Types of Internet Advertising. What is the most profitable for a blog?

That the Internet has brought about a revolution in the advertising market is a fact that no one would dare question at this point. The advantages of online advertising are endless but I would certainly highlight the possibility of segmenting by age, profession, sex, geographical location and whatever you can imagine as the main advantage over other more traditional models.

Private companies have been betting more and more on this communication format to the detriment of other media such as the written press, radio or television. That, in turn, has caused a huge diversification of the models and types of online advertising that currently include a huge range of possibilities.

With all this, it is easy to get lost.

There are various Internet marketing strategies that can allow us to make a web page profitable through different types of advertising. Knowing these strategies is essential to get the most out of the web (if you are a publisher) or to publicize your products and offers (if you are an Advertiser).

This article aims to compile the main online advertising models that currently exist to make a web page or an App profitable.

Types of Internet advertising

Here are some examples of where and how to place advertising on the internet.

1. Display Ads. Banner Advertising

It is probably the best known form of advertising and was one of the first to be implemented. It consists of placing a small banner or advertisement of the desired format within a web page. A banner is an image placed in a strategic position on a website. Users who click on this ad will end up on the landing page of your choice.

When you work with a "Display Ads" advertising network, the advertising company itself will place the most appropriate ads in the selected space based on the content of your web page and the data it has about the user. For this reason, I take the name of "Display Ads" (display of Ads)

2. Affiliation Platforms

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and profitable ways to monetize a blog or website. Of course, good results will only come if you know how to use these advertising networks efficiently.

This type of advertising works as follows: an advertiser offers a certain remuneration to an affiliate in exchange for achieving a goal. This "target" varies depending on the advertiser but they usually offer high remuneration for registrations or sales.

The best way to use Affiliate platforms if you are a blogger or webmaster is by integrating advertising into the content of the articles or by making specific reviews of the companies that advertise on the platform.

3. Link Shorteners

Earn money by shortening links is one of the simplest and most practical methods to earn money online. The process is very simple; simply convert any link to be shared on a web page before posting it as a short link.

It works very well especially for sharing links on social networks. As the number of social networks increases, and the number of users increases, more companies choose to insert this type of advertising.

4. Pop-Up Advertising or Pop-Under Advertising

You probably already know it and you have surely closed hundreds of pop up ads in your life. Within online advertising, the Pop-up is the most annoying form of advertising. This is a pop-up window that appears when you open a website. It is especially annoying because of how intrusive it is and how difficult it is to shut down at times .

This form of advertising on computers is annoying but not as annoying as on mobile devices, where due to the size of the screen, closing a Pop Up becomes an odyssey since the X to close them is tiny.

Like the rest of the publicity, a plugin or an HTML code will suffice to insert it into the web page. The advantage for the publisher is that it is very profitable advertising if we look at the CPM (Cost per Mile)

5. Text and Content Ads

These types of ads are prominent words within the content of your page chosen by the advertising company. If the user passes the mouse over the words mentioned, the advertising related to that "keyword" appears. Normally, to distinguish these links from the rest of the natural links, these advertising networks use a double line or some element that identifies the Ad.

Installation is usually very simple, adding a plugin or a simple HTML code on the page in question.

6. Email Marketing

This is the form of advertising that the user can most easily avoid. Within online advertising, ads sent to email can disappear in the spam box, get lost, or the user himself decides to delete the message without even opening it .

This has forced many companies to perfect the technique and stop sending ads, camouflaging their promotions and ads within everyday and friendly messages that the user will not want to delete. The Ads can be integrated into the newsletters of the blog or the page.

7. Mobile advertising

Until now, the vast majority of mobile ads were simple adaptations of desktop ads. Currently there are specialized advertising platforms to create ads designed to be seen on a smaller screen, which are less annoying than a normal ad or a Pop-Up .

These advertising networks first analyze the device with which the reader is visiting the page and based on this, they adapt the advertising to the format.

8. Sponsored Content

One of the best ways to advertise is by generating interesting content that talks about the product in question. There are advertising networks that act as intermediaries between bloggers who want extra income and Advertisers who are trying to sponsor their content by adding value.

Although it seems to have stagnated, blog advertising is still an important part of internet advertising. It is a form of indirect advertising.

Most of the advertising on blogs is done using the storytelling technique, putting makeup behind an experience, a reflection, etc.

There is also a way to advertise through sponsored content since many bloggers decide to promote those products that companies offer them to advertise.

9. Video Ads

When you install this type of advertising on your page, it includes Ads embedded in videos that you have uploaded to your web page. (In the same way that you can see on YouTube)
This form of online advertising not only allows you to embed advertising videos before and after the original video, since it also includes those banners or ads inserted in websites and that are in the form of video . Videos have been shown to capture the attention of visitors better than a regular ad.

Conclusions on Online Advertising Types

There are other types of online advertising and surely new formats will emerge over time, but without a doubt, these 9 types of advertising are the most used in 2016.

To get maximum profitability from a web project, the ideal is to combine several of these types of advertising. In this way you will be able to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by online advertising and minimize the risks of depending on a single source of income.

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