Buy Bitcoin with PaySafeCard: Complete Guide

Can you buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard? How does it work? Can you remain anonymous?

In the world of online trading, the number of investors interested in the cryptocurrency market is constantly increasing and with it the birth of increasingly innovative tools for trading these virtual currencies.

Although there are many in the markets, the undisputed queen of cryptocurrencies remains Bitcoin, the first virtual currency launched on the market that, more than a decade ago, started the crypto trading craze.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that many exchange sites or trading platforms are equipped to offer the most disparate services for Bitcoin trading and among these, the possibility of accessing different payment methods to include this product in your own wallet.

Among the various payment methods in circulation, today we are going to expose one that is quite unique: it is Paysafecard, a convenient and innovative payment system that allows you to make payments with greater anonymity.

Buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard, requires an extra step since it is a payment method that does not allow you to buy bitcoins directly but through a card to recharge your account from which you can then proceed with the purchase.

However, it is safe and has several advantages. In this brief guide we will see step by step how to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard, analyzing in detail all the peculiar characteristics of this work, also providing valid alternatives for readers interested in evaluating different options.

In addition, we will present some of the best financial intermediaries on the market to buy bitcoins with Paysafecard, such as eToro, which offers numerous payment methods and offers bitcoins at very competitive fees.

How to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard: Compatible platforms

The first thing you need to know has to do with platforms that support PaySafeCard as a deposit and withdrawal method.

Bitcoin, in fact, is a cryptocurrency that brokers make available to investors. The former allows you to speculate on BTC price changes, while the latter makes direct purchasing possible.

A small detail: the key to accessing Bitcoins with PaySafeCard are the Skrill and Neteller platforms that are part of the PaySafe group and are supported for better online trading platforms.

This happens because the same parent company has preferred to improve the services of these two virtual wallets by giving PaySafeCard the role of “intermediary” for anonymous and secure payments.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard is to have a Skrill or Neteller account and choose PaySafeCard as your deposit method.

Once this is done, you will be able to choose from numerous platforms that support both deposit methods. Here is a list of the best.

Convert dollars to Bitcoin with PaySafeCard

In addition to being a great tool for making deposits to major brokers, PaySafeCard also allows you to take full advantage of the best cryptocurrency exchanges so you can directly convert your dollars into Bitcoin.

The exchanges that we will describe below, in fact, support PaySafeCard in addition to giving you the possibility of trading in Bitcoin directly with the FIAT currency (specifically, with the dollar). An advantage?

Definitely yes. Being able to buy Bitcoin being only in possession of a PaySafeCard, in fact, will avoid having to follow other steps (and, consequently, new commissions).

This is one of the basic requirements to start building your own cryptocurrency portfolio , which initially includes Bitcoin but can subsequently consider other highly profitable cryptocurrencies.

Here, then, are the best exchanges to directly exchange your dollars into Bitcoin with PaySafeCard.

What is Paysafecard?

Lately, we often hear about Paysafecard as an alternative payment system, but what exactly is it?

Paysafecard is a virtual payment method that does not require the use of a bank account or credit card.

It is the product of a Viennese holding company that also includes the Skrill and Neteller brands , the Paysafe group that introduced this additional payment method in addition to the two cards mentioned although they are in a certain sense complementary products, as we will see later.

The innovation of PaySafeCard lies in the possibility of making online purchases with security and anonymity, in fact it is widely used for in-app purchases, online games and especially to buy Bitcoin.

Precisely for the latter, Skrill and Neteller, produced by the same company, play a fundamental role precisely because they act as a bridge between Paysafecard and the trading platform. As mentioned above, it is not possible to buy Bitcoin directly with Paysafecard, but by replenishing your Skrill or Neteller account.

How does purchasing with PaySafeCard work?

Simple, you can use it in several different ways depending on your needs or availability. Firstly, you can request a Paysafecard through your Mastercard, or at authorized points of sale such as shops, supermarkets, newsstands, etc.

One of the most used methods is the second in which you can request your Paysafecard by paying it in cash and receiving the card associated with a 16-digit PIN that must be entered in the corresponding section when making the online payment.

These vouchers generally have pre-established values ​​of 10, 25, 50 and 100 Dollars and have a PIN and a QR code that, therefore, guarantee the total anonymity of the payments.

You can also buy coupons online by creating a free Paysafecard account and paying for them with a credit or debit card such as PayPal. In this way it will also be possible to combine different coupons to make larger purchases, as in the case of Bitcoins.

It is important to remember that within your Paysafecard account, anonymity is guaranteed in any case because there is a very precise regulation on the respect of the user's personal data and the platform itself undertakes not to disseminate personal information on the sites where you make the purchase. .

It is a MasterCard which, however, has slightly higher costs than the coupon method and is therefore not particularly widespread among consumers.

However, for the purchase of bitcoins it is a more than valid solution thanks to its international circuit and it is worth considering if you decide to use Paysafecard mainly for this type of purchase.

How to get a Paysafecard

As mentioned above, in addition to the purchase of physical Paysafecard coupons, it is possible to request the Paysafecard prepaid card issued by the Mastercard circuit .

This card allows you to make purchases both in physical stores and online while maintaining the security and anonymity typical of Paysafecard.

You can request it by registering on the official website by entering all the required data and documents.

The card will arrive in the mail within ten business days. and will be connected to your online account and managed through the home banking of the account you are connected to. Like all prepaid cards, the card does not have an IBAN but has a security code and identification number. contactless chip for real purchases.

The Paysafecard Mastercard, due to management costs, is somewhat less widespread than the purchase of paper vouchers that do not exceed the net purchase amount.

