion, we wanted to give you a general and general picture of the features of GameCredits , with the aim of evaluating how much it may or may not be advisable to purchase GAME. Result?

Without a doubt, it is a cryptocurrency that is laying the foundation for a strong claim in the industry. It's not a top 10 project , and probably not even a top 20 project . Certainly, however, it is a reality that seeks to impose itself and shape a fundamental aspect of game economics .

The impact it aims to have makes it very interesting, especially if you intend to purchase an asset capable of contributing to the overall budget of a cryptocurrency wallet.

With this we want to tell you that buying GameCredits will not be enough to drastically change the destiny of your investments but it can contribute significantly to building a balanced portfolio.

This is due to its peculiar characteristics in terms of volatility and its particular market position, which makes it compatible with numerous projects.

Therefore, as soon as Game Credits appears on eToro and Binance , we recommend that you initially insert it into your wish list , carefully study its evolutions as we have shown you and, if you smell the right opportunity, include it in your operations.

But, to put an asset in a wallet, you must first have one. And here's why we don't advise you to base your entire investment business on GAME . Start investing, practicing, getting first successes and gaining experience.

When GameCredits can be purchased on eToro or Binance, another opportunity will be available to you.

Game Credits (GAME) – Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy Game Credits (GAME)?

To buy Game Credits you need to wait for it to appear on one of the best online trading platforms.
Until then, GAME can be accessed on DEXs, but these platforms lack the necessary tools to support full financial activity.

Is Game Credits worth investing in?

GameCredits presents all the main crypto asset advantages (in terms of volatility and trading volumes). This makes investing in Game Credits circumstantial. If conditions are right, it may be worth speculating in financial derivatives, as well as resorting to direct buying to keep the position open for longer periods of time.

How much can you earn with Game Credits?

Profit prospects from an investment in Game Credits vary depending on team and community decisions . Overall, the GAME token has an average monthly volatility of around 25% and this gives you an idea of ​​the investment potential.

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