Tips for buying online

In this article I want to present you the best tips for buying online and how to avoid mistakes. Shopping online is really exciting. The convenience of doing the shopping from home, at any time and being able to buy the prices of different stores, is an opportunity and a very attractive method of buying online. Online purchases are things that everyone likes, but not everyone knows the errors and ways to make a safe online purchase. A lot of online shoppers remain blissfully unaware of the mistakes they make and are likely to waste a valuable amount of money each year.

The 10 best tips for buying online

By following a few simple steps, you can easily avoid many mistakes and save money on purchases .
Follow the next steps that I present to you and learn how to buy online safely.

1. Avoid Internet purchases in unknown sites

One of the best tips to buy online safely is to avoid unknown sources. A big mistake you can make is trusting something you don't know.

As online purchases exceed the value of 3 trillion euros by the year 2020 , the big scammers are also on the case. You can lose a lot of money and you will also be at risk of identity theft.

These fake sites are easy to spot because they offer very expensive products at very low prices. To avoid complaints and claims, it is important to only trust what you know and always compare the prices of the same product on various sites.

2. Beware of discounts

Buying online during sales can be a mistake, if you are not careful with what you buy, you will end up regretting it. We all wait for sales and Black Friday to shop. But, shopping during sales doesn't mean you can't lose money. Online stores and all the pages to buy online work for only one reason: to earn money .

When some online store offers you something cheap, they don't do it with your needs in mind, they do it simply to get rid of what they can't sell and find gullible customers like you or me, to whom they can sell these products. This is how most online stores work.

The best advice to buy online during sales is to be very cautious, always look around and above all, be well informed about the product you are buying.

3. Use a secure Internet connection

Surely more than once you have bought something over the Internet using the mobile connected to a public WiFi network (from a cafeteria, supermarket, station, etc...).

One of the best tips to buy online safely is never to do it again .

The free WiFi is not a secure connection. Cyber ​​criminals are using the same WiFi connection to access all your data, including credit cards and other information.

Avoid shopping online using the computer in a cybercafé . Although the connection may be secure, most Internet cafe computers do not have the necessary measures to protect customers.

A computer could be manipulated to store information, passwords, bank details, with the idea of ​​misusing your information. For this reason, it is better to avoid public Wi-Fi connections and Internet cafe computers when making an Internet purchase.

4. Do not buy products in installments

Buying a product and paying for it in installments is very tempting, but it can also be a scam and a waste of money .

Buying in installments online is not something you are completely familiar with and on many occasions the bank charges you some type of interest.

The unknown part is that the seller who offers forward purchases always gets the full price of the product up front. This means that the money is paid by a third party and that you will have to pay the money in installments to this financial company.

Paying in installments for a product online is more expensive than the initial price and you will have to pay certain interest to process the loan with the financial company.

One of the best tips to buy online and keep your finances under control is to avoid purchases in installments.

5. Read the Return Policy well

A mistake that you can make when buying online is to ignore the Return Policy.

Just imagine you just bought a bad size underwear. Your only option is to return it for a refund or exchange it for the correct size. Here you find yourself with the big mistake that you made by ignoring the Return Policy and because of this it is not possible to return or replace the product.

Return Policy , for underwear or some other wear products, the seller does not accept returns or replacements. When a product is returned, money is always lost in transport, logistics and to avoid some errors it is better to be well informed of the Return Policy of each product before buying.

6. Find out well before buying abroad

Finding out well before buying abroad is one of the best tips for buying online and unfortunately among the big mistakes that are made when buying online.

Choosing a product from a store not available in your country is quite attractive at first glance, but not always the safest and most reliable.

The truth is that no store and no seller can be trusted when making a purchase abroad. In addition, there are possibilities that the product will not pass the Customs control. Not all things are legitimate in your country and for not informing you well it is possible that your product will be used by Customs.

Few Internet shopping websites warn you of these risks. There are high chances of being cheated when you buy a product abroad. For this reason it is very important to inform yourself well beforehand about the Return Policy and tariffs and taxes .

7. Avoid free trial offers

You may find free product trials very interesting, but unfortunately we live in a world where nothing is free.

These free offers offered by some brands of products online, can cost you much more than you imagined. Many consumers don't realize the pitfalls of these free trials, which in the end turn out to be a purchase or a subscription.

Normally these free offers have a very short term.

Actually these offers are quite tempting, to be able to try something before you buy, but it is also possible that as soon as your free trial period starts, you are charged for the subscription.

So one of the best tips for shopping online is to avoid these free trial offers that will end up charging you before you can cancel.

8. Do not buy before comparing prices

One of the best tips to buy online and not spend more than necessary is to compare prices.

This simple tip to compare prices can save you a lot of money using a search engine or toolbar. If you find a price that is too low, do not trust it because it may be a cheap counterfeit. Compare prices on various sites until you find the actual price of the product. Write down the prices and the e-commerce site, until you find the best deal on your product. It is a simple trick that you can use to save money .

9. Always use coupons and discount codes

If you haven't heard of discount coupons yet, take a look at Beruby.

With the discount coupons that Beruby offers you , you can save a lot of money with purchases and also earn money with the offers that they offer you on the page.

You can also find several discount coupons on Amazon .

10. Beware of fake reviews

A 5-star review does not always mean that all buyers are satisfied.

You can find many fake ratings on Amazon like many other reputable sites.

From my point of view it is better that you do not believe the reviews and what you read about the products. They are not always written by actual customers and you are not always guaranteed that a product is the same as described.

Many people around the world lose money by listening to fake reviews and many customers realize that the purchased product is not what they expected.
In conclusion, I hope my best tips for shopping online will help you avoid those mistakes and save more money when shopping online.

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