Bitcoin Brokers: Which is the best platform?

Do you want to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and don't know which are the best brokers to invest in Bitcoin? Follow this sector guide that will help you invest in the best way by trusting the best Bitcoin trading brokers .

What are the best Brokers to operate with Bitcoin?

We are going to present in detail which are the best platforms that will allow you to operate online with Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies available in the financial market.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created in 2009 by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto with the aim of using a digital currency not governed by a central entity that could facilitate transactions in an easy, secure and affordable way.

The father of all cryptocurrencies, it is still considered the most coveted of all digital currencies and leads the ranking of cryptocurrencies in terms of value and market capitalization.

Adjusted for typical cryptocurrency volatility, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $60,445.

You can see the value of Bitcoin in the following graph.

Monitor the BTC trend and consider the best time to trade and make profits. To do this, simply click on the button below the chart and place your bets on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Best Bitcoin Trading Brokers

In this paragraph we will explain which are the best brokers to trade Bitcoin online and other cryptocurrencies in which you intend to invest your savings and make profits.

You have to understand very well the absolute importance of choosing the best broker that can meet your financial needs and allow you to obtain the best results.

Today, more than ever, the web offers such a wide range of solutions and offers for Online Trading that it becomes really difficult to choose the best broker to invest in with complete security.

In fact, it is easy to come across unpleasant scam sites that, by promising enormous profits and unmissable offers, often manage to attract many merchants, causing them considerable financial damage.

This guide is designed to help you find the best brokers to trade with and save you from platforms that have been created for the sole purpose of scamming unsuspecting investors.

To select the Best Bitcoin Trading Brokers we have applied several parameters and evaluated the best platforms that offer the most appropriate offer and tools so that the Trader can operate in the best way.

But first of all we have carried out a special investigation into the regulations and authorizations that Brokers have to guarantee maximum protection for Traders.

How to identify the best online brokers

The following list shows the parameters adopted to evaluate the Best Brokers to whom you can trust your savings.
  • Authorizations: Necessary to operate in financial markets around the world with complete security and without risk of fraud for the user;
  • Commissions: commissions and management expenses borne by the Trader and for the benefit of the Broker.
  • Demo account: test account necessary for beginners to begin to familiarize themselves with the financial markets before doing so with real money.
  • Spreads: the difference between the sale price and the purchase price.
Based on the previous parameters, we have prepared a special ranking for you in the following table, where you can see the Best Bitcoin Trading Brokers in which you can invest easily and safely.
HallAuthorizationscommissionsDemo accountSpreadsNegotiate
eToroCONSOB, FCA, CySEC, DNB, FinCEN, FINRA, ASICZero$100.001,9%O
Capital.comCySEC / FCA / NBRBZero$10,000VariablesO
XTBCySEC, MiFID, ESMAZero30 days0,00008O

From the table it is clear that eToro is the best trading broker where you can invest with complete security , far from the risk of fraud and full of advantages and tools that justify the appreciation of millions of traders who use it around the world.

For greater accuracy of information, we consider it appropriate to detail the Best Bitcoin Trading Brokers that have reached the podium of our special ranking.

Here are the top 3 Brokers with which you can trade Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies:


eToro occupies first place in the special ranking of Bitcoin Trading Brokers capable of offering the Trader the maximum experience in the financial markets.

Firstly, it is a Broker duly regulated and authorized to operate internationally by the organizations responsible for the protection of the economic assets and personal data of users.

In particular:
  • CONSOB: authorizes eToro to operate in Italy;
  • FCA: authorizes eToro to operate in the United Kingdom;
  • CySEC: authorizes eToro to operate in Cyprus;
  • DNB: authorizes eToro to operate in the Netherlands;
  • FINRA: authorizes eToro to operate in the US;
  • ASIC: authorizes eToro to operate in Australia.
The eToro platform expertly integrates all the necessary tools for the trader to trade intelligently and thoughtfully and offers low and competitive commissions compared to other Top brokers.

Among the tools most appreciated by traders around the world, we cannot fail to mention 4 that are the flagship of this specialized platform:
  • Demo account
  • Social commerce
  • Copy trade
  • Purchase of underlying asset
Let's look at them better in detail, sure that they could immediately convince you to embark on the financial adventure of the eToro Broker.

The platform offers the Trader, particularly newbies, a Demo Account of 100,000 virtual euros with which they can acquire the necessary skills and manageability to then invest with real money.

The beginner entering the financial markets for the first time would gain significant advantages if he took advantage of the EToro Demo Account to learn how to trade without risking real money, and then, only when he thinks he is ready for good financial results, start investing real money. .

Another important tool that eToro offers for free is undoubtedly the social network , that is the possibility of interacting with your fellow traders.

It is a real community of Traders who can exchange opinions, evaluations and actions in the financial markets and fully enjoy their experience.

eToro 's strong point is definitely Copy Trading, an innovative tool that is offered free of charge to users to allow them to copy the Top Traders from all over the world completely automatically and earn like them thanks to the experience gained and the results obtained. and widely demonstrated.

Last but not least, the dual feature that eToro offers to traders who decide to invest on its platform is available.

eToro is not only the best broker to whom to entrust the financial operations to be carried out but it is also an important Exchange which allows the trader to actually buy the desired instrument.

You can then decide, based on your financial strategy, and trade CFDs , speculating on the price trend of a particular asset, or buy the underlying asset directly and deposit it.

For example, you could buy Bitcoins and store them in a special wallet , which is a digital wallet offered for free by eToro in which to deposit the Bitcoins and other purchased cryptocurrencies. is also considered a good Online Trading Broker with which you can invest Bitcoins easily and safely. is a broker particularly suitable for beginners , but offers suitable tools for traders who prefer to perform more technical analysis aimed at satisfying more weighted financial transactions. also offers the option of downloading an application capable of offering the same services as the platform with the advantage of always having the possibility of investing at any time, wherever you are.


XTB is another highly innovative Broker that offers cutting-edge systems capable of guaranteeing the Trader a good financial experience.

Financial transactions can be carried out in an instant so that the Trader does not miss the most favorable moment to negotiate and obtain excellent results from the investment produced.

How to trade Bitcoin

After a necessary overview of the Best Bitcoin Trading Brokers , let's move on to the practical act and see together How to Trade Bitcoin .

For this we have decided to offer you a detailed procedure that can allow you to invest in the best way.

We propose below, step by step, the exact procedure to Trade in Bitcoin with eToro:
  1. Register on the official eToro website
  2. Fill out the form with basic information and confirmation
  3. Enter your personal information
  4. Complete the consent statement
  5. Read and accept the Privacy Policy
  6. Reread and sign contractual agreements
  7. Complete the final steps

Start the registration procedure

Register on the official eToro website by clicking here.
Insert Username, Email and Access Password to continue opening the eToro account, as shown in the image below.

Make your first deposit

After completing the registration process, make your first deposit using the many payment methods provided by eToro.

You can choose between credit/debit card or PayPal, bank transfer and many others available at the time of deposit.

Invest in Bitcoin

From eToro use the search bar and type Bitcoin (or the abbreviation BTC) to proceed with investing in the cryptocurrency.

Enter the amount, set Stop Loss and Take Profit and evaluate whether to take advantage of financial leverage to reduce your investment and multiply your profits.

Bitcoin Trading: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Bitcoin trading brokers?

The best Bitcoin trading brokers are selected according to parameters related to security, offering, and tools provided. Find out what they are by reading the full article.

How much does it cost to buy Bitcoin on eToro?

Registration on the eToro trading platform is free, while there is a minimum deposit to get started – click to find out what it is.

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