AdFoc Pay or Scam

AdFoc Pay or Scam . Now you can earn money by shortening your links and sharing them on social networks, your YouTube channel or on your blog.

AdFoc Details

  • Rating : Scam
  • Payment Methods : PayPal and Bitcoins
  • Minimum payment : $10 Dollar
  • Payout rate : Between $22 and $0.30 / 1,000 views
  • Languages : English
  • Accepted Countries : All

What is AdFoc and how it works

AdFoc is a link shortener which allows us to generate some money simply by shortening any url or links, these shortened links show advertising to the user, which allows us to generate income.

Registration is very easy, you just have to go to the official website and register, fill out the required fields such as email and enter a password, registration will not take more than 30 seconds, once registered you can start working with AdFoc.

How to make money with AdFoc

To be able to make money with AdFoc, the ideal is that you have a means to share your links, although it is not necessary to also have a website, it would be ideal to be able to generate passive income . The first thing you should do is go to the official AdFoc website and register.

Since if you have a download website like a movie page or a web warez (download site) you will be able to cut all the download urls and generate good income every month.

If you don't have a blog, you can use your YouTube channel as a means to share your shortened links. Imagine if you have thousands of subscribers on your channel, you will earn a lot of money by sharing good content.

AdFoc Pay or Scam

At first it was paying all its users without any problem, but lately there are a lot of complaints from users because AdFoc does not pay them and they say that it is a fraud, it is even possible that AdFoc has become a Scam.

AdFoc Opinions and Suggestions

I personally do not recommend it for work, since the issue of risking working for a company without knowing if it is going to pay me or not is like wasting my time. I prefer to first see AdFoc payment receipts before starting to work for it.

Although you can find paid tests of AdFoc, you will notice that they are not recent from this year, which is why I repeat, I do not recommend it, and there are other shorteners that do work and are paying.

Register at the following link .

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