Tips, strategies and ways to make money online

Earning money online has become one of the priorities of many entrepreneurs who have seen how new technologies have made their way in a world where the physical is no longer the exclusive thing. Where the immediacy and interconnection of people make their way ahead of traditional commerce.

Today we will address all the issues related to this aspect and you will learn about some of the most interesting ideas to achieve it. Earning money online is possible, as long as you follow the tips that you will discover in this guide.

If it is not yet your strong suit and you are not familiar with this new avenue of income, the Internet offers countless opportunities to obtain an economic return . Whether by placing orders through a platform, obtaining payments for advertising, or even selling an online course , where the only thing you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's go step by step on the path to discover the different ways you can make money online . And as it could not be otherwise, we will gradually delve into the meaning of this new way of generating income. It will surprise you!

Let's discover why it is so interesting to make money online

The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, since it allows us to interconnect people and distances are no longer a problem. In the business world, the Internet also allows us to create new opportunities .

And it is precisely here where we will put all our attention, on the way in which the interconnection and facilities offered by the Internet serve our economic purposes .

Currently, millions of people make money on the Internet, how do they do it? It's not a secret, they do their research, they look for ways to generate income from what interests them and they embark on the adventure.

One of the main limitations that we put on ourselves, almost automatically, is the idea that the Internet only serves as a means to earn extra money, a complement that helps us on a daily basis.

However, there are many who have turned this medium into their main source of income. Do you want to know how? Stay with us and discover the ideas to start making money online.

The key to starting to make money is to have an idea

Information is essential in a world where news flies and international markets surrender to our will. Although competition is much more aggressive than with traditional commerce, Internet businesses flourish by the thousands with each passing day.

Many are not profitable, nor do they end up achieving their objectives . But all of them were born from an idea, from a business model that became a project and, with greater or lesser success, they tried to carve out a niche for themselves in the digital world.

The idea you have about a future business will be the key that you can materialize later. Earning money online is not a simple task , but you will be surprised by the number of proposals and ideas that you will be able to discover as you adapt them to your needs and objectives.

One of the main advantages of setting out to make money on the Internet is the breadth of paths we can take, always reserving the creative and innovative option as a necessity no matter what you do .

In the physical world, traditional businesses cannot evolve without the help of digital media. Imagine now the potential that these have if you are going to launch your business this way.

You will eliminate limiters such as distance or communication with people. Being on the Internet will make your project reach all corners of the world, where you will only depend on the quality you offer to attract attention.

6 Ways to make money online

Now that we have gotten into the subject, that we already know that we only need a computer and a network connection, we will take a brief tour of some of the most popular ways by which millions of people earn money at this very moment .

Although they are not all here, we will make this small virtual appetizer a global impression of seeing how big businesses emerge from projects and market niches like the ones you will learn about below.

The good thing about all these recommendations is their adaptability and scalability , since new goals and ways of doing business to generate income always arise from them. Many people rely on them as a basis for their projects.

1. Electronic commerce. An online store to sell wherever you want

The Internet would not be what it is if it were not for this business model which, as the years go by, has become so perfect that now the big brands generate trends and links with Internet users in a completely personalized way .

Trading a product, whether textile or even food, is always one of the main ways to make money online . In addition, there are interesting ways to trade products in a way that you don't even need a warehouse, such as dropshipping or print on demand (also known as print on demand ).

We are talking about creating an online store without having to have stock , but rather talking with manufacturers and agreeing with them on prices so that they can even take care of the logistics. This is how millions of people around the planet offer their products without having to physically have them . Don't you think it's amazing?

Currently, to start your online store, you do not need to have technical knowledge, since there are many platforms that allow you to start your free online store quickly and without complications.

2. Online courses and classes. Training is one of the pillars of Internet business.

The world of online training and teaching has grown exponentially in the last 5 years, where thousands of people complete their training with the courses offered in this way . It is the best way to obtain perfect training from the hands of whoever we want , without being conditioned by the distance between teacher and student.

Taking advantage of each person's knowledge and skills has always been more than enough reason to go online and create our own “ school .” In it we will be able to teach live online courses and classes so that attendees will only have to download the material and attend the classes virtually.

From yoga and fitness classes to official qualifications with professionals in charge of online classes. The possibilities on the Internet are endless with this new educational and training format .

If teaching is your thing, there are several platforms that can be very useful when it comes to finding students, one of them would be Preply , a space where you will find job offers to teach classes in various areas.