The card, on the other hand, has the following costs :
  • Annual fee of 9.90 EUR;
  • 3% fee on ATM withdrawals;
  • 2% currency exchange commission;
  • 4% of the amount loaded on the card;
However, these are not particularly high costs and, if you intend to use Paysafecard primarily to trade and buy Bitcoins , it is a solution worth considering given the advantages its international circuit offers.

The card can be redeemed online through your MyPasafecard account and can be used to purchase Bitcoin like a normal prepaid card.

Buy Bitcoin with PaySafeCard: Commissions

Buying Bitcoin with Paysafecard is interesting not only because of the unusual purchasing methods but also because of the extremely competitive commission costs . In addition to the options already mentioned for the Paysafecard Mastercard prepaid card, there are some standards that apply to transferring money from Paysafecard to the rest of the platforms on the same circuit.

Transferring your money from PaySafeCard to Neteller , for example, requires a 2.50% fee , while the same procedure on Skrill imposes a fee equal to 1% of the transferred value.

Also for this reason, most traders prefer this second option to the first. Opening a Skrill account, in fact, has very affordable administration costs and is the most convenient solution for Paysafecard customers.

In addition to the transfer costs, it must be taken into account that there are also commissions that exchanges apply for the purchase of Bitcoin. On eToro, for example, buying Bitcoin with PaySafeCard is particularly convenient for the market-leading commissions:

eToro, in fact, offers its services at zero commissions for individual trading operations by applying only a 0.75% spread and a credit transfer fee of 150 pips.

Buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard: Reviews

When choosing a payment method to buy Bitcoin or any other commercial operation, and comments from other users are important to make such a decision.

On the Internet it is easy to find opinions and reviews about Paysafecard Bitcoin and all the advantages that this alternative payment system offers its clients.

Most users recommend PaySafeCard especially for the security of payments and the guarantee of anonymity.

This is because it is a system that does not require direct payment but offers the possibility of purchasing vouchers to reassure users who want to maintain some discretion over their personal data.

Additionally, the ability to rely on Neteller and Skrill accounts allows you to take advantage of the additional additional services of two virtual accounts accepted by most trading platforms.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying Bitcoin with PaySafeCard

To provide a complete and objective overview on buying Bitcoin through Paysafecard, it is necessary to do additional study on what the strengths and weaknesses of this service are by exposing the advantages and disadvantages of buying Bitcoin with Paysafecard .

Let's start first let's go benefits:
  • Easy purchase: Paysafecard is a very popular payment method and there are numerous points of sale that allow you to buy coupons or top up your credit. In this way it will be possible to buy Bitcoins quickly and easily;
  • Anonymity: Since it is not necessary to connect to a bank account or credit card to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard, it is possible to make payments with the utmost discretion;
  • Speed: Transactions with Paysafecard are instantaneous or at most require a few minutes of waiting;
  • Affordable fees: Transaction fees require very low costs and are a very convenient payment method from this point of view.
As for disadvantages , however, only two can be identified:
  • Not accepted by everyone: Unfortunately, this payment method is still in the diffusion phase, therefore, not all cryptocurrency exchanges accept it. However, being able to trust your Neteller or Skrill account offers a few more possibilities;
  • Limited transaction amount: As mentioned above, Paysafecard vouchers have fixed values ​​ranging from 10 to 100 euros. However, in some cases it is possible to accumulate coupons to make payments for larger amounts and safely purchase the desired amount of Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard: Main alternatives

During this guide, all the features of Paysafecard and all the methods that the latter offers to be able to buy Bitcoin with complete security and protection of your personal data have been exposed.

However, as already mentioned, it is not possible to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard directly but only through your own accounts associated with the Skrill and Neteller card.

This therefore requires an extra step, that is, purchasing the bonus and replenishing your account before making the payment on the chosen platform.

While this step does not take too much time, some merchants may prefer a more immediate alternative to purchasing Bitcoin and in this regard, we would like to provide some alternative to validate a PaySafeCard .

One of the most trusted sites on most exchange sites is PayPal, one of the most popular online payment platforms in the world, accepted by almost all the best online trading platforms and which we have delved into in our guide on how to buy Bitcoin with Paypal .

Buy Bitcoin with PaySafecard: Conclusions

Buy Bitcoin with PaySafeCard represents an alternative and innovative way to buy cryptocurrencies safely and quickly, with the possibility of managing your virtual wallet without using a bank account or credit card.

During the guide, in fact, some interesting ideas emerged about this new online payment service that offers valid alternatives to classic online payments.

In this way, customers will be able to choose several routes. Purchasing vouchers in cash or the possibility of requesting a prepaid card to associate with your account are two examples.

This keeping the security of your data unchanged.

In this in-depth analysis on how to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard, all the information related to the management costs and commission of the service offered by this company and valid alternatives for the most demanding traders who want to buy Bitcoin in a more direct way have been collected. provided.

However, despite the security of this payment method, one should not forget the risks involved in online commercial activities, always taking into account that Bitcoins are part of a particularly volatile market.

Buy Bitcoin with PaySafeCard – Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy Bitcoin with PaysafeCard?

PaySafeCard offers several options for purchasing Bitcoin: you can buy a PaySafeCard voucher at an authorized point of sale or order a PaySafeCard prepaid card from the MasterCard circuit to make payments directly online.

Is it possible to buy Bitcoin with Paysafe Card anonymously?

Although PaySafeCard vouchers do not require any personal data to purchase, it is not possible to purchase Bitcoins completely anonymously on exchange sites.
Platforms like Binance, in fact, must always and in any case comply with European anti-money laundering (CFD and AML) regulations.

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