BeFrugal Earn Money on Returns and Coupons

Befrugal is a cashback company that is used through a mobile application whose registration and use are completely free. With it you can generate up to 40% cashback in some stores including Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Befrugal pays through PayPal.

Befrugal Features

  • Rating: Good
  • Available: iOS & Android
  • Minimum Payment: $0.01 PayPal and Venmo and $25 Check available in US only.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Venmo, Direct Deposit and others
  • English language
  • Accepted Countries: All

Befrugal App to earn money

This app allows you to generate money because retailers (Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc.) pay Befrugal for helping us boost their sales, so the profits are subsequently shared.

This is a permanent earning method because it drives the company to get many more sales and you, thanks to this, get cash back at that retailer.

How does it work? Befrugal has a link on its home page to any of these stores. Once you click on the link for the store you want to purchase from, it will send you directly to the store's website. Once you make the purchase, the money is deposited into your Befrugal account.

How do you make money with Befrugal?

The application is available for Google and the App Store. Once you make your purchase in the store of your choice and, of course, it is associated with this platform, you will be able to obtain your refund within a week.

Befrugal will send the money through direct deposit, a check, through PayPal or through a gift card. However, you must take into account that you must have a minimum savings of $25 to receive it through direct deposit.

Instead, gift cards will be sent electronically, and you can use them through online purchases at partner stores . The cards have no fees and are not at risk of expiring. The commissions obtained from purchasing in any of the stores are usually not much, in fact, they range between 0.5% to 4%, but it is a quite interesting way to generate income.

All payments obtained as earnings through this application are made through PayPal or gift cards, the money is cashed once the purchase invoices have been verified. The time to obtain the money is the only disadvantage, since both the payment process and the purchase verification process are long. However, there have never been any problems with non-payment.

Effective return

Basically it is that the retailer (the store) pays a commission to Befrugal for referring a customer, but because you are the one who buys, from that commission, you also make profits.

Registration Bonus

When you start your registration on the Befrugal platform and immediately after making your first purchase, you will be credited $10 as a registration bonus. That will be your first profit from the company.
This is what makes this CashBack company relevant, earning registration bonuses as a method of extra income.

Does BeFrugal Pay or is it a scam?

So far there is no complaint that the platform does not pay, on the contrary, BeFrugal pays without problems to all its users, on the internet there are proofs of payments that some users have uploaded to their YouTube channel and forums, so we do not have doubt that he continues to pay without problems.

You can register at the following link .

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