If you are a graphic designer or know how to use a software or tool well, you also have the possibility of creating your own complete course in which you teach a specific skill and promote it on platforms such as Tutelus or Udemy. The advantages of this format are that you will only have to invest a lot of time at the beginning when developing the project and you will be able to sell as many courses as you want without requiring more work or having to be present.

3. YouTube or Twitch, originality to earn money for your videos

One of the most powerful and profitable currents in recent years comes from this new fashion of making the image of each of us profitable. Platforms like YouTube or Twitch are some of the best-known examples on the Internet.

Record a personal video, show yourself playing video games, analyze issues of fashion, crafts, politics, science or even tell jokes. The possibilities are endless and for each of the topics you imagine there are many people who currently already obtain financial profitability.

In a video you can record whatever you want and, if you connect with the user, rest assured that you will have managed to make this idea a very interesting and profitable way to make money online.

Streaming video is a really curious and ingenious way to make money. Users pay, both for displayed advertising and in the form of small collaborations, for the quality of the content that you are transmitting on the Internet .

This is how “ youtuber ” icons such as Ibai, El Rubius or Auronplay , among many others, have been formed . They earn truly atrocious amounts of money , amounts that we could not even imagine. And all by knowing how to communicate and transmit in their videos what their followers want.

Their YouTube channels have millions of followers who view all the content they upload to the platform, generating a really interesting amount of income .

And not only that, they attract advertisers, promoters, managers and all kinds of companies that want to collaborate with them and reinforce their image on the Internet, making income triple .

4. Monetization of web pages. Advertising and affiliate marketing

Another way to make money online is to monetize your blogs or pages . With good visitor traffic, you can place advertising from Google Adsense or any other provider, where you get a small percentage for each user who is interested in the ad .

And the same thing happens with affiliate marketing. Pages that have thousands of daily visits manage to recommend third-party products and services in which significant benefits can be obtained . The idea of ​​creating a blog is always a good way to start testing its advantages.

Currently, page monetization is one of the oldest and most used techniques to generate income . In them you can offer your services, combine it with your affiliate program and even link the content with other platforms such as your YouTube channel.

If you don't know how to start, the best option is to create niche pages, which consist of creating content related to a particular topic, such as pool tables, sports, crafts, etc. from which you can create content that can help interest the agents.

When choosing a particular niche, you can start by thinking about your hobbies and things you like to do. Of course, you also have to see that there are enough people interested to be able to attract visitors to your website. To see the interest in a particular niche, you can use free tools like Google trends or Uber Suggest. As you grow your traffic, you can start to monetize it through affiliate marketing or advertising.

Monetizing websites is one of the best ways to take the first steps to obtain income, although at first it does not generate income and involves a lot of work, in the long term it can become your main source of income if you do it good.

5. Earn money offering your specialized services

Platforms like Fiverr or Freelancer are some of the best known for anyone who wants to start earning an income. And the operation is really simple, since you just have to register on the page and complete our profile, showing millions of users and companies what our skills are.

If you are good at content writing, viralization, SEO, graphic design or any other specialty that could be hired , advertising here will allow you to reach a multitude of third parties who will be able to pay for your services.

In this case, you do not need to create an online business, nor create your page or prepare everything to be an online store. Your knowledge will be the only thing you need to be able to delve into this interesting way of making money online. You can offer your services to whoever you want from your home without having to do anything else.

As you can see, most of these options to make money online can be combined so that the performance is much higher. In addition, it is the best way to find out which is the most effective path and thus be able to exploit it.

6. Purchase and sale of web pages

As we mentioned before, you can create a blog and monetize it through advertising or affiliate marketing, just as you can create an online store, dropshipping, etc. But if you have capital and do not have time to completely start your own business from scratch, a very interesting way to make money online is by investing in online businesses that work .

These can give you a return of between approximately 40 and 60%, a percentage that very few financial instruments can guarantee, which makes it very attractive. There are even some websites that can be run almost passively.

If you are looking to replace a source of income that allows you to leave your job and gain flexibility by working online, this may be a good option. You can maintain these websites and let them generate more or less consistent income, grow them and resell them at a profit.

There are many online marketplaces that offer businesses for sale, and some of the most popular in the English-speaking world are Flippa and EmpireFlippers, and a recently created one that specializes in sites exclusively is Moaflip. On these websites you can find a wide variety of businesses for sale, including content websites, Amazon FBA businesses, dropshipping stores, ecommerce, etc. You can also find a wide variety of prices, so you can find the website that best suits your needs and budget.

Earning money online requires the most important investment: time

The time factor is essential to determine the success or failure of a project . Investing your time in it will make you acquire new knowledge and techniques to be able to apply them later.

How much time are you willing to invest? Although we have not yet delved into this question, not all income comes from the same way nor is it obtained with the same effort. There are passive and active ways to make money online .

Offering your services on platforms like Fiverr requires constant time and effort , where each order requires your attention and dedication. This is known as active income.

While, passive income allows benefits to be generated from work and time invested only once. A clear example is online classes, where users who access a course can download the material and view it without needing your presence.

The business model you choose will lead you to one way or another of generating income, although we have already seen how easy it is to combine any technique .

Passive income vs active income

Earning money online is the goal, but it will not always be achieved in the same way or in the same amounts. The passive concept allows you to generate income so that you will not have to get involved on a daily basis , while the active form does require greater involvement.

This is when we have to analyze the active and passive income, where each one includes some of the ideas that you just learned about above lines and that you can combine if your project allows it.
  • Active income. Based on the idea that they are obtained from a job or service performed, they are ideal for businesses where a personalization of the service is required, something more focused on each client. A graphic design job would be a good example.
  • Passive income . Unlike assets, in this case you do not need to be performing a service to obtain that benefit. These are amounts that you will receive periodically and based on the success of your work. For example, creating an online course requires time and effort until it is completed, then users will only have to download it and pay the course amount . You will continue to receive profits every time they buy your digital product.
The way in which you determine the type of income you are going to pursue, will focus more on the business you want to target. A passive income is usually smaller than the active one, but greater in quantity and without requiring your attention .

Many people combine both ways of making money online , since their business model allows it and in this way they multiply the options to increase their profits.

Affiliate marketing is perfectly combinable with advertising , that is, in addition to having an online store, we can give free rein to the blog to achieve relevance, visits and income , since advertising could be another source of income.

Between one way and another, which is the best to generate extra money?

It depends on your objectives and the time you have for your project . There are those who dedicate just one hour a day to maintenance tasks and updating content, because they know that passive mode is more than enough for them to earn extra money .

The theory of its operation and application is really simple, since it hardly requires a significant initial effort and then leave it in automatic mode while the benefits arrive .

The Internet does not close, it is open 24 hours a day for anyone who wants to search for information, a service or any product. This is one of the advantages that you have to know how to take advantage of if what you want is to make money online.

Others, however, prefer to dedicate themselves body and soul to their new source of income, dedicating hours and hours to combining different techniques that make them obtain a higher remuneration.

It takes more time , but active income is the icon of financial independence. With it, many people have been able to leave their current jobs to focus solely and exclusively on maximizing this new, much better-paid source of income .

The best way to figure out which one is right for your project is to put on your overalls and start testing different options . This way you can determine which one works best according to your needs and conditions.

Make the Internet become your source of income

Opportunities are increasing as is competition. The best way to make money online is always by testing and knowing all the information possible about your competitors, the needs of the audience you are going to target and your level of creativity and ability to transmit the message you are launching.

To achieve this you need a little prior preparation , a series of knowledge and initial steps that will allow you to know in advance where you are going and under what conditions you are doing it .

Although “ lucky breaks ” are a reality in the online world, anyone who is willing to enter this virtual world and wants to make money must know what they are willing to do to achieve it .

You can sell what you want, offer your knowledge or even broadcast your thoughts live through a YouTube channel. But you will always have to do it with set objectives , with an intention that goes far beyond just making a profit. The businesses that succeed are those that connect with the user.

Make a small list that includes your preferences and skills, those that help you focus on one sector or another. Ask yourself questions and, depending on the answers, act in one way or another.
  • What level of online income do you expect to obtain?
  • Are you going to create an online store where you sell your own products or do you prefer affiliate programs?
  • Do you want to offer your services in a specific specialty? Do you have the necessary experience?
  • Have you studied your competition? Do you know what they do right now?
  • How much time are you willing to invest?
  • Would you leave your current job?
With these types of questions you will have a general impression of your aspirations and situation that is much more real than the fleeting thoughts that sometimes confuse more than help. Writing it down will help you remember what your purposes were from the beginning .

What you need to know to start making money online

The theory is always the fastest part to understand, but it is in practice where everything learned is put on the table and its effectiveness is demonstrated . Starting to earn money is a path that requires time, patience and effort , but knowing where you are going, there will be no one to stop you.

To start earning money from home, the office or anywhere else, you must follow a series of steps to be able to take advantage of all the resources you have available.

Analyze and know the sector you are going to enter. Study your competition

Look for references, take ideas from the competition and see the possibilities you have in order to enter and show yourself as a solution. An online pet accessories store is not always profitable, as there are thousands.

Perhaps a store specializing in dog leashes is a much more defined and exclusive target . Making a smaller and more focused niche will improve your positioning in the face of search engines.

Since many of your rivals are ahead of you, take advantage of this situation to learn what they do and what works . This way you can take the idea and develop it. Remember that observation and comparison are very important utilities in your strategy to make money online.

If they spend hours promoting social networks, it is because they know that from there they get new clients with whom they can make money. Do the same and always add your personal touch, that differentiation that will make your idea stand out from the rest .

Always improve what already exists, innovate and awaken user interest

There is a mentality that has spread almost universally, and it is the ease with which we believe that doing the same as others is how we will obtain different results . Mistake!

Earning money online requires ingenuity and creativity to offer something completely attractive and different from the rest. If you are going to do the same as your neighbors, why do you think anyone would trust you? The competition has more experience and relevance than your new project.

Take their ideas, turn them around. Get closer to the user, think like them and create new ways to capture their attention . Even if you sell the same thing, you must convey added value that makes yours better.

Earning money online requires getting involved and having the necessary means

Jumping into the digital world to start making money online requires a series of factors to take into account. The first are the tools , those means that you will use to create your virtual infrastructure.

We are talking about hosting, having a domain and all the necessary applications to develop your blog, page or online store. They will be the basis of your project and the way to turn a business idea into reality through which you hope to make money online.

Social networks will come later, as they will possibly be the showcase through which you will offer what you do to millions of people . You do not need to show yourself in all of them, since each of them has a specific purpose and audience.

If you are looking for a business to make money online effortlessly and quickly…

You should know that any way or method to make money online requires time and effort, as well as planning and patience. The aforementioned “ lucky breaks ” do not exist unless they appear unexpectedly, so you cannot count on them.

Earning money online is the goal, but you must know the digital world to be able to obtain an economic return. A high percentage, very close to 80%, of online businesses end up failing even before obtaining their first sale.

And it's all due to lack of preparation and patience. Although, from a competitive point of view it is really good to free ourselves from a high percentage of dropouts and failures, you must make sure that you are not part of that large group.

To earn money online you will have to motivate yourself and dedicate yourself to your project , since there are no shortcuts with which to surpass others who have been dedicating themselves body and soul for years and who took months to see the first results .

What you should NOT do if you want to make money online

And we couldn't finish this super guide to making money online in any other way than by remembering the false steps that you should avoid taking if you don't want to end your abandoned project due to lack of results.

Patience is a quality that you must work hard on if you want to make money online , however, not everything is based on spending time and patience looking at a computer monitor. You should know that there are certain actions and attitudes that you should also put aside.
  • .Plagiarism . Don't copy the same business model as others. Avoid copying content, images or actions because you will be harming yourself as much as the poor entrepreneur who has made an effort to carry out his market strategies.
  • Rush . We put a lot of emphasis on this aspect because it is worth remembering it as many times as necessary. Don't rush around creating content or offering your services, since users value even the smallest detail. Rushing was never good, nor will it be.
  • Lies . Offer, tell and sell the truth. Don't resort to deception to get people's attention. That will only lead to negative criticism that will contribute to discouraging you and inviting you to abandon your project early.
  • Quality . Sometimes going cheap ends up being much more expensive than you imagine. Time costs money, as does a good product that you are going to sell. Don't make the mistake of resorting to trimming and pretending to be the reference on the Internet with such terrible qualities
Earning money online means considering this avenue of income as a new job , an opportunity to change towards a much more current and innovative online business model , but it also requires commitment on your part.

Thinking that during the first week you are going to earn money online is making the biggest mistake you can make. Assume that this task involves time and dedication , so that little by little it takes shape and gains visibility.

If you want to make money online, reread this text as many times as you consider necessary , because this is the only way you will be able to change your chip and motivate yourself to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

